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The thing is
People are being mean with the two of them because they have involved Keanu’s fans.
It’s a threesome that his fans don’t appreciate.

They deserve the fans hate.

Next time don’t get your fans involved in your relationships by buying your collaborative items, dummies both of them 🤨
10/20, 14:09:38

10/20, 13:21:30
Obviously she doesn’t know anything about art or love.

She looks silly and stupid....sorry.
10/20, 14:03:40

Sex addict
Have not heard that one before about Keanu
10/20, 13:59:44

No, we are ok
Nobody would have a problem if they just came out as a couple.
Nobody would have a problem if she was a nice and kind person.

Playing your fans like this is not appreciated, what are you without your fans?
10/20, 13:53:54

We all have issues. It's a tough world out there. The difference is that some of us deal with ours. 😜 Funny thing is you seem to blame it all on AG, Almost obsessivly. Your issues are showing.
10/20, 13:44:46

AG started to follow a shrink
So maybe she has issues as well
10/20, 13:34:04

The truth about Keanu is....
He is who he is because he has chosen it. He chose to become a hollywood liar, a womanizer, and an addict. He can become whatever he wishes as we all have the power to do. The truth is a hard pill to shallow and addicts don't ever shallow it.
10/20, 13:33:43

Keanu was...
13:24:37 Always this person. AG just helped people wake up from their fantasies.
10/20, 13:26:24

Is very obviously a joke now. But of course it's backfiring on K's rep.
10/20, 13:24:37

Keanu will...
Never be a "good" man until he deals with his issues. He needs to deal with the lies his life has taught him. Keanu needs to understand it wasn't his inadequates but his parents. Keanu needs to understand all people have value. Which he does not or he wouldn't treat women the way he does. Keanu is acting out what he was taught. There are vaulable women out there full of love who will value him.
10/20, 13:22:35

New work | www.instagram.com/p/B32eJ3mIPbr/
Her new work is hilarious...

All this visiting of museums and travelling to Japan...and ths is what she has created?
10/20, 13:21:30

Keanu is....
An attention whoree. With his daddys abandonment and his mommy paying more attention to getting laid than to him. Keanu has a constant need to feel validated as important and valued. He drinks, pops pills, and became a sex addict to fill the void that's in him.
10/20, 13:16:48

I believe going to
Hollywood to young it’s had a negative effect on his psychological development.
10/20, 13:13:07

Thats the he truth. I like to hear the truth, its a rarity nowadays.
10/20, 13:10:36

What’s he a sex
addict with?
10/20, 13:09:58

Keanu is...
Hollywood. A young persons brain doesn't mature until around age 25. You can bet with Keanu maturing in Hollywood he held onto hollywood ideals and beliefs. Between hollywood women being who they are and his mother being who she was...no doubt Keanu thinks women are shitt and only good for sex.

10/20, 13:09:42

Keanu is...
A sex addict and a drunk. He doesn't respect women, he objectifies them. That's why he is not married. Wake up ladies. He is not a good man. You can thank his mommy for that. She screwed every man she could get who had money to pay the bills.
10/20, 13:04:55

You pigs dont know how slimy and sleazy Keanu really is.
10/20, 12:45:33

Trump is the kind of man that knows what he wants and get it. Keanu is flaccid compared to trump.
10/20, 12:44:27

Keanu is just as bad as a liar. Trump has more follow through.
10/20, 12:43:29

Trump the dotard
Is the liar.
10/20, 12:32:32

Youre just using me and I would think you don't like that feeling either. This has gone on long enough. I need payment now for what you took from me. Its not funny anymore. It really hasnt been fun or funny for years now.
10/20, 12:31:15

Just pay me and end it. This is going NOWHERE FAST. Youve got your lesbo pigs to keep you warm.
10/20, 12:17:11

Why do you think I hate Keanu? Everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie.
10/20, 12:11:22

What no one likes is the games. People like the truth.
10/20, 12:10:22

Hermie is different because they have a business together. Its not easy to cut that loose.
10/20, 12:09:20

He hasnt dated anyone since Anita.
10/20, 12:08:29

where's the video
Of #1 Sushi falling off a chair in Japan because she was too drunk?
10/20, 12:08:20

Seems to be the same balcony as Sushi picures
If this is a romance, I can see this whole thing seeing the same fate as the Sushi romance. Japan trip, out for Sushi.... they split. And we never hear from her smug and gold digging self again.
10/20, 12:06:56

😊Mini 11:36:12
You like trump you have dreams with him in it to help you and you are so happy...
Why don't you like me???
Please....let me understand!!!!
10/20, 12:05:37

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