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What a dirty ass apartment
K cant think that much of AG if he's paying for that shiithole
06/2, 21:55:11

The paps should be surrounding her apt.
06/2, 21:53:10

At her apartment
like he ain't been there before

Must mean they are married with a baby on the way

He cant even be within 10 ft of a woman and people think they are getting it on
06/2, 21:52:00

Give research over to the Enquirer
Let them send paps to their homes. They want attention, so go all the way.
06/2, 21:50:08

lsa b*tches
always talking trash about ugossip but they quickly take the video from here and post it in their thread
stop talking sh*t about us
without us you losers can't find anything
06/2, 21:49:31

Im so sad.
We live in such a broken down world.
So much hate and ugliness.
Everyone is so into them selfs.
Social media proves that.
Im so glad this place isnt my permanent home.
06/2, 21:48:36

06/2, 21:25:10
Or she got rid of his friends
06/2, 21:46:47

I like this guy | www.instagram.com/p/CA9U2pBg8jO/
he says it exactly how it is
06/2, 21:45:48

Yes the poor
Guy doesn’t have a computer at home.
Or she was stalking him like at the beach and dragged him to her apt, tempting him with her shitty looking brownies.
06/2, 21:41:05

Yes, wake up, pighoes, that is her apartment.
06/2, 21:37:25

I can be
mean, yes. I won’t lie. But there’s a good reason.
06/2, 21:36:24

06/2, 21:35:45

ur so mean
06/2, 21:35:12

He is hiding
behind a elderly giant
06/2, 21:32:27

06/2, 21:26:58
I think that tick tock Scarlet was inferring about what will be revealed from the Epstein list. Keanu’s tick tock will be revealed.
06/2, 21:31:07

This Grant - Keanu
Tabloid stories keep going around in circles.

It’s reading the same things again and again.

No wonder the posts here go in the same circles as their fake PR.
06/2, 21:27:49

Halle Berry | @
I was thinking thats why K came out publicly and held hands with AG. JW3 just came out and he wanted to shut down rumors with him and Halle.
06/2, 21:27:05

so much ...
Well, so much for those so-called prognosticators and supposed insiders, especially "tick tock" Scarlett declaring the end.

When Marfa rolls around and it's over and they're still seen together, then what?
06/2, 21:26:58

Seems his friends have left him
And he only has grant .
06/2, 21:25:10

Oh dear
06/2, 21:23:42

No body swims
At sunset beach
06/2, 21:23:18

One of girls in pics
Said they were swimming and kissing
06/2, 21:22:13

06/2, 21:07:48
are you sure it is yeti's apartment? so he spent all weekend with the "savior love of his life"? the thought of them sharing the same bed and having sex makes me want to throw up
06/2, 21:19:30

Its hurts me to be gracious, but I cant dismiss the efforts of everyone else. I do enjoy Schadenfreude.
06/2, 21:19:16

Also don’t forget
He has to use his friend’s computer because he doesn’t have one, remember?


He likes to keep the lie going.
06/2, 21:15:46

06/2, 21:06:12
What's good is you are always modest about your efforts and you do you give credit to others.

You can be inflammatory and insufferable at times but I'm actually pleased you've found a niche where you're productive and you're enjoying yourself.
06/2, 21:14:08

Another poor video
Of course he uses someone else place he doesn’t want anyone seein the inside of his place. Again we see just the ceiling.
06/2, 21:11:49

how she admired Hitler when she was a kid.
That and her arm raised should go viral to create a stink of her fucked mentality. Even if she claims that picture is a misunderstanding, who in their supposed "woke" mind would upload any image that could be perceived as a "Heil Hitler" salute? It makes no sense to be coy so as to be cute.

Maybe better attention-grabbing hashtags need to be used for it to trend. #cancelcelebrities? It sure ain't #alexandragrant or #keanureeves
06/2, 21:10:56

Facebook Link | www.facebook.com/891150295/posts/10163820927150296/
That's her apartment Wake up
Stop protecting his image
Privilige dumbass couldn't even talk
Letting all the work to Alex because his brain is fried
06/2, 21:07:48

Trumper is acting very strange
Is he asking god for forgiveness for his tyranny and lies. Going for these photo ops isn’t going to solve the problems of his presidency.
06/2, 21:07:21

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