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the big white yeti is eating k alive

and his bank account

run K

10/20, 22:21:39

Big foot Hermie should just jump off a cliff with Keanu like in Thelma and Louise.
10/20, 22:19:41

Hermie is the white yeti in the room.
10/20, 22:18:35

10/20, 22:14:05 ?
what white big foot in the room?
10/20, 22:17:09

10/20, 22:13:04
And before you know it, she'll be saying that AG is stalking her, hacking her phone, song list, etc.

The ol' bait and switch number
10/20, 22:16:44

You mean, if Keanu really has gay tendencies and is dating a herm?
10/20, 22:16:31

I always engage in conversation, you must not be here enough.
10/20, 22:15:06

if a dude wants to date someones taller with bigger feet
and double chin and whatever color hair that business none of yours or if dude is twinning with thinning hair and middle age whatever what do you care it's all boring and narcissists always find one another
10/20, 22:14:59

How can we not talk about the white big foot in the room?
10/20, 22:14:05

AG has even made clown quit talk'n about Keanu stalking her. AG has the magic. Hahahahahaha
10/20, 22:13:04

Instag comment
"Who is this granny with Keanu?"

10/20, 22:12:49

Keanu is so obsessed about aragorn. How sad. You're nothing like aragorn and you weren't considered for a reason. We didn't want an aragorn who sounded like he was constipated while on the shitter through the series.
10/20, 22:12:42

10/20, 21:38:06
She does a lot of extrapolation of the crumbs she sweeps up. She got the story of Sushi falling off the chair from some Japanese Twitter account (likely that Ayako also retweeted), which was only a sighting. There was never a video.

Then she runs that anecdote and blows it up into she was a heavy drinker. Who knows if Sushi was even drunk when she fell off the chair. She's never looked so red-eyed drunk as Keanu has been repeatedly.

She constantly downplays the women who have been with him. I mean, didn't Amanda state outright in her book that she did get with him after all her persistence and she was glad it didn't happen on her initial pursuit?

She seems to be taking the Howard Stern interview where he said that Amanda wasn't his girlfriend as a denial he ever dated her. Some people have mentioned prior that at that time, Amanda and he were broken up. So technically he wasn't lying.

She comes off such a phony in her good night biddings.
10/20, 22:08:13

y'all talk'n about AG more than y'all talk'n about Keanu. Keanu is a PR genius!
10/20, 22:07:54

Of course they are. She's never had this kind of attention and she is enjoying her 15 minutes while it lasts.
10/20, 22:07:14

Aragorn was as old as my father
10/20, 22:06:15

It’s funny
she is delusional to her lack of talent. People are probably sucking up to her at the exhibits because of her association with reeves.
10/20, 22:06:08

I think Keanu knows what he's doing and he has ill intent. The thing is, he's a wreck inside.
10/20, 22:04:18

It’s okay
Dan L is a nice man, he thanked me for a comment I made on one of he’s IG story posts during JW3.
10/20, 22:00:39

a good question from LA
Who lies to us?
1. Cucumber
2. Keanu
3. Both

i say k is oblivious to her scheming

10/20, 21:59:44

It takes a lot more effort to break away and be honest.
10/20, 21:59:17

It doesn't take much effort to fool the flock.
10/20, 21:58:34

If the suckers
Want to pay that much for crap let them.

I think the world is becoming more stupid each day.
10/20, 21:57:27

She's just riding his coattails. Same as the Trump's. Nothing we haven't seen before. A cliche banking on a cliche.
10/20, 21:56:46

a narc is happy when | www.instagram.com/p/B31KE1jIBn3/
they get their praises

see link for a perfect example
10/20, 21:56:27

Joker was exceptional and it deserves every penny. It gave us something fresh in the genre.
10/20, 21:54:16

Watch now
AG took less than a weeks to make that pile of ugly shiit for the art show

probably not even a week

only 2 or 3 hours on the same day she cut it out a piece of wood iand put it on instag

now she will try to sell it so a stupid rich person for $20,000+
10/20, 21:52:05

'Joker' Looks To Break Worldwide B.O. Record For R-Rated Film, On Its Way To $900M - source: Deadline
10/20, 21:51:44

We need some homos here to give her a what she needs makeover. She looks like she needs some pusssy in her life instead of some lovesick old man.
10/20, 21:48:21

She's got him looking old beside her.
10/20, 21:46:13

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