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Who know the motorcycle thing but him
I do know the higher quality and more rare the item is, the higher the value in the long run.
10/5, 09:23:31

What makes you think is money hungry
Could it be the millions and millions of dollars he has made in his lifetime? Charity's are a tax write off. Accepting a little less on a film with other good actors is just good pr. It paid for itself.
10/5, 09:20:33

He figured if
fools buy overpriced neon signs, fools will buy overpriced motorcycles.
She is a bad influence. Can’t wait to see what tacky product they will create for fools to buy.

The worst thing about this is that I’m pretty sure k is against commercialism- he apparently does not live by those values.
10/5, 09:19:51

Who starts a business
And doesn't want to make As much money as possible. Esp when your older and have paying for your old age to think about. Goodness people. Good for AG she uses the resources she has and tries again and again.
10/5, 09:17:06

AG camera face
Could be she is embarassed in front of the cameras. She could be a very nice lady. If she's not Keanu could be a bad guy like her. The fact is none of you know Keanu or AG.
10/5, 09:14:16

Those neon love signs
are crazy expensive. How did she put such a grossly high amount to them?
Sounds like a grifter to me.
Maybe that’s how k came out with grossly overpriced motorcycles. She is truly a bad influence on him.
He is already starting to look money hungry hanging around with that fool.
10/5, 09:11:58

I think AG is pretty for her age
Keanu has had her in his life 10 reported years. There must be a reason. None of which any of you know cause your not in his life.Funny you all think you make better decisions for keanu's life than he does without even knowing him. Do you all think he is dumb? Leave keanu's personal and business life to Keanu.
10/5, 09:10:39

Ha | twitter.com/chalameche/status/1179802321791967232?s=21
10/5, 09:06:57

10/5, 07:20:05
It is not even looks. She is just using him to get famous herself. Trying for years to be friends with famous people.
You can spot real genuine love....no matter how people look...and this is zero chemistry
10/5, 09:03:56

after 10 years | twitter.com/lostinfilm/status/1180211868662718471?s=21
🤡 will be like this......
10/5, 09:02:13

No, you must have gone
to McDonald's school.

If she was aggressive she would have settled this years ago with action. Not by trying to get him scared by hiding through on UG and social media.
Telling strangers and making herself sound crazyy
10/5, 08:56:26

Has anyone watched | twitter.com/jokermovie/status/1179918677677760513?s=21
This yet? If yes, Let us know how you like it.
10/5, 08:52:16

Excuse me
But clown is not passive ag4essiveshe is aggressive aggressive. Where did you go to school McDonald's restaurant
10/5, 08:50:57

My favourite | twitter.com/drayzze/status/986320466590748672?s=21
Passive aggressive
10/5, 08:45:42

Clown and
Him are both passive aggressive
10/5, 08:39:22

Stay tuned
For the movie or 20/20 episode.
10/5, 08:33:37

Clown is not telling us the
Whole story here. Just bits and pieces. She has a vendetta against him and she is not letting go until she is satisfied.
This has been festering for her for 10 years. It will probably blow up in an ugly way.
10/5, 08:30:24

10/5, 08:27:33

She should cut her | ‪www.patrickmcmullan.com/photo/1751010‬
hair like this again
10/5, 08:26:52

Have been reading clown's comments. If Keanu has been stalking you this long, why have you not gonecto the police and more importantly, why would he stalk YOU?
10/5, 07:31:04

Cucumber fan page deleted
Where did his fan page go
10/5, 07:26:11

I know "beauty is only skin deep" but not to be mean this AG is so dowdy and appears to have no vitality? What else could they possibly have in common. Is she going to wear her ballerina flats on his motorcycle? She looks like a school teacher. They look so mismatched together and it is so obvious in public. I think she will ruin or he will change his image for her. He already dresses up fancier when they go out to dinner. Keanu what are you doing? Is this the only woman you think won't break your heart? You are dead wrong. I want you to be happy but take a deeper look into your heart about this person. Love you!
10/5, 07:20:05

10/5, 00:58:48
Lol,still one of my favourite movies that there has not been a movie made like that since
10/5, 05:42:10

So clown start
Tell us where and when it all started. Did you write to him? Bump into him once why you? He couldnt start doing this from thin air see
10/5, 05:38:31

those searches are totally BS
I did a few of those searches on myself after the curiosity run scared the f* out of me.
hence I know for a fact that mere fractions of truth can be found via those sites.
Personally I don't care enough to correct it since I'm tired to correct BS- done enough of that and in the end, what for. doesn't change a thing for me.

all I'm saying is, gotta take all you get on the net with more then just a grain of salt but people believe what they want anyway
10/5, 05:13:25

That is public information
She is a fraud poor kr can see what is hitting him. She will ruin him as well. Just do a search of her name on info tracer the report is only $3.99 he should do this to everyone that he is being friends or business partners with. Someone should tell his manager or his so call friend Janey that introduced him to this leech
10/5, 04:54:18

Keanu pointed his buttthole
Towards me and farted.
10/5, 04:27:47

Interesting | www.patrickmcmullan.com/photo/1751039
10/5, 04:19:17

Um to does anyone
Who are you to Judge? You know nothing about someones life unless you lived it ? Where do you get your info from ? Are you stalking people he has an interest in ? She should file a restraining order on you ! Ip addresses are on riser here
10/5, 03:57:11

she is divorced? really? why do you think she could ruin him?
10/5, 03:55:44

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