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Can we get a meme with the Matrix cast around the table and Lana asking who leaked her address?

Thought balloons:
“We all know who”
“Who you think”

And Keanu looking the other side,
“Hope they don’t look at me”
07/9, 13:30:32

https://twitter.com/JimBenton/status/1276240448198246400?s=2 | twitter.com/JimBenton/status/1276240448198246400?s=20
07/9, 13:29:28

07/9, 13:24:19
Lol sounds like God opened a window.
07/9, 13:27:32

I keep wondering too
Are we there yet?
07/9, 13:26:02

🍯🍯🍯 🍯🍯🍯 🍯🍯🍯
🍯🍯🍯 🍯🍯🍯 🍯🍯🍯
🍯🍯🍯 🍯🍯🍯 🍯🍯🍯
🍯🍯🍯 🍯🍯🍯 🍯🍯🍯
🍯🍯🍯 🍯🍯🍯 🍯🍯🍯
🍯🍯🍯 🍯🍯🍯 🍯🍯🍯
🍯🍯🍯 🍯🍯🍯 🍯🍯🍯
🍯🍯🍯 🍯🍯🍯 🍯🍯🍯
🍯🍯🍯 🍯🍯🍯 🍯🍯🍯
🍯🍯🍯 🍯🍯🍯 🍯🍯🍯
🍯🍯🍯 🍯🍯🍯 🍯🍯🍯
07/9, 13:24:49

Man jumped off 20 story building
Every floor down he yelled
So far so good
07/9, 13:24:19

Are we
there yet ?

11 11
07/9, 13:20:55

07/9, 13:17:45

07/9, 13:16:33

Is mr-reeves.com blog = Izzy7 on LSA?
Both are pushing the crazy conspiracy theory that “all photos are fake”. And always acting like they’re always 100% correct and everyone else is wrong. It’s really annoying.
07/9, 13:16:17

07/9, 13:13:55

07/9, 13:12:50

07/9, 13:11:58

you know 💯
07/9, 13:02:13

was K involved with
Alan Cumming Read both were married
07/9, 12:29:48

To Mini
Somebody posted a Glamour Magazine Link inside of which is a YouTube video where Keanu is being interviewed with puppies that are available for adoption. I thought that it was some kind of John Wick related promotion but apparently other people get interviewed with puppies like Benedict Cumberbatch Etc. I don't know if you saw this but I think you would like it.
07/9, 12:06:14

Mini, I grew up with this | www.youtube.com/watch?v=jbBuoDTnvkw
It is silly, but it always makes me laugh.
07/9, 11:50:06

And Mini, I tried to watch B&T 1
some years ago, and I was not able to go through the whole film. It was not fun, but boring.
07/9, 11:45:09

😊Mini 11:41:32
Ahahahahaha thank you.
I didn't like the other but Bil & Ted I grow up with 😆😉 it is dumb but I love it. I sure I will love the 3 just cause its Bil& Ted 😂😂😂😂
07/9, 11:44:16

07/9, 11:35:31
Sorry, but Bill & Ted is a very dumb film.
It can be amusing for some people, it can be view as cute. Yes.
Ok Mini, it is not as bad as many others.
07/9, 11:41:32

😊Mini 11:32:29
Not Bil & Ted.... come on.
It's a classic. Be good to each other.
Smoke responsible.... and party in DUDE'S 😂😂😂
07/9, 11:35:31

to : Her art sucks
Yes, but many of his movies suck too.

Destination Wedding
Swedish Dicks
The Bad Batch
The Neon Demon
Knock Knock
Generation Um...
Henry's Crime
Easy to Assemble
Bill & Ted 1, 2 & 3
all suck.
And some are so bad that it is painful to watch.
Some I could not watch until the end.
Some I did not watch at all, because the trailer was giving a glimpse on how bad they were.

Matrix 4 feels like it is going to suck too.
The Matrix was a good film, Matrix Reloaded was alright, Matrix Revolution was not bad.
There is no need for a number 4.
Lana/Larry, KR & CAM just want to renew with the fame they had after the first Matrix, that the only reason Matrix 4 is being done.
07/9, 11:32:29

Here lies the powder and perfume
The pretty clothes are scattered 'round the room
And it's so like Candy
Here lies the lipstick and the face
The colored tablets keep it all in place
And it's so like Candy
So like Candy
What did I do to make her go
Why must she be the one
That I have to love
So like Candy
Here lies a picture of a girl
Her arms are tight around that lucky guy
And it's so like Candy
And in her eyes a certain look
I thought I'd seen the last of long ago
And it's so like Candy
So like Candy
What did I do to make her go
Why must she be the one
That I have to love so
I remember the day that that picture was taken
We were so happy then
But that's so like Candy
She seemed so sweet to me I was mistaken
Oh no not that again
But that's so like Candy
She just can't face the day
So she turns and melts away
Here lie the records that she scratched
And on the sleeve I find a note attached
And it's so like Candy
"My Darling Dear it's such a waste"
She couldn't say "goodbye", but "I admire your taste"
And it's so like Candy
So like Candy
So like Candy
So like Candy
07/9, 11:30:24

Just remember
Not everything is at it seems.
07/9, 11:29:57

My opinion is he is just a digustig lier
With 0 substance and no self respect. I believe he just found a perfect match in the opportunistic scammer because no better person would stay with him and because he feels right at home with her scamming as$.

She thinks she hit the jack pot but what she hit is rock bottom. If someone wants to be with you while you are an untalented money charity and art thief it means you got yourself a toxic abuser and you even feel good about it.

I think they are both slimy disgusting people, happy to exploit people, thinking they are humans of higher value.

I am disappointed in him for lying and in me for believing him.
07/9, 11:22:04

I think he scared sh!tless of the pedo ring exposure
after Weinsteins trial and Epsteins arrest. maybe he s doing this because he is scared that HW will use him as a scapegoat. I mean if someone who is an overall sleaze ball gets accused everyone will talk about it he first week and then be like: meh...but if HW nicest guy gets accused everyone will loose their sh!t which is great deflection.

So maybe he is doing all that so that people dont think of doing this to him, for if they do at least he thinks he will have the peoples favour.
07/9, 11:18:29

😊Mini 10:40:51
That is nice.
I'm still good crazy but I didn't met my old lover in the street 😯
I miss crazy❤ good crazy 😊💙
I'm happy for you.
07/9, 11:14:58

Tanya vid
She’s driving while holding her phone, looking at it, taking eyes off road and no seatbelt. Would be funny if she got pulled over on camera 😂.
07/9, 11:12:56

And that’s why I lost respect for him.
The fact he’s using his fans and wants them to buy this BS. Ugh
07/9, 10:52:06

It does seem like payment -
Did he OD and she revived him..🤔
07/9, 10:48:40

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