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So she paying her own
Hotel room then since the cousin staying at farmount since Keanu probably pay for it yeah no threesome
02/27, 21:41:42

She’s a fckin stalker Omni cheaper
02/27, 21:38:19

white witch the celebrity witch on youtube
02/27, 21:36:08

How would she know that
type of information did AG told the insider about threesome I guess “believable” since coming AG
02/27, 21:36:04

Is a stalker
She’s a know nothing liar
But 3 some makes sense
Given the tapestry
02/27, 21:32:48

Wife? Lol
Why she staying a different hotel than the cousin?
02/27, 21:28:54

whitewitch_777 is guessing she's there because she's been with him these past two weekends duh we dont need sources to guess that
02/27, 21:26:48

Ww only said wife at Omni cuz at Fairmont
That’s it
02/27, 21:25:07

Is she wearing a face mask SF is in a state of emergency
02/27, 21:24:02

02/27, 21:01:31
thats the type of details that exposed the fake insiders
how the f*ck is she gonna know that they do threesomes?
if they do it only the hag and K know
they will not tell that to anyone
02/27, 21:23:08

I guess will know by
Paps this weekend on the daily mail, got to keep the fake relationship alive I don’t believe both of them having threesome
02/27, 21:19:13

is white which
02/27, 21:18:07

They are
02/27, 21:17:36

they are
a family
02/27, 21:16:59

Problem is
White witch doesn’t know him
She’s a stalker too
And she says stuff I know isn’t true

But I believe threesomes like she lets him watch.
02/27, 21:16:58

They all must like to play games
His cousin didn’t have to post the pic from the Fairmont . Is she running interference between him and wife
02/27, 21:15:20

Well that kinda hard believing
Her, since the account is private
02/27, 21:08:48

Can you do a screenshot of witch’s post then?
02/27, 21:07:19

02/27, 20:44:18Clown
You wifey is Miss Grantny.Show your power to convince her.
02/27, 21:06:42

I’m A Vampire
I never age and I'll never die
Unlike all the stars in the sky
I'll be young forever
But why?
Cause I'm a vampire
Dear, for whose victims I shed no tear
I am neither sweet nor sincere
And I'd rather drink blood than beer
Cause I'm a vampire
The sun will never touch me
I abhor its filthy light
I am the mistress of the damned
And of the children of the night
I have all the love I need
It is your blood I crave
I am the bitch goddess from beyond your grave
I can turn into a bat
I can cast the evil eye
I have ever so much money
I'm gorgeous
And I can fly
I survied the Inquisition
Been a harlot
Been a queen
Survived for seven hundred years
And still look seventeen
Hon, one from whom you really should run
I despise the light of the sun
And I kill your kind just for fun
Cause I'm a vampire
Damn, I am what?
I am what I am
And I am impossibly glam
And I am happy as a clam
Cause I'm a vampire
Blanche, with a blood flow no one can stanch
A blood flow
A blood avalanche
I'm a tidal wave of tarantulas
02/27, 21:05:53

Mans a weirdo
Trying to look normal
02/27, 21:05:05

there are no photos
an ista sister whitewitch_777 says she has insiders and was told the hag is there her profile is private thats why the link dont work
02/27, 21:04:07

I’m tall enough to nuzzle my face into Keanu’s neck and that’s a lot more appropriate and ergonomic.
02/27, 21:04:03

Witch says
What holds them is work
Sex is threesomes cause she’s lesbo only
Not conventional
02/27, 21:01:31

Dumb Dumb Dumb
It's been playing on my mind
I don't want to waste your time
And the thought of you is tearing me apart

Had a name but now that's gone
I don't know where I went wrong
Now I'm all alone and drifting in the dark

Take me back to what I know
Cos I don't know where to go
And I'm finding it so hard to stay in tune

But it's hard to comprehend
Getting closer to the end
And I hope that I'll be feeling better soon

Now I'm just a fading light
But I want to feel alright
And I hope that you can help me through the days

And I find it hard to sleep
Cos I sold myself so cheap
Do you think about me when I go away
02/27, 21:00:48

02/27, 20:16:23 🦉 good one
🤡 is prettier but shorter,she loves and hates her for not tall enough to reach someone.
02/27, 21:00:28

Nanea good
It. No good
02/27, 21:00:12

No photos it’s per a source
02/27, 20:59:57

No wonder he looks miserable
02/27, 20:58:54

Yeah, I read on piglip alley, but where are the photos?
02/27, 20:58:22

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