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Crazy fans
The crazy fans of

started something new
10/19, 03:20:05

Art friend
Why would that art friend stalk Robert Longo?

What's behind that?

10/19, 03:10:39

Who seemed to date him. Aren't they all beards at this point?
She's ugly as sin as well. Cucumber is even worse though.
10/19, 03:04:05

Here you go | vk.com/photo-11548642_295648121
That's Michelle with Keanu. She's someone who dated Keanu for a time.
10/19, 02:48:35

Sophie de Pracomtal, the art friend. She's stalking Robert Longo too.
Michelle doesn't exist, just like the divorced Italian woman. Can you leave poor Sushi alone and respect her a little bit? She was ugly in the face and desperate for pics but at least she didn't exploit his fans for moolah.
Bet she's much happier now than with K.
10/19, 02:25:45

Art friend?
The one she met in Japan and again in LA
10/19, 02:13:03

Who is Michelle?
10/19, 00:44:19

Straight to Hell | youtu.be/t7SvtikTkrM
10/18, 23:53:45

Promises promises | youtu.be/mA8C5txZU-0
10/18, 23:11:17

I remember going to Inglewood to buy a school girl's uniform when I was a teenager and I've never felt so out of place.
10/18, 22:09:29

10/18, 22:02:03 - I'll let my ass hang out and try to blend.
10/18, 22:06:56

AG trying to get into Longo's crowd
I bet he thinks her art is shiit
10/18, 22:06:31

10/18, 21:59:25 - Only on my knees. I'll suck their giant cockkk.
10/18, 22:05:00

Opening scene jw4 | youtu.be/wkEV6lVDhzk
10/18, 22:03:11

Rapist are everywhere. Just go into a black neighborhood and announce it. I'm sure some will come running to you.
10/18, 22:02:03

10/18, 21:54:18
Are you of 4' height and under?

There was a Russian girl - young adult who scammed a couple in adopting her with them thinking she was just a young child; she had already hit puberty and beyond. I don't know if it's worth it to have to go through school again just for that con job. She'd just apply for disability benefits from SSI.

What a story for Lifetime to air and C-list actors to star in.
10/18, 21:59:25

How do I get myself into an orphanage? Get myself a curly red wig?
10/18, 21:54:18

Black guys have average peckers. Such a black man lie to say they have bigger peckers. I know. Black guys like to try and rapee a white girl in orphanages
10/18, 21:52:31

Russians said the same thing but the measurements were taken privately, not by a professional so what the results were were who are the biggest liars.
10/18, 21:51:59

It's just like the Chinese that invest enough in the us to buy their golden Visas.
10/18, 21:50:31

10/18, 21:35:18
Germans apparently and it's not just Michael Fassbender.

Anyone want to do the research?
10/18, 21:49:58

Its easy to be whatever when you're a celebrity. He has no reason to be a citizen.
10/18, 21:49:27

She looked Latino, brown genes took over.
10/18, 21:46:43

10/18, 21:23:52
The whole Latino/Hispanic is such a misnomer. Barring aside identity of nationality which anybody can be whichever depending on birth (hell Keanu could identify himself as Arab due to his birth in Lebanon, depending on that country's rules on birth rights) or naturalized citizenship, which Mexican is more of an identity of nationality (whether of birth right or passed on from parental original birth place), what is Latinos anyway but originally Spaniards populating all over the Americas with some interbreeding with the Native Americans/American Indians. And of the latter, they would be biracial or multiracial. And of Spaniards, they'd just be Caucasians - unless they have Northern African heritage from the Moors or Arabs (now those Arabs held ports everywhere as traders).

Charlize Theron will never be confused as an African by ancestry. She likely has Dutch and only Dutch - Caucasian, in other words of that racial category. Her nationality is or was South African, which she likely renounced if she has become an American citizen.

Speaking of which, does anyone have an idea why Keanu has never converted is citizenship? I mean, I get it's the bragadocious (sorry for the madeup or misspelled word) to be a Canadian. But it must be a pain in the arse for him to always update his "green card" every 10 years.
10/18, 21:46:10

Jennifer syme

was half latino on her mothers side
10/18, 21:45:35

Oh no they were VERY proud of them being mexicans like most racist mexicans. It was funny to hear and watch being they look more honkey than me. that's the thing about race. The more brown you are the more racist you become esp when you are so brown you go black.
10/18, 21:43:53

Tommy Lee's porn vids with Pamela.
10/18, 21:41:17

You know how guys look at girls tits all the time. I always looks at guys peckerzones to see what they're made of.
10/18, 21:40:47

How do you know how big
Tommy Lee is? Ron Jeremy most know because he is in porn movies.
10/18, 21:38:55

Mmm. Greek men.
10/18, 21:38:08

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