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Bullshite |
Are fire season blackouts the new normal in California?
10/16, 17:42:59

Did you ladies know that I date? Iím up front and honest with all the pigs too about Keanu stalking me.
10/16, 17:40:51

People who are funny arenít as draining as people who try to be funny. I love funny people and those are the types I like to be around. But, if theyíre too high energy and loud all the time forget it. Then itís just like a coffee date.
10/16, 17:40:00

Santa Barbara. Wasnít Hermie near SB over the weekend? The evil they both spread.
10/16, 17:38:00

Yer they
can be clown but a good laugh to be around I love people who are witty and a good laugh but like you stated it can be draining
10/16, 17:37:46

'Tarzan' star Ron Ely's wife allegedly stabbed to death by their 30-year-old son: Police
10/16, 17:37:03

Right, hence crack houses.
10/16, 17:34:00

😊Mini 17:25:32
..."finding a crazy that makes you feel normal."..

Exactly 😂

Someone that can be in company in my private space.

10/16, 17:32:24

10/16, 17:25:32 - Yeah, thatís a good way of putting it.
10/16, 17:32:20

I mean, come on, people in general can be draining. I canít imagine having to be a part of a big family. Drama.
10/16, 17:31:29

No, I get it. I like mellow people though or just low profile fun people. I donít know about crazy or high energy. That doesnít compliment me and it can be draining.
10/16, 17:27:32

What is normal? Everyone is crazy. It's about finding a crazy that makes you feel normal. Lol
10/16, 17:25:32

Yer ok 🤡
but you get what I mean
10/16, 17:25:23

😊Mini 17:19:19
I understand you...
Same feelings ✌
10/16, 17:23:07

10/16, 17:21:06 - Iíve always did the shopping thing since I was a kid. I would say mostly Keanu stalking me. I started drinking when I started suspecting he was spying on me in 2012.
10/16, 17:22:57

If I could clone me, that would be the ideal friendship.
10/16, 17:21:40

Your right those are just temporary fixes. What voids are you filling when you do these things?
10/16, 17:21:06

😊Mini 17:18:07
10/16, 17:21:03

Everyoneís normal is different though.
10/16, 17:20:53

I like crazy people
I could never bother with Ďnormalí people it would bore the ass off me
10/16, 17:19:19

The heart wants what it wants. What keanu movie is that from?
10/16, 17:19:19

😊Mini 17:16:07
You don't like company or people bored very fast?
I don't like company home... out side it's fine.
10/16, 17:19:08

10/16, 17:16:07 - I donít think thatís the same as not wanting love. I donít like a lot of people either or Iím just neutral to them and would rather not spend my time with them.
10/16, 17:18:17

Unconditional love doesn't agree with everything the person they love thinks, feels, or says quite the opposite. Unconditional love gently speaks truth. Unconditional love understands when the other doesn't feel the same. Unconditional love is open to each others thoughts and feelings.
10/16, 17:18:07

I like it and it makes me happy but I donít think itís healthy. Itís just a fixx and a high.
10/16, 17:16:38

I donít like company if Iím totally honest
self centred yer totally Iím really picky who I share me with
10/16, 17:16:07

😊Mini 17:10:10
We reallyyyyyy need hope there ahahahahahah
10/16, 17:12:47

It's that way for me on my side of the world too.
10/16, 17:11:45

I feel
that Keanu would have a titful of someone who is a goody two shoes agreeing with what he says and being this Ďunconditional loverí he like firey (not wirey 😉) people in his world a bit unhinged someone whoís had a perfect life and prises perfection
10/16, 17:11:27

Ya know what they say. The first step is seeing you have a problem. Lol. If you are unhappy with it, you will work on it.
10/16, 17:10:10

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