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I require
Subversive behaviors in my women. Once you service me by licking my big cockshaft while it's going in and out of the other girl, then you get to finish up by licking her pussytop as I do her doggy style intercourse. You have to wind up massaging it so she can cummy while I pump. Then after a few sessions of this incredible nasty hottness, you get to be the one getting licked and suckled while I pump you.
10/20, 17:25:21

There's always been someone claiming he has a grown child, and not Isabella.

10/20, 17:20:34

hard to believe
Keanu would need to drug anybody to sleep with him. Women - and men throw themselves at him as offerings.

That's not to say that no woman has rejected his advances. I seem to remember some story - Data Lounge? - of a girl who was asked to partake in a threesomes and she said no. Details may be sketchy of the threesomes.

It's also rumored he has call girls on a regular rotation. So he could pay, instead of drug any unwilling woman for sex at any time.

There's going to be more urban legends created about him.
10/20, 17:17:32

a sex addict with different partners
Bill Maher is another famous bachelor over 50 with no plans to marry at all. He's also known to date or fck video vixens, thots, Playboy playmates and maybe even "hired workers" (this site still censors!).

Howard Stern teased and mocked him mercilessly about his 17 (a joke) girlfriends and whether he still cruises the Playboy mansion (obviously another joke as it's been defunct even before Hugh Hefner's passing) for chicks.

It would be interesting how Keanu would have reacted to those questions. Mind you, Bill took it all in stride and rolled with it, laughing along even. Howard was good-natured about it.

With that said, there a a lot of never married actors over 50, including John Cusack, Matt Dillon, to name a few. But most of them have had steady girlfriends or been in longterm relationships.
10/20, 17:08:33

I do remember one
story here about going home with a girl and that she said no to him and couldn’t open her eye in the morn because erm you know I can’t bring myself to say it Lol I don’t forget much that story stuck with me she seemed genuine too
10/20, 17:00:50

How do you know
all this?
10/20, 16:57:04

Or you could ask
about him being thrown out of his house at 16 and the reason why? The look on his face would be priceless and the reason he’d come up with if he answered at all would be a hoot ah lie I mean a lie.......
10/20, 16:42:21

When you meet him in person
An ice breaker for a conversation should be you asking him about drugging girls and having sex with them. 1 girl got pregnant and she got a F off check. The child is now a grown man with kids of his own who lives on the east coast.
10/20, 16:39:42

That’s how he sells himself
into roles too.
10/20, 16:38:35

Like I said he is
a good salesman.
10/20, 16:38:00

i can see he could be
a sex addict with different partners. That’s how he is able to stay single and not look for more meaningful relations.
All this talk that he wants to find love with someone special is bullchit so that more woman want him and go to see his movies and buy his products.
10/20, 16:36:45

is a sex addict
is a sex addict
is a sex addict
is a sex addict
is a sex addict
is a sex addict
is a sex addict
is a sex addict
is a sex addict
is a sex addict
is a sex addict
is a sex addict
is a sex addict
is a sex addict
is a sex addict
10/20, 16:36:20

you know guys
they read here and they are loving all this
10/20, 16:34:30

@ sex addict
It’s a well known thing in WeHo that he’s a sex addict and who the partner(s) are on any level doesn’t much matter.
10/20, 16:32:05

The links work for
10/20, 16:30:16

That's right
Any woman wants to be with me, has to lick my peckerdick while it's in another girl. Bonus points for eating her while I slide in and out her doggy style intercourse.
10/20, 16:06:55

Tumbler porn links don't work, it just sends you to your dashboard and then to the page, not the post.
10/20, 16:02:44

What does AG being gay or not have anything to do with that statement?
10/20, 16:00:56

Here is | thegigafuck9000.tumblr.com/post/188416376177
K and his GF’s

It will be his next commissioned tapestry.

10/20, 15:29:04

AG being the cause of Sushi and K breakup
would not surprise me
10/20, 15:28:50

The truth about Keanu is....
He is who he is because he has chosen it. He chose to become a hollywood liar, a womanizer, and an addict. He can become whatever he wishes as we all have the power to do. The truth is a hard pill to shallow and addicts don't ever shallow it.
10/20, 13:33:43

Still all the crays on here when will it end
10/20, 15:27:14

13:24:37 Always this person. AG just helped people wake up from their fantasies.

AG is gay
10/20, 15:24:42

Cant see
Anything - link is broken.
10/20, 15:18:43

Erin www.lipstickalley.com/attachments/1110712/
Who is she?
10/20, 15:15:17

10/20, 14:43:02
And the man has his left arm behind his head enjoying the view of his D with the two women playing with it. I bet the blonde is doing the work from above, instead of the lazy asss man just sitting and not moving.
10/20, 15:01:45

All HW cares
For is getting rich to tuckkk whomever they want. They only think with their privates. Nothing else in their noggins.
10/20, 14:55:59

They are all lesbians gays and bisexuals

All thrown in together for an orgy.


That’s all they are good for.

No substance.
10/20, 14:53:46

I think
Lara is a lesbian too.
10/20, 14:50:45

Yes | octopusgirl.tumblr.com/post/129381976303/neuken-in-de-keuken-lara-schnitger-2006
I see what is going on
The woman is giving headd to the man while the man has his d in the blonde.

Just answering a question I just saw from a poster on alley. I don’t post there just read.
10/20, 14:43:02

They deserve being
called out for their childish ways. 🤨
10/20, 14:13:19

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