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A commenter left Rose and Free Keanuís accounts...
07/9, 19:39:18

My fave part was he doesnít look depressed
His hair and beard is longer
07/9, 19:39:08

07/9, 19:29:03
Brianna wants her readers to agree with her and think the sun shines out of AG's a$s. Linking them to Rose would be suicide for her article and credibility.
07/9, 19:37:21

This is definitely more exposure for those accounts.
07/9, 19:29:48

Iím upset Rose wasnít on there.
07/9, 19:29:03

I'm making a note of Twitter followers
Will the article get them more?

MR_Reeves: 14.3k

Copycat: 116

07/9, 19:28:14

The great confirmation we get from this article is that what weíre doing is working and we are getting to her big time.
07/9, 19:28:01

Iím sorry your IG didnít make the article. Maybe youíll get your own write up
07/9, 19:25:39

K fans obviously have Brianna Muckrack

Since when did Gossip Cop get so personal anyway? I thought they were all about establishing truth and facts of tabloid stories, not for personal vendettas.
07/9, 19:23:35

Notice how they didnít want to confirm like they did last time about the charity fraud? Brianna took a step back on that one. WHERE THE FUCKKKK IS ENTY?
07/9, 19:18:42

I burst out laughing
when I saw the article

And that was before I even began reading past the headline
07/9, 19:17:37

So reactionary and hyper defensive, such a narcissist. This article proves it.
07/9, 19:16:44

It was
Paid by the hag. Why so guilty and defensive.

It shows that she worried that people are recognizing her fraudulent activities.

So stupid of her!!! Hahahahahahahhahahaaha
07/9, 19:15:46

Brianna Morton
was she paid by AG or is it a revenge article?
07/9, 19:13:53

Wow, long article too. Just giving the tweeters more coverage.
07/9, 19:11:34

To haggy
You know Keanu has a relationship with someone and you destroyed it. You wantes Keanh for yourself. Youve got the attention now, so accept all the criticism from people. If you are not guilty with your fraudulent activities and why do you need to react through gossip cop. Everybody knows you are not his girlfriend.

Whenever Keanus closest friend would ask about you, he would always say just friends. He is so proud of his private girlfriend and not you!

I do hope you read this haggy!!!!!
07/9, 19:06:42

- | www.gossipcop.com/why-do-people-hate-alexandra-grant/2549817
Why Do People Hate Alexandra Grant?
B Brianna Morton
8:00 pm, July 9, 2020

Sheís exposed now...
07/9, 19:04:59

🥺. Caught Dreaming
Yeah, mouth full of praise, I love you so much
What an empty phrase, really I'm more amazed
How in spite of how I fail to do what you command to
Serve other gods like Baal, you never bail,
That's illogical devotion, could it really be
You chose to die for the sinner when nothing was good in me.
You never left me, even when the darkest days began
Nor forget me, only thing you're forgetting is my sin.
I wanna make it to the end, let me remain faithful,
All because you're faithful in me, yeah, I'm grateful.
My mistakes can never stop me, choice you make to adopt me,
The holes in your hands are the proof that you'll never drop me.
I'm caught dreaming
Someone greater than me
And the colors seem
A burning tree speaking to me,
I'm caught dreaming,
Someone greater than me
Bringing liberty
The burning tree is saving me,
I'm caught dreaming.
07/9, 19:03:56

New gossip cop article
AG is pissed at instasisters and ugossip so they are reading here and LSA
07/9, 18:59:49

07/9, 18:55:59

You know the feeling when someone doesnít make you smile anymore or bring you joy? You all are going through now what I went through years ago with Keanu. I guess this is justice in a small way.
07/9, 18:49:22

Should the mom put her arm
Around AG to make it clearly instead using a boot to cover her face doesnít seem indicate support to me actually rude
07/9, 17:47:46

The paps doesnít hardly goes to his house
There wasnít caption saying anything what the boot was about
07/9, 17:45:15

Is also a trigger on LSA

And Taran
07/9, 17:07:27

If Patric likes AGs art so much
She should launch a fashion line with it. Isnt she a stylist?

And by the way the boot photo takes a whole new meaning now. Wasnt there a star on the boot that covered AGs face? And the caption read The boot says it all? Maybe she meant she who is covered by the boot is a star. maybe this too was support after all.
07/9, 16:53:32

Can we now accept
That that day at Dans zoom he was really wearing the love hoodie? And that since we dont know the entire AG apartment maybe there is some bedroom that actually had a white ceiling room where he did his JW streaming vid?

maybe he did quarantine with her after all....maybe they had BDSM swinger parties in that ugly lost. Besides is easier to hide there than on HW hills where the paps live on the trees.
07/9, 16:51:13

🦜 Polly | www.instagram.com/tv/CCbdDqnFLgf/?igshid=14l6xj219vnlk
Aww..poor doggie.
07/9, 16:49:08

The BDSM talk on LSA seems to be a trigger
So now we know what Ks pr doesnt want. BDSM, gay, pedo, shooting newton, what else was it that triggered cleaners and spanners?
07/9, 16:48:21

Please repost some of your older posts about her scams and Conner....These need to be on her hashtag at all times...

Thanks and congrats for the awesome work
07/9, 16:46:11

Clown pleade more Matrix memes!
07/9, 16:44:36

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