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Ok as a said a few hours ago, Im expecting new photos
During Friday or Saturday...lets see
07/10, 03:06:37

Yes shes a hypocrite
a lier
a thief
an opportunist
a fame wh@re

And K applauds her, finances those articles and gives her credibility and a career. He enables the thieving and the lying. Ag and her articles is proof of how deeply disgusting this guy is. And since the entire family is on board it means the stakes are high.
07/10, 03:05:51

AG is a hypocrite
Through and through I liked how she somewhat belittle the Kardashians in the vogue articles but really are the same in terms of personalities just not in looks
07/10, 02:39:43

MEME idea!
1) Take memorable moments from the original Matric trilogy and put AGs love logo on anyone wearing black clothes. Put a cation on the photo: "This program contains product placement"

2) Find AG photo with the love suit and replace her head with K and put him in the Matrix poster. (leave the others with the original clothes)

3) Use CAMs picture from Berlin, the one she looks tired and disgusted entering the house, and put a caption: What do you mean wearing GrandLove products is in my Matrix contract?
07/10, 02:37:48

People hate her
Not only because she is a narcissist, but sells herself as “low-key”.

Come on, at least be honest that you love the attention.
If you can’t be honest about this, what else did you lie about?

Also, people have senses, they feel something is off with her,
no matter how many articles Keanu buys to promote her,
people have intuition and first impressions.
It is what warns us for danger and has kept us alive, survival of the fittest, know what to trust and what not.
And the majority that was positive first, have now realized that she is just another golddigger, and not what she presented herself to be.

If so many people who have never met her, have the same impression,
what does that say about him and what he is hiding?
07/10, 02:32:02

Some scenes of Matrix, with AG walking in the back.

Sneaky promoting her art and love stuff
07/10, 02:25:47

Next PU magazine

Headline: Is Keanu dating a lesbian?

Unknown source: I always thought she liked women

Rumor: Does Keanu have mommy issues?

Real life stories shared:
I married gay man. I need green card.
My lesbian friend and I got married
to hide our true sexuality for our families.
It is shameful that this is still not accepted in 2020!
07/10, 02:22:29

07/9, 20:40:45
It’s not like he wasn’t warned when all this started last year.
07/10, 02:13:57

People hate her because
She is a very obvious narcissist
to the point that she probably made
Keeno buy yesterday’s GC article.
07/10, 02:11:05

I love how the author
Fed the fire now it’s spreading fast, if this her was to defend her she done her wrong lol
07/10, 01:12:05

Don’t forget
Con artist or scammer
07/10, 01:09:15

Trigger List
shooting newton

What else was it?
lets make a list and start spamming the topics.
07/10, 01:06:14

AG is pathetic
07/10, 00:46:08

Keanu has a private gf. The hag is just a friend.
07/10, 00:27:42

By the way, Keanu might be also bi.
07/10, 00:16:58

To Free Keanu
Yes, a woman can date women and man. Ist called bisexuality.

But this is the only defense, AG will ever get in this article.
07/10, 00:11:59

Tick tock | youtu.be/Dyl_nW2n528
07/9, 23:50:43

This is Keanu image building at its lowest. There is definitely something he's hiding.
07/9, 23:38:31

Gossip Cop Article
Congratulations, Keanu, you've officially become a famewh*re. Letting the media defend your GF instead of speaking yourself. Throwing your long-term fans under the bus. Shame on you. Shame!
07/9, 22:24:04

Whether it's a celebrity or the people around them,
there is always a backstory and personality profile is either partially or completely fabricated to make them appealing to fans.

What are they going to do? Tell the truth? Are they going to say that this one is a douchebag and that one is a real bitch?

That does not sell tickets or boost ratings. Of course, they are going to paint a rosy picture that makes everyone go "Awwww!"

So the summation is something tgat everyone should already know : Hollywood is all smoke and mirrors. It's all illusion. It's phony.

Don't bother investing your time, money, or emotions into something that is not real or you will one day walk away bitterly disappointed.
07/9, 21:51:56

Keanu looks like the biggest celebrity tool of a loser. She's old, ugly, corrupt, and a total fame seeker. The whole package.
07/9, 21:30:03

07/9, 19:49:37
He made a bad choice and should have known better.
07/9, 20:40:45

I believe your officially Hated more than
The President. 😂
Well she wanted fame.
She got it

You can run on for a long time
Run on for a long time
Run on for a long time
Sooner or later God'll cut you down
Sooner or later God'll cut you down
07/9, 20:10:36

This GC article is going to backfire so very badly
It's obviously written by somebody out of desperation and a axe to grind, and will undoubtedly have more people look into the allegations against AG.
07/9, 19:53:21

Who would have ever thought Keanu would let a woman like this drag him down this low. He’s another tabloid celebrity.
07/9, 19:49:37

oh yes
please someone send the link to enty
07/9, 19:47:34

He fired back at the last GC article, so he needs to hit back harder now.
07/9, 19:46:55

Enty will not be happy
about having his credibility questioned. I predict another blind item is on the way.
07/9, 19:44:26

the article couldn't defend her at all with facts it was basically -they are crazy fans and they are so jealous of poor ag- hag should buy a better writer one that at least can lie a twist the truth better
07/9, 19:42:37

at least someone is looking | www.gossipcop.com/why-do-people-hate-alexandra-grant/2549817?pv=related_list
into hag's life or bs
07/9, 19:40:39

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