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Here lies the powder and perfume
The pretty clothes are scattered 'round the room
And it's so like Candy
Here lies the lipstick and the face
The colored tablets keep it all in place
And it's so like Candy
So like Candy
What did I do to make her go
Why must she be the one
That I have to love
So like Candy
Here lies a picture of a girl
Her arms are tight around that lucky guy
And it's so like Candy
And in her eyes a certain look
I thought I'd seen the last of long ago
And it's so like Candy
So like Candy
What did I do to make her go
Why must she be the one
That I have to love so
I remember the day that that picture was taken
We were so happy then
But that's so like Candy
She seemed so sweet to me I was mistaken
Oh no not that again
But that's so like Candy
She just can't face the day
So she turns and melts away
Here lie the records that she scratched
And on the sleeve I find a note attached
And it's so like Candy
"My Darling Dear it's such a waste"
She couldn't say "goodbye", but "I admire your taste"
And it's so like Candy
So like Candy
So like Candy
So like Candy
07/9, 11:30:24

Just remember
Not everything is at it seems.
07/9, 11:29:57

My opinion is he is just a digustig lier
With 0 substance and no self respect. I believe he just found a perfect match in the opportunistic scammer because no better person would stay with him and because he feels right at home with her scamming as$.

She thinks she hit the jack pot but what she hit is rock bottom. If someone wants to be with you while you are an untalented money charity and art thief it means you got yourself a toxic abuser and you even feel good about it.

I think they are both slimy disgusting people, happy to exploit people, thinking they are humans of higher value.

I am disappointed in him for lying and in me for believing him.
07/9, 11:22:04

I think he scared sh!tless of the pedo ring exposure
after Weinsteins trial and Epsteins arrest. maybe he s doing this because he is scared that HW will use him as a scapegoat. I mean if someone who is an overall sleaze ball gets accused everyone will talk about it he first week and then be like: meh...but if HW nicest guy gets accused everyone will loose their sh!t which is great deflection.

So maybe he is doing all that so that people dont think of doing this to him, for if they do at least he thinks he will have the peoples favour.
07/9, 11:18:29

😊Mini 10:40:51
That is nice.
I'm still good crazy but I didn't met my old lover in the street 😯
I miss crazy❤ good crazy 😊💙
I'm happy for you.
07/9, 11:14:58

Tanya vid
Shes driving while holding her phone, looking at it, taking eyes off road and no seatbelt. Would be funny if she got pulled over on camera 😂.
07/9, 11:12:56

And thats why I lost respect for him.
The fact hes using his fans and wants them to buy this BS. Ugh
07/9, 10:52:06

It does seem like payment -
Did he OD and she revived him..🤔
07/9, 10:48:40

07/9, 10:28:07
Listen you are right. No matter how pretty the frame, if the art sucks, it sucks.

Thats why it isa working. She wont sell that much cause collector dont give a rats as$ if the painter is riding a famous penis. What they care is if the value will go up after purchase so that they make profit in the future. Thats it.

So the paintings aren't her main concern. her main concern is the brand, because its much easier to sell thousands of cardboards and hoodies to gullible K fans than 10 paintings to rich collectors. So she is trying to push the first case its the only way. So far it may have worked but not to the extend as to not need Ks support any longer.

My bet is this circus will go on for at least 3-4 more years untill her brand ha collaborated with enough other brands to be established and autonomous.

hah pretty much means K sold his career so that some wacko can sell hoodies. So we should be asking why? Love doesnt need your partner to do tat for you so this int it. This is payment. So look for the service
07/9, 10:43:28

Still crazy...
I met my old lover
On the street last night
She seemed so glad to see me
I just smiled
And we talked about some old times
And we drank ourselves some beers
Still crazy after all these years
Oh Still crazy after all these years
07/9, 10:40:51

Hello people.
Still crazy? 😂
07/9, 10:37:26

Aaaaand LSA is being attacked again
Boy if his pr could relax and not make their presence so visible...it would be so much less embarrassing.
07/9, 10:37:19

Come on
Her art sucks. It does not sell no matter how hard Keanu promotes her and this is what matter most.

No success for her no matter what.
07/9, 10:28:07

Mama P probably follows her still
that's why she gives likes to all her artworks (in gallery profile)

The things is that sometimes IG doesnt show a private profile in the followers list, while some others it does. So the proof that she follows her is the recent likes.

Ig tends to do that sometimes.
07/9, 10:20:12

Please do this meme its hilarious!
07/9, 10:18:01

A smile for me,
Honey 😉😘

11 11
07/9, 10:04:49

or maybe a mess because
he is not living in his authentic self most likely.
07/9, 09:35:37

He look normal
in that interview...now he looks a mess and very nervous shaking mess in videos this past year.
What is grunt doing to him. 🤨🤔
07/9, 09:34:29

Lol | www.instagram.com/p/CCavE_soTki/?igshid=gvnxmxq37rvt

Guess he ate those words...
Totally contradictory now
07/9, 09:29:50

Now we see why Keeno
thinks grunt is okay to be seen with in his PR agenda...
Monkey see, monkey do.
07/9, 09:24:15

- | networthfacts.com/karin-winslow/
07/9, 09:20:53

- | www.whosdatedwho.com/dating/lana-wachowski-and-ilsa-strix
07/9, 09:15:51

Potters | youtu.be/E8x_ml8-bo0
Death eaters
07/9, 09:09:37

Meme request for clown 🤡
BDSM setting with AG as The Dominatrix.

Keanu Reeve's next blockbuster entitled: "The Geriatrix"

Written and directed by AG. Executive Producer (because he's got all the $$$$) is Keanu Reeves. *Cumming* to a movie theatre near you!

07/9, 09:06:52

Someone needs
to keep tabs on the death eater.
07/9, 08:49:43

Still follows grant and she follows her
07/9, 08:48:46

07/9, 08:46:45

07/9, 07:00:38
Could be blackmail indeed. Or it could just be another typical Hollywood arrangement. AG (the lifelong lesbian) agrees to be "straight for pay" and reap all the reward$ of instant fame and fortune. K (the closeted homosexual or bisexual) gets all the praise and accolades for choosing to be with a gray haired "age appropriate" woman. It's a win-win for both of them.
07/9, 08:43:50

- | lulz.com/the-mystery-of-larry-wachowski-5443/
07/9, 08:42:40

Life is beautiful
Hard sometimes
Unfair quite often
Everyday is a gift
07/9, 08:24:00

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