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I never call him ďKĒ. It sounds lame.
08/22, 18:51:00

Iím happy to know your well clown. Please take time to be a friend to yourself and do something kind for yourself when it gets to much to for you to bare.

Good night for now 🌙
08/22, 18:50:21

Democrats Love To Promise Free College, |
So Why Did the U.K. Recently Start Charging Tuition?
08/22, 18:50:18

If you have proof!
08/22, 18:49:26

Not before you... You're old.
Everyone calls him K on boards. Keke makes me wanna puke.
08/22, 18:49:14

Really, I should go to the press about it. Eventually.
08/22, 18:48:18

😊 08/22, 18:45:41
08/22, 18:48:14

If they donít mind, itís fine as long as they know the details.
08/22, 18:46:59

Ahahah we don't know the man and we call him K 😂😂
08/22, 18:46:46

I donít even know who Bethany is. That was way before me.
08/22, 18:46:30

Had boyfriends in the past.
08/22, 18:45:56

I wouldnít feel any kind of way about him getting married because itís none of my business.
08/22, 18:45:41

And if lover of K doesn't mind!?
08/22, 18:45:32

Lipstick alley banned me because I was framed here by Jenny. She said horrible things using my handle.
08/22, 18:45:17

Sent me a pic of K's pool. Told a bunch of gullible fans she'd been there. She comments on the daily mail as well
Clown is Bethany. She killed her parents for their money.
08/22, 18:44:43

Iím going to make sure they know what he did to me.
08/22, 18:43:59

Only my opinion
Iíve not been to lipstick alley in a long time. I donít think heís gay. I think heís just not interested in dating period.
08/22, 18:42:57

He's not stalking no one... you stalk him 😂😂 I saw some crazy stuff ofa women getting in his house... In his bedroom... that is crazy...
What are you going to do if he gets marrid (with a women or man )?
08/22, 18:41:48

I spoke with guardian. She seems normalish, just vigilant about nigerians.
08/22, 18:41:27

friendly reminder
To 🤡 that this board isn't about you.
08/22, 18:39:37

Tells people she's friends with Keanu. She tells mostly other women as well that Keanu messages her daily. Maybe she's a scammer too? Who's gonna tell Guardians of KR? She's a nutjob and AG and Winter blocked her.
08/22, 18:38:49

Who is Viktoria Blythe? I donít recall that account.
08/22, 18:37:17

Trolled Viktoria Blythe, the sacred cow, on her IG as well. I don't think anyone did anything about that, they just laughed. Laura Magellan was TT on lipstick alley for a while too. I mean because they can't openly discuss he's gay.
He's still not stalking you, clown, keep that in mind.
08/22, 18:35:30

I just talk about it. I told someone.
08/22, 18:34:56

Yes, militant. There are members of his fan club who have rose colored glasses when it comes to him that they demean clown for speaking about whatís she going through.
08/22, 18:34:43

Militant fans!?
08/22, 18:31:06

Iím sure that didnít help. What do you do to cope with the situation?
08/22, 18:28:59

I talked to a lot of militant fans on social media this year while ugossip was down.
08/22, 18:20:58

Is that Laura Magellan has a fb and sheís the spitten image of K and sheís from France
Paris Jenn her mama maybe
08/22, 18:19:39

And then I have a friend that wants to steal my tupperware. Why do people do this?
08/22, 18:17:48

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