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A stalker was right beside you and never even made an excuse to stop by. Doesn't sound very stalkerish.
10/5, 11:49:00

The stalker story could be clever I guess
It plays on the connection peoole feel for actors they haven't even met. That you are being watched by him starting from a simple ugossip site. Makes the connection deeper. Your love for him stronger. Plays on your fantasies. Makes for a a more devoted fan.
10/5, 11:46:46

I think clown
Isnít for real too thatís why I said all that I think clown you are a bit of publicity
10/5, 11:45:32

If someone was stalking you for over a decade, you would want to seek damages too. This isnít about money, this is about justice.
10/5, 11:43:40

I think it's the game. It's always been the game. Every movie they make they need to make you think that they are that character. Hence Sandra/Keanu and Wyona/keanu had secret crushes they knew nothing about. It's the game. At times he looks lonely and unhappy. It's for the John Wick character. At times he' s such a funny guy. y'all believe it everytime. It works. It's the hollywood game.
10/5, 11:39:11

Yes but you are
asking for money that doesnít look good if you are trying to have your say
10/5, 11:15:03

Look, I thought it wasnít happening for many years. I just couldnít ignore it and when I saw Keanu with the neighbor, I just had to believe it was actually happening.
10/5, 11:12:35

10/5, 11:08:08
Do you think thatís fair we do it we get arrested Hollywood will fall in the end itís like a ship it will sink in the end
10/5, 11:12:31

Hermie isnít a celebrity. Heís influencing her to be as selfish and thoughtless as he is.
10/5, 11:11:11

I donít think
people will say clown tbh but you could start by going to a shrink donít mention this to them and let them evaluate you see what they come up with if they come to the conclusion your sane then itís on youíre side
10/5, 11:10:54

What celebrity doesn't tease the fans? What celebrity isn't dishonest with the fans? There isn't one. It's the game.
10/5, 11:08:08

Iím not sure, but I think I might have add. Or, does everyone have that now with the entertainment/media blob?
10/5, 11:01:14

Well, thatís also why Iím on social media. To see if any others have been victimized by him.
10/5, 10:58:02

Itís pointless
saying clown nobody believes you maybe some do Iím thinking maybe heís done it to others clown
10/5, 10:57:08

This movie | youtu.be/YqNYrYUiMfg
looks good!

At the end of the trailer with the young man running reminds me of the stories my mom tells me when about when she was a young girl running from German occupation.
10/5, 10:50:39

Itís like they know about his dirty little secret.
10/5, 10:49:45

Keanu must feel very self-conscious when interviewers are always asking him about social media and his addictions with it.
10/5, 10:47:57

10/5, 05:38:31 - Iíve already said, I saw him at the troubadour in 2008, we attended the same show. A couple of weeks later I found ugossip and just started reading here. Things that were posted were coincidental to our Ďmeetingí. Especially Cloudís posts. 2011 a strange man moved into the neighborhood. I started suspecting a year later that Keanu might be there because of Cloudís posts. My suspicions were confirmed in 2014 when I saw him photographed with the neighborís girlfriend who was following me around. Peter Stormare shows up in 2014 to a show and waits for me in the lobby to arrive. Bla bla bla, here we are.
10/5, 10:44:24

She doesn’t seem to mind teasing the fans but what she doesn’t realize is that she is being dishonest by doing so and disingenuous. Plus, she’s consciously enabling a stalker. That is my problem with her.
10/5, 10:38:34

10/5, 09:55:57
I agree
Look at k and AG ūü§Ēūü§®
10/5, 10:29:01

🐷 | www.instagram.com/p/B3Nd_cOhlOU/?igshid=1kqqujrfn1rmy
10/5, 10:12:32

Was that great big fat lesbian her girlfriend? Hermie loves paps.
10/5, 10:09:00

Funny how gossip
Has a life and story of it's own and rarely matches reality.
10/5, 09:55:57

10/4, 23:58:12
10/5, 09:50:49

10/5, 09:14:16 | www.gettyimages.ae/detail/news-photo/mimi-lauter-and-alexandra-grant-attend-laxart-ungala-at-news-photo/16376243

She is not shy. Just acting like she is. She likes cameras and attention.
10/5, 09:50:19

The arch logo looks like pedo symbols.
10/5, 09:47:49

10/4, 23:58:12 - that pretty much sums Keanu up.
10/5, 09:46:21

I should add
Before he conceived arch pricing
10/5, 09:34:43

Are Arch
doing well? Some of those bikes look tacky if Iím honest I donít know why but some look cheap plastic I feel awful in saying though but
10/5, 09:32:48

10/5, 09:28:41
No she taught him - she was selling overpriced items before he had arch and his friendship with her started before he conceived arch.
10/5, 09:31:53

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