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He hasnít dated anyone since Anita.
10/20, 12:08:29

where's the video
Of #1 Sushi falling off a chair in Japan because she was too drunk?
10/20, 12:08:20

Seems to be the same balcony as Sushi picures
If this is a romance, I can see this whole thing seeing the same fate as the Sushi romance. Japan trip, out for Sushi.... they split. And we never hear from her smug and gold digging self again.
10/20, 12:06:56

😊Mini 11:36:12
You like trump you have dreams with him in it to help you and you are so happy...
Why don't you like me???
Please....let me understand!!!!
10/20, 12:05:37

no one likes the cucumber
It's called overexposure. If he had good PR people, this wouldn't have happened.
He's nasty as an ex too, why take AG to the same places he took Sushi? To demean her?,
10/20, 12:05:27

Translate to English | vk.com/wall-11548642_292985
The Russians don't like Alexandra much
10/20, 12:00:17

I stay informed thanks to piglip alley, not the useless pighoes here, thatís for sure.
10/20, 11:49:02

🤡 | keanuquotes.tumblr.com/post/188472159814/rivjudephoenix-river-and-girlfriend-sue-solgot
I guess Keanu just might be reflecting.

10/20, 11:48:15

10/20, 11:45:30
Wow clown, you are very well informed
What do you know about this Sophie?
Was this a real art friend or just another obsessed fan?
10/20, 11:47:53

Iím glad that Sophie recognized the lack of living honestly and it shows.
10/20, 11:45:30

That ring of fire could be a toilet bowl with fiery shitt in it for you to drown in too.
10/20, 11:44:18

Everybody on here
Talks about AG
It only gives her more fuel she laughing if she's on here she thinks she's in the driver's seat but it's only temporary. Right now she has him buffaloed she got something really good on him
10/20, 11:43:33

Shut up clown
You come fight? Funny you seem all threat and blow hard. Keep on bitching cuntface. The power is lacking as we all know. You fuckin little tramp.
10/20, 11:43:31

10/20, 11:31:27 - In life and in his career. He knows that all too well so heís been warned.
10/20, 11:41:58

That makes me sick about her and the whole not living honestly and supporting a criminal stalker while pretending to be a feminist. Just sick shallow shitt.
10/20, 11:40:44

Thereís something about selling sex that is more respectful to me than trying to sell love. Thatís so corporate.
10/20, 11:39:17

Keanu wants to stay relevant and he thinks he needs to stay in gossip mags to do so. Why else would he have opened up ugossip? Itís all pr, his whole life is pr. This is why Iíve said heís 55 and he has yet to live honestly.
10/20, 11:37:32

Fuckkk you, Mini. I can compare myself to anyone I want if I relate to them in some ways you know nothing about. Youíre a fuckinggg arrogant pig and maybe I should compare you to a Trump troll.
10/20, 11:36:12

If all his dumb fans
Stop supporting her a buying anything just because they think they're going to get to him she but not sell anything
10/20, 11:32:35

Starting to become an idiot. How fast he rose to the top again is just about how fast he can go down again
10/20, 11:31:27

10/20, 11:20:03
Indeed he wants the publicity...
but what is the reason?
10/20, 11:29:49

10/20, 11:19:38 - Heís always making the same rounds at the same places with different women. Year after year, same old thing.
10/20, 11:28:43

10/20, 11:06:06
Her fans (aka his obsessed fans) are mostly insecure women, with low self-esteem, no work & life, too much time, not too gifted in the looks department, not the smartest, and not the kindest.

They will simply believe everything, and praise and flatter every post of AG. If you would read some of those silly comments...
10/20, 11:27:45

10/20, 04:24:47 - Very True. Keanu knows where to go to get photographed. I think he want the public attention as much as her.
10/20, 11:20:03

Seems she will
Be the next ex miss sushi by being photographed at the same location.
10/20, 11:19:38

If a croc was killed
and she is holding it she deserves the same fate.
10/20, 11:16:29

Bagging such a man?!
That’s why he keeps running. Lol

No one wants to bag a person, we all have free will

I would only want a person if they wanted me more.

I would need to feel the pull of their being to want to be with me.
10/20, 11:14:03

10/20, 06:56:34 - She condones him stalking me, so it goes with the territory. This is how these people are.
10/20, 11:13:37

Is all she wants. Really. Paps in place like that. Lol. She calls. Hes getting to be a moron. Sad for someone who is suppose to be private. Lol
10/20, 11:10:02

10/20, 10:05:58
Exactly!! Just because Keanu is seen with some grizzly chicken who looks older than his mother, it does not mean their ugly asses have any more of a chance bagging the man.
10/20, 11:06:06

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