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Keanu didnít even press charges against the first intruder, she was just taken in for eval.
10/20, 18:08:19

Itís not going to happen because keanu is the celebutant behind Ugossip. You can say anything here and nothing will happen.
10/20, 18:07:28

Wtf calls
him Mr.Reeves?🤔
10/20, 18:06:53

He wants the glory.
10/20, 18:06:16

10/20, 17:59:00
He has a PR team - or at least a PR agent. I'd think his PR firm monitors the Internet for Keanu discussions/gossip. Or maybe hire one of the LSA people. They're great at it.

Isn't a PR firm supposed to be one step ahead?

This site is ripe for a cease-and-desist order.
10/20, 18:06:11

Keanu thinks heís John Lennon and wants someone to ďassassinate" him.
10/20, 18:05:59

Keanu has gotten plenty of threats on this site over the years. Nothing new because he runs the site.
10/20, 18:05:20

Keanu does own this joint.
10/20, 18:00:22

I donít love you because you havenít shown me love. Itís that simple.
10/20, 17:59:57

Use a vpn and change the location often

Mr. Reeves is a nice guy and aloof af but I feel like if he knew about this place heíd sue the f out the owner for the bull posted about him and I hope it happens
10/20, 17:59:00

Conspiracy theories
Really Jeff. You spend all this time pulling this crap out your a and expect it wouldnít pique the curiosity of anyone to investigate this site or any of the outlandish things posted about him on here. The threats present on here real and anyone who knows how to look for them can find them easily.
10/20, 17:54:27

10/20, 17:50:17
Thank you for the legal background and reason.

Trolls are everywhere.
10/20, 17:52:58

Family court docs are locked but
An overview of what is contained in the filing and disposition is available so look there too. These posts donít have to bring a fight they just become amusing as you find theyíre pointless and sad.
10/20, 17:50:17

Oh, Clown
Why haven't you been blocked permanently or reported to the police?
10/20, 17:49:47

more crazy

Conspiracy theories, it all fits.
10/20, 17:48:41

On that note
We all should believe Clown.
10/20, 17:47:40

Now pay attention
The posts that appear to be stating fact will be attacked because either Jeff canít let it stand or a bot, yes theyíre on here, is cued by a word in the post and will begin to follow its programming.

And anyone on here should use a vpn because there are at least 8 threats laying in wait on here itís not worth the risk to not have one.
10/20, 17:47:24

Another HEY
Crazy Days and Night blind items haven't been bereft about Keanu.

Someone needs to send in a "tip" and see if that crazy lawyer buys it.
10/20, 17:46:26

10/20, 17:43:01
Or social media. Drake's out-of-wedlock child was exposed there. Media picks it up and "investigate."

The hip-hop world may be different but the way media works isn't
10/20, 17:44:58

Police reports ladies
The things get posted and if there is a hint of criminal activity and a claim that it might have been reported look it up the freedom of information act is a great thing.
10/20, 17:43:01

Plenty of LSA ladies would volunteer. They wouldn't even ask for a handbag for compensation.
10/20, 17:43:00

Dog Star
Hey, wasn't that a groupie tour?
10/20, 17:41:41

Massage parlor would be good too
What a humble guy he is when he goes there; not seen going in and arranged to leave happily in the end. Itís a win winófor him anyway
10/20, 17:40:29

Oh right
Drugging young girls makes more sense. *sarcasm right back at ya*


It's becoming Fox News. Throw any sh*t out there and see what gullible person believes it.
10/20, 17:39:51

Peanut Butter
She really needs to give it up as anybody important of supposed insider info. She makes that crap up off what she can cobble together off IG, public interviews, articles, Twitter - everything but someone who is actually in his circle.

She keeps getting busted with her misinformation, to put if mildly.
10/20, 17:37:53

What would be a pure A thing to do
is ask how fast he can run out the back of a club @ 28 yo?
10/20, 17:36:51

10/20, 17:17:32

Right because heís so handsome and such a great guy that women just fall over in front of him with their legs open or aís up and heíd never be miffed at all that someone anyone would reject an advance from him to the point where heíd want what he wants when he wants it and get it anyway he knows how. And any man who can pay for it would never in a million years at all ever manipulate anyone in anyway to have sex with them because why would they right? Drugged, neveró just get a hired worker. Advance rejectedóget a hired workeródonít ya know thatís why sex crimes are non existent because hired workers are the way to go.

You truly are dyed in the wool arenít you.?.?.?. Donít answer that itís rhetorical
10/20, 17:33:38

I wonder
if any of it will come out in the papers I mean itís all being layed on the table about HW actors these days I wonder if Keanu has dark secrets
10/20, 17:30:04

I require
Subversive behaviors in my women. Once you service me by licking my big cockshaft while it's going in and out of the other girl, then you get to finish up by licking her pussytop as I do her doggy style intercourse. You have to wind up massaging it so she can cummy while I pump. Then after a few sessions of this incredible nasty hottness, you get to be the one getting licked and suckled while I pump you.
10/20, 17:25:21

There's always been someone claiming he has a grown child, and not Isabella.

10/20, 17:20:34

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