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That is why they need to fake a love relationship.

How else can you sell her art under "I was born to love, not to hate"
How can you sell this if you don't love and are not loved
Does not make sense he
10/21, 13:49:05

k pays


travel expenses

that is why she is pretending not to be a lesbian

shes a gold digger

10/21, 13:48:44

We all know words mean nothing if you canít back it up.
10/21, 13:42:59

All that shitt is tacky and flashy to me. Just because it has a name attached doesnít make it look good.
10/21, 13:41:14

Copy cat witch cartier sued cucumber | @
1193555 she doesn't wear cartier
10/21, 13:39:51

I guess
Keanu paid Cucumber's lawyers too.
10/21, 13:34:36

Palmtree1111 takc0509 Tammy Ann Hasemann now treepalm5111 on insta is pasting stuff from her IG account to trash Laura May. How can Tammy be a nurse at a hospital? Her patients are totally in danger. She's basically admitting she's running that fakey IG.
And Tammy baby, Laura warned Talal. You're #1 on the stalker list, get halp!
10/21, 13:33:43

You know why
It's a sensitive matter
10/21, 13:32:12

Why doesnít she have that Cartier love bracelet?
10/21, 13:29:03

She has money | www.grantlove.com/collections/all
Her "art" is expensive...she has money for the croc bag

They also made money with their two "high-quality" books
10/21, 13:24:10

the price of AGs dead croc bag
anyone find it yet?

Croc bags expensive

she cant afford one

it must be a gift

like her tiffany bangle

10/21, 13:13:57

AG games | gettyimages.fi/detail/news-photo/alexandra-grant-attends-louis-vuitton-x-opening-cocktail-on-news-photo/1158739034
Visiting Louis Vuitton event...because she loves bling bling expensive clothes and expensive shoes

10/21, 13:11:05

I know that
was ridiculous
10/21, 13:07:56

AG games
Posting a pictures of some flowers on her IG,
the day after the Semper Fi premiere (and all fuss about them together)
Her description of the picture is only 🌹🌹🌹.

People start to ask if she got the flowers from Keanu...because of the event the day before
She doesn't respond, because the loves that people think that she got the flowers from her lover

Wait a few days...some ladies that she met at a photoshoot, are posting pictures of that photoshoot where you can see those same flowers
And then suddenly, she is changing the comment from 🌹🌹🌹 into the comment "Beautiful flowers from a beautiful lunch".
Meaning: she loved it if people believed that she got the flowers from Keanu...because in real live, she doesn't get them 😂
10/21, 13:05:25

K put his hand in his pocket
AG sees the cameras were on them

then flung her crusty self like a stray cat in heat on him

for attention
10/21, 13:03:04

I thought she was ok
but now after KNOWING what sheís doing to those ladies obviously because it was wrote on her IG I dislike her and her hands give me the creeps they are huuugggggeee lol
10/21, 12:57:53

Keanu games
Being nervous before the Semper Fi premiere.

Standing in the parking with AG and another friend.

He sees the cameras zooming in on him.

He pulls her to him...
10/21, 12:56:42

she is making him
a shambles


i only see his eyes smile when he is away from AG
10/21, 12:54:36

If she was any type
of mate or before they go grinning like insane people she ought to tell him about Beverly Hills whitening toothpaste or pearl drops thatís good 😏
10/21, 12:54:30

AG games
"Accidentally" posting a picture of Keanu in Japan

Before this picture, people already asked her if she was there with Keanu because the fanpicture was already on the internet.

Sure...she "accidentally" picked that picture...not one where the rest of the group is in the background.

And if she can play the public by insinuating that she was there alone with Keanu...why not?
10/21, 12:53:50

Itís the attitude and thatís what the fans are seeing. The gimmick of it all.
10/21, 12:53:34

Its the smiley and happy people
who always act that way to the public who have the most to hide

I get those vibes from AG

her fakeness act will slip soon enough

they always do
10/21, 12:51:05

Keanu is well aware of his surroundings and what he is doing. He is not innocent in this.
10/21, 12:51:05

she's manipulating him
But he's allowing it, he's no victim. He's almost 60 years old. He needs to rescue himself from this fame whoring mess. No one else can save him, but himself.
10/21, 12:49:55

Her games
There were no pictures of Japan...until the moment that the first fanpicture was posted.

That was the beginning of her posting pictures of the museum
10/21, 12:49:21

Heís no angel
heís into this shambles as much as she is
10/21, 12:49:11

10/21, 12:45:33 - False hope. We are human after all.
10/21, 12:49:07

Nick Cave | www.theredhandfiles.com/do-you-have-any-regrets/
How do we say goodbye?

Dear Robin and Else,

Many of the regrets I have today seem to revolve around my past inability to say goodbye. For many years my way of dealing with things was to cut and run and not look back. I was forever fleeing from something or someone or some place, a disastrous situation, for example, or my various addictions or ruined relationships. This state of flight felt like a creative, motivating force, yet was actually completely devoid of reflection, and certainly unimpeded by the corrective influence of regret. I felt that if I ever stopped I would be eaten alive by the chaos that followed me around like a stray dog. It took many years before I found the resolve to turn around and stare down the imagined monster of my past. I found, when I finally looked, many ancient and festering wounds that a timely and heartfelt goodbye could well have healed.
10/21, 12:48:19

k is oblivious to her games
AG was playing games with fans

she was caught out

fans saw this and spoke out

She is now playing victim

so k has been taking her to dinner because he feels responsible

she has been guilting him by playing victim

she is manipulating him

10/21, 12:47:08

Ahhh right
well I think itís disgusting doing that to weak people making them look fools womanís rights my arse she deserves all the bad luck in the world
10/21, 12:46:07

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