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this one is from today | www.gossipcop.com/the-keanu-reeves-halle-berry-romance-that-the-tabloids-invented/2547339

It confirms the relationship between hagitha and keanusturd
06/2, 19:12:12

Isn't transparency international. They have to write what HIS PR dictates them. Same goes for the daily mail and every other outlet including the New Yorker promoting Saint Keanu last year

Everything's a lie. Including the matrix
06/2, 19:09:53

06/2, 18:44:50
Dated May 6th, before Cheryl talked to them.
06/2, 19:09:33

Crazy mothrfuker | www.youtube.com/watch?v=jRKYiKYknbw
06/2, 19:05:35

gossip cop
has to say that but it is not the truth.

06/2, 18:57:46

gossip cop
has to say that but it is not the truth.

06/2, 18:57:45

anyone asked the groupe of people if they were romantically close
06/2, 18:50:07

Look | www.gossipcop.com/whatever-happened-to-keanu-reeves-dating-halle-berry/2497961
Gossip Cop seems to subtly confirm that AG and K are in a relationship

"In November of last year, Keanu Reeves made his first public appearance with his girlfriend Alexandra Grant, but various outlets have reported they've been dating for months longer than that. "

Remember they were the ones that talked with Cheryl and got her statement about the Ok Magazine cover
06/2, 18:44:50

Thanks, poopshoot. Go cry in your closet, Keanu.
06/2, 18:23:34

Alex is better than you 🤡
At least she didn't kidnap little girls and rp them
06/2, 18:20:47

Hollywood Poopshoot

06/2, 18:17:02

Isnt he gay?
What import her?
06/2, 18:05:38

So there are pictures of the couple from the paps ?
On the beach ?Pls post
06/2, 17:58:42

her face
says everything!!! she don't care of all the negativity that the instasis are doing only the fact that she is dating him and probably married import to her
06/2, 17:55:52

06/2, 17:51:19

Here is Keanu | youtu.be/49UHAsIk2Ds
and the elderly giant 🧓🏻 taking in bed
06/2, 17:49:55

Do you think Kenoo will take a selfie with the
National Guard? Maybe they will let him ride in the truck.
06/2, 17:36:28

Tough question | www.instagram.com/tv/CA8g1F0HwAT/?igshid=rdbtrwsckenz
Good answer

06/2, 17:34:59

Clown 🤡
Check you dm
06/2, 17:33:43

Hollywood Poopshoot might have gotten some photos of Herm on the beach with young fans in awe.
06/2, 17:28:44

Waiting for
More outing pictures
06/2, 17:24:27

Thank god for this good matching pair who actually look in love
After that other couple faking it for almost a year,
it is good to see a real couple and the contrast between them.
Has nothing to do with PDA or low-key, fakeness has been seen by everybody now.

Now, lets focus on some good looking people and them having hot sex
06/2, 17:17:21

AG and Keanu will need to
To get their walkers out first...and probably to slow to keep up
06/2, 17:14:24

do make a smoking hot pairing
06/2, 17:12:57

Would be surprised if they ever kissed...
They will surely not do it on a beach, they just needed some new pap pictures to show they are also a couple, as Benana are stealing the spotlight now.

Please, kissing pictures of those two in public would mean the dead sentence for his career🤪
06/2, 17:11:35

06/2, 17:04:39 | twitter.com/ArmasUpdates/status/1267922535594831872
Here is Benana
The old farts have no excuses anymore
They better be walking out there right now
06/2, 17:07:58

The nazi salute
Is a real picture she once posted on her Facebook, with the comment Ssshh...

Clown change the black post with this picture and show that AG is actually faking to be caring about blacklives as she is a Hitler supporter. She has once told in an interview how she admired Hitler when she was a kid.
Together with the marfainvitational hearts and the dollar sign, it shows that she will do anything for money, as is marfa supporting a scammer.
06/2, 17:07:35

Keanu smokes
Horse shiiitt
06/2, 17:05:31

I covered the blackout post with white out and pasted her Nazi salute over it. And put the dollar sign under marfa for obvious reasons.
06/2, 17:05:19

06/2, 17:00:00
You got a link?
06/2, 17:04:39

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