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he's 55
And he has this juvenile following, going bananas on social in the hopes of meeting him. Dears, it's never gonna happen. Try the casinos in Vegas first.
08/22, 19:11:52

Keeping it
Secret is the best.
08/22, 19:10:00

They are only jealous of Halle. They only like fat hogs in lipstick alley.
08/22, 19:09:19

Why does
he have so many on his tail?

Heís not a rock star.
08/22, 19:08:40

Who is Viktoria?
08/22, 19:07:58

he's very private
He'll keep that relationship secret, I agree.
08/22, 19:07:55

If couse he is ...there all crazy fan's. .. come on!!! I read he doesn't touch people in photos so you won't gossips about it!!!!
I really hope he finds someone that he loves and that love him back...
If he's smart he will hide it.
08/22, 19:04:08

Has issues with Halle Berry too. They trolled her because she wasn't posting any pics of her, she totally erased the premieres and the TCL. It sounds a tiny bit racist to my taste. But well on lipstick they hated Halle and everyone who liked her as well.
08/22, 19:03:33

he's probably still seeing someone
If it's a man, the more power to him. He's been very low-key in New Orleans.
08/22, 19:00:39

Shirt,this is a freak show.
Know I understand why he IS still single 😂
08/22, 18:59:29

Viktoria Blythe
Is never gonna meet Keanu. She's a stalker.
08/22, 18:59:19

Iím only telling the story Keanu created between us. Blame him if it bores you.
08/22, 18:57:43

there was another one
Last year that lost her mind on here when there were pics of him with random women. It's obvious it was clown the whole time. How did they call her?
08/22, 18:57:18

No .. what are you talking about...
It was just a joke!!!
08/22, 18:56:12

make up another story
It got old and boring already. You're gonna die alone anyway so get creative.
08/22, 18:55:31

I didnít tell you what to call him. People have a problem with jumping to conclusions all the time.
08/22, 18:54:02

good night
Good night
08/22, 18:53:46

I did,and the lady Siobhan did too😂
It sounds Men in Black ahahahahahah
08/22, 18:53:08

And if Iím telling the truth, that makes Keanu a pathetic monster.
08/22, 18:53:05

I'll call him
The way I f*cking want, rotten 🤡
08/22, 18:52:52

Is a pathetic joke.
08/22, 18:51:45

Thanks, good night.
08/22, 18:51:21

I never call him ďKĒ. It sounds lame.
08/22, 18:51:00

Iím happy to know your well clown. Please take time to be a friend to yourself and do something kind for yourself when it gets to much to for you to bare.

Good night for now 🌙
08/22, 18:50:21

Democrats Love To Promise Free College, |
So Why Did the U.K. Recently Start Charging Tuition?
08/22, 18:50:18

If you have proof!
08/22, 18:49:26

Not before you... You're old.
Everyone calls him K on boards. Keke makes me wanna puke.
08/22, 18:49:14

Really, I should go to the press about it. Eventually.
08/22, 18:48:18

😊 08/22, 18:45:41
08/22, 18:48:14

If they donít mind, itís fine as long as they know the details.
08/22, 18:46:59

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