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Well, I don't believe in selling love so cheap but that is all hers is worth.
10/20, 21:40:27

Keanu wanted to play aragorn so badly that he made 47 Ronin. Pathetica. They ripped his story right from aragorn.
10/20, 21:38:50

Is better spent on people that need it.

I never did like money hungry schemers
Or materialistic people.
I try to think this woman may be nice but she truly is just a materialistic snob.
10/20, 21:38:26

is a fraud

making up that sushi was a alcoholic

and making up that there is a video of her falling off a chair drunk
10/20, 21:38:06

You can tell Keanu is under some dark magic of a fallen white wizard.
10/20, 21:37:28

It reminds me of theodin being possessed by saruman. Someone needs to cast her out of the mind and kingdom.
10/20, 21:36:10

That’s a disgusting
Thing to write

Open your wallets!?

Did she write this? Probably....
10/20, 21:35:44

It's ugly on the outside and ugly on the inside.
10/20, 21:31:58

Preaching to the choir, pighoe, preaching to the choir.
10/20, 21:28:28

Scales in their eyes
Scales in our eyes!!????

There are no scales in my eyes

her mediocre art is a pile of shiit

10/20, 21:27:17

It's not a good look to sell love for 30000 when love is free.
10/20, 21:27:15

open your wallets
open your wallets!!!!???

for a small price of $30,000 on a ugly neon light to burn your eyeballs out with
10/20, 21:25:05

her vision
Her vision???!!!!

AG stole her "vision" from other artists
10/20, 21:22:58

PUKE belliedbabe79

Beloved, I'm sending extra love and light to Your child, Alexandra Grant. Please continue to bless her in her vision, and remove the scales from the eyes of those who view her art. Open their hearts...and their wallets. 😘 lol Amen!
#prayer #prayerworks #alexandragrant #keanureeves #keanu #art #artistsoninstagram

"Scales in their eyes"

"Her vision"

"Open their wallets"

what in the hell kinda crack is this lady smoking?!
10/20, 21:21:34

I want to puke | www.instagram.com/p/B32K8YvgGRO/
10/20, 21:17:55

It doesn't look like she wears foundation. Her skin is sagging and discolored with age marks. Triple turkey neck.
10/20, 21:12:58

i wish AG
would blend her foundation into her neck sometime
10/20, 21:10:10

I would cling
To someone big too if I felt vulnerable...
and I do sort of...
10/20, 21:05:44

she was at
Toy story premiere

I think at some other event K was at

and another one of AGs art things
10/20, 21:04:01

No wonder he hangs
With Grant she’s his bodyguard - no woman can get past her to get to him she would squash them like an ant.
10/20, 21:03:47

looks like a 12 year old
I know

i said that yesterday

her photos creep me out

its almost like child porn


i dont want to see that kinda stuff
10/20, 21:01:58

That creepy stalker has been
Photographed with him at numerous events if I recall correctly
10/20, 21:01:40

He really does
have a lot of creepy stalkers doesn’t he....
10/20, 21:00:40

stalker girl added a filter to her face but not

Stalker girl wasn't the one in the picz who needed it

AG looks 67

not 47
10/20, 20:58:47

Stalker girl
Looks like she’s 12 years old.
10/20, 20:57:57

he would
know why
10/20, 20:56:38

told you stalker girl in orange was | www.instagram.com/p/B33ac45pmD8/
10/20, 20:56:25

10/20, 20:27:13
Can’t speak for others, but I’m disappointed in him
not jealous of her.
10/20, 20:55:08

Child | youtu.be/zn7Q0m_o-Xs
10/20, 20:52:03

You are not an artist, Keanu, no matter how badly you wish to be one and pretend to be one. You are the coward who seeks glory through deception. You might want to pass that along to your colleagues as well. Cowards who live a lie.
10/20, 20:48:20

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