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French people with office jobs don't work on Saturdays. They only work 35 hours a week. Most companies are closed in August, enjoying the 4 weeks of paid vacation employees get by law.
08/24, 05:20:21

Can't even fake you speak French. This isn't blogging, chťrie.
08/24, 05:17:25

Just curious
Did it occur to anyone that he is negiah & is simply assuming everyone is shomer negiah?
08/24, 05:16:47

it all
Boils down to satiating one's ego. If you want a selfie with someone famous, improve your Photoshop skills.
08/24, 05:15:08

The day you write my bith language correctly i will write french with you..
I already did.. I will have fun today at work with my French colleagues and this blog 😂😂
08/24, 05:13:46

Is another one of clowns characters.
What do you care people know or may not know?
08/24, 05:12:01

Your comment is bait to set 🤡 off anyone can see that. No one needs to know the details of his life that closely. When did minding your business fall out of fashion?
08/24, 05:09:16

mini clown
Who doesn't speak a word of French, can't write 'tired' properly but knows where people stayed their arses. You should start taking your meds before it's too late. Not the US.
08/24, 05:08:08

Are more focused on meeting actors or singers. Football and basketball players too. It's the fantasy of getting taken care of. Some people prefer to cultivate their own talents and personal relationships rooted in reality.
08/24, 05:06:26

Good for you,stay positive then!!
It's just Mini.
08/24, 05:05:14

@@@@@ I know
Things change on a dime and try as one might you canít control everything....nothing is a given for anyone regardless of who they are....
08/24, 05:04:20

Geez dreamers
he is going to be in Japan or somewhere in the world promoting something or working on something. It's high season for him, everybody wants a piece and that may be just what he wants.
08/24, 05:04:10

I'm positive you'll never ever meet Keanu, clown mini.
08/24, 05:03:23

it's like guys
Wanting to meet athletes, sportsmen, football players. It's all down to satisfying your ego by projecting on said celeb.
You must be illiterate or have minimal reading comprehension. Theater and concert goers don't get to meet the entertainers when they go to a show. It only shows you never attend those.
08/24, 05:02:28

😊08/24, 04:55:53
08/24, 05:02:27

😊 08/24, 04:57:41
You will never know.
08/24, 05:00:39

Good for you -
Keep your lips sealed.
08/24, 04:59:41

😊 08/24, 04:53:36
She is crazy.
We are good beeing shallow..
Go to theatre,go see culture and music❤ she just feels abandoned and obessed
08/24, 04:58:58

No itís not
Superficial - itís fun if you donít mind the crowds.
And Iím not, Clown.
08/24, 04:58:37

I know
Where Keanu will be in Oct. NOT where you think he's gonna be... But my lips are sealed
08/24, 04:57:41

People going to those places aren't necessarily interested in meeting the entertainers. It's indeed very superficial.
08/24, 04:55:53

the shorter quote
Is Khalil Gibran
08/24, 04:54:41

No one knows where theyíll be for sure at any given time but the one there in at this exact moment....Heís no exception....
08/24, 04:54:36

So you are saying
Everyone that attends Comic-Con is shallow, everyone that attends a concert or theatre show is shallow?
08/24, 04:53:36

Why he gives them the hover hands.
08/24, 04:53:05

😊08/24, 04:24:51
Thank you.
At least I have some😂
08/24, 04:51:17

Those celebrities remember any of those 'fans'...
08/24, 04:50:59

08/24, 04:39:02
Cite the book.......and if it isnít to invasive whyíd you share the words..??..
08/24, 04:50:25

I'm not Clown.
Of couse I will,all is organized.
08/24, 04:49:41

getting to 'meet'
A celebrity once you're not a teenager must be one of the shallowest aspirations to have in life.
08/24, 04:49:28

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