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10/18, 22:05:00
We’re you bottle fed as an infant and used a pacifier for soothing as a young toddler ?
I think these are the people that like to suck as adults. For soothing.
10/19, 07:57:17

😊 Mini
What time is the show tonight in China Town ?
Time line of China Town of course...
10/19, 07:57:01

10/19, 06:30:23
Exactly, and this is their new project


But they are not good in finding pics of her...they missed a lot
10/19, 06:37:08

10/19, 06:18:25 watch the damn documentary
the words came out of her own mouth
10/19, 06:36:57

Keanu the club (Italian trolls) | www.instagram.com/p/BxXmCffHot3/
Are behind AG artist fanpage and artworks club as well.
10/19, 06:30:23

someone's a troll on here
She made a documentary about bringing a tombstone back to where it belonged, had the Cartier lawsuit but no bankruptcies and no divorce.
She had to sell her condo to pay the lawyers and is now renting but don't make up stuff.
She has a sister.
10/19, 06:28:11

10/19, 06:10:33
I donít think thatís true
10/19, 06:18:25

10/19, 05:43:37
How do you know all this?
10/19, 06:14:55

AG once tried to sell a stolen tombstone of a baby on ebay
10/19, 06:10:33

She has zero bankruptcies, owns no property, no divorce.
10/19, 06:09:06

AG fanpage
To AG fanpage people, you guys are doing a lousy job.

So many recent pics that you apparently didnít found to post on your page

Hahaha, what a bunch of amateurs
10/19, 05:53:09

Poor KR
What has gotten into now this is the worse he has picked up. Beside calling paps, by the way it was confirmed she did. She is a wreck and will take him with her
10/19, 05:46:04

Is not only a 7 times bankrupt, 8 brushes with the law and one divorced. Now she also has a copy right law suit? I new she does not creates just copies s.hit.
10/19, 05:43:37

I thought that
They are stunning women at VK ,Russian women usaully are though
10/19, 05:14:59

And guess who will be stuck paying the bill for that?
There's a quoted interview (don't know the source or whether it's one of those fabricated quotes or hearsay) where the interviewer posed that he could basically rest on his laurels and not work ever again with his wealth. His response was something to the effect that he still needed the money as he's gotten into losing ventures with friends.

Don't know if that quote has been exaggerated in a telephone game of repeating (as a lot of quotes ascribed to him on social media are questionable).

I've always wondered, as there has been speculation here and there, as well, which friend he was alluding to. It can't be the Watcher as the problem there was a former friend "allegedly" forged his signature to the movie contract and forced him to act in it for peanuts (compared to the other stars). And it's not likely his Arch company with Gard. That business seems to be thriving for its high-end motorcycle niche market.

A lot of his Company-produced films with Stephen Hamel were clunkers. Is it in the red, bleeding money?

Then there's his white elephant-vanity project with AG. Another bleeding venture.
10/19, 04:46:55

tats girl whose fiance
Took a pic with k at the beyond uppity JFK lounge said guy's 6'3" so that puts Keanu at 5'11" these days. Which is what I always thought.
Cucumber is then 6'1". Not Amazonian but freakishly tall.
10/19, 04:21:14

10/19, 03:47:13 part of my post in the orange disappeared
I wrote

if those terrible "artists" are seen with good artists
10/19, 03:51:09

If those
they think their art will get a better chance of being popular and selling

they think it validates them as good artists if they associate with the great ones

it does not

the art still sucks

Not only is AG now using K, she is now trying to use Longo too
10/19, 03:47:13

AG is going to get the XAB business into debt
And guess who will be stuck paying the bill for that?

Thats right, he rich fool who she has fooled and wrapped around her little finger
10/19, 03:40:32

Those ladies on VK site are like supermodels in
comparison to AG
10/19, 03:37:45

they're truly desperate
XAB is gonna tank in a year or so. Next collaboration no one will buy if they're bonging.
10/19, 03:36:49

Crazy fans
The crazy fans of

started something new
10/19, 03:20:05

Art friend
Why would that art friend stalk Robert Longo?

What's behind that?

10/19, 03:10:39

Who seemed to date him. Aren't they all beards at this point?
She's ugly as sin as well. Cucumber is even worse though.
10/19, 03:04:05

Here you go | vk.com/photo-11548642_295648121
That's Michelle with Keanu. She's someone who dated Keanu for a time.
10/19, 02:48:35

Sophie de Pracomtal, the art friend. She's stalking Robert Longo too.
Michelle doesn't exist, just like the divorced Italian woman. Can you leave poor Sushi alone and respect her a little bit? She was ugly in the face and desperate for pics but at least she didn't exploit his fans for moolah.
Bet she's much happier now than with K.
10/19, 02:25:45

Art friend?
The one she met in Japan and again in LA
10/19, 02:13:03

Who is Michelle?
10/19, 00:44:19

Straight to Hell | youtu.be/t7SvtikTkrM
10/18, 23:53:45

Promises promises | youtu.be/mA8C5txZU-0
10/18, 23:11:17

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