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Grey grandfather IG all deleted what happened?
10/5, 03:00:07

They don't make music,they make ignorance 😂😂😂
10/5, 02:43:06

Listen to them ó children of the night. What music they make.
10/5, 00:58:48

You biatches
Have grandpa issues you bottom feeding money hungry hoes
10/5, 00:02:57

You know why keanu is working so much
Because there is nothing a narcissus fears the most than becoming a nothing...not existing.
10/4, 23:58:12

Jordan Peterson
A lifetime of goodness brought him amazing things in his old age. keanu will have nothing but his lies an old man image.
10/4, 23:49:42

Chris Pratt
Theres an honest good guy
10/4, 23:47:48

More PR BS. I dont care about her or anyone else he has or doesn't have sex with. I don't care. What I come here for is the jealous hags who try so hard trying to get a mans attention who will never care about them. I love to watch their jealousy with AG and every other girl he has slept with....which is a lot. I think it's funny to see his "I think I'm a badass" look when he rides his motorcycles. He seems like a narcissus to me. They are really good at pretending good guys to the public while being passive aggressive when they can't show their true colors and super evil with those they can show their true colors. Truth is he thinks he to to good and above any person to stay with them. So you can suck on your PR game clown cause I know whats up. He is old and will dry up and have nothing and no one to feed on like any other piece of shitt. His is coming and I hope he gets the same hell he gave everyone else when it comes.
10/4, 23:45:04

You sure do want to make it seem all about you because it seems like it would feel real good. It really just seems mentally ill clown. You can't quit talking about you cause you know you would be forgotten. Welcome to the crazy kR pr machine. You to could be stalked by kR if you just come to ugossip. Isn't that just the fantasy? Oh keanu is so in love with me he watches me. KR cares about no one but himself. He doesn't care about anyone here on ugossip. Period.
10/4, 23:32:47

10/4, 22:25:00 - I love hotdogs. 😮
10/4, 23:25:30

🤡 | www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/joker-sign-at-la-theater-bars-guys-who-look-like-they-ve-never-had-sex-1245659
10/4, 23:23:29

Keanu just keeps this site open to hear all the pighoes squeal about every women he hangs around day in and day out. Sure, keep believing you are the center of his gravity.
10/4, 23:09:34

Itís all about the jealous pighoes and thatís the whole reason for ugossip to exist. Keanu wants to keep his team informed.
10/4, 22:57:28

Sure, itís not all about me here and thatís what it seems like right about now
10/4, 22:54:48

The truth is the truth
Distraction or not
10/4, 22:40:32

A little | www.instagram.com/p/B3OA9rGBYT4/?igshid=6sx2sm4kg0d4
musical interlude
10/4, 22:32:32

Clown is the dog we ignore
But once in a while we can't help but yell "Shut Up"
10/4, 22:32:27

This isn't the only place you play is it clown. Get over you. Attention whoree
10/4, 22:30:01

No one
And I mean no one comes on ugossip for you clown
10/4, 22:28:18

Not hard when you're trying to gain attention to your own site for attention
10/4, 22:26:12

Clown is like a dog that barks 24/7
We all love dogs, but we are so tired of it's contant yapping we wanna feed it a hotdog filled with poison
10/4, 22:25:00

Oh yeah, attention on ugossip is really gratifying. You need to study human behavior and try to understand your fellow beings.
10/4, 22:23:51

Do you think the public
will be interested in your story?
10/4, 22:22:58

You haven't gone public cause your a fake. You wanna be. You attention whoree
10/4, 22:21:43

Awareness of his true self. I donít need anymore attention which is why I havenít gone public yet. But, he likes to test my patience.
10/4, 22:16:31

Yep,I think your everywhere and anywhere you think you can gain a little attention
10/4, 22:13:08

I only talk about him because heís fuckin stalking me. You think Iíd be here otherwise? Give me a break.
10/4, 22:11:23

And yet you talk about him 24/7 funny
10/4, 22:10:29

doesn't own this website but he is an attention whoree
10/4, 22:09:00

I never was even a fuckinggg fan of Keanuís.
10/4, 22:05:11

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