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You actually think he has a tumblr? lol
07/10, 15:44:27

Re: Keanuquotes on Tumblr?
She thinks that she and Keanu were/are soulmates in a past life right?
07/10, 15:18:22

07/10, 15:04:35

Wonder why she pressures him
to spam his tumblr with her pics...

07/10, 15:03:48

on vacation
With his parasite mother Patric, scattered along decades
07/10, 14:44:20

Keeno is | www.instagram.com/p/CCeVOVrh9ds/?igshid=mcnww85b0zcq
all this...

No wonder grump fooled him.
07/10, 14:44:08

there are pics of him
Kissing women in movies as the closeted homosexual he is

Maybe you can try those ones too so you'd look less childish and stoopid
07/10, 14:42:52

Who wants...
To legitimate AG as someone worth of a dedicated personal thread on LSA?

AG is a real miss Nobody EVEN if she was KR's GF.
Is that an attempt to raise her perceived status up with her name attached to a bespoke thread?
07/10, 14:42:20

is Roxane Gay still friends with hagitha? | getpocket.com/explore/item/you-can-write-a-best-seller-and-still-go-broke?utm_source=pocket-newtab
She's the only legit intellectual who can put up with her BS and have lectures at art galleries with AG

She opened up about struggling to make ends meet

Hagitha being also a lesbian but an A lister beard is doing much better
07/10, 14:41:19

There are pics of him kissing women
And taking them on vacation start posting
07/10, 14:39:16

I don’t care if he dated them or not
There are pics which ruin the narrative
Grow up
Fiction to fiction and piss her off
07/10, 14:38:30

KeAnus never dated any of those women
He MADE you believe he dated them

Only the scams are shaking Hagitha a bit

But that's just a cool breeze, hardly a media storm
07/10, 14:37:08

No more | twitter.com/quicktake/status/1281702001789865984?s=21
07/10, 14:36:51

If we flood the internet with pics of him
With others

It will confuse the paps and kill their lonely guy narrative

Plus it will piss her off
07/10, 14:35:48

Depp | twitter.com/reuters/status/1281700976198549511?s=21
07/10, 14:35:45

Tapestry story again?
Doesn’t peanuthoney mention that
07/10, 14:29:21

07/10, 14:26:07

China chow topless in his arms
Charlize in his arms
Sandra falling down over him
ADC. And her rings and her decade of lies but lots of pics.
07/10, 14:24:52

Pictures of him and Lynn Collins
Tiffany box white dress at courthouse not paying parking tickets.

He lived with her in a rental house on doheney.

Light it up change the narrative.
07/10, 14:23:21

He saw Michelle on and off
For a decade.

She went to knock knock premier and she slept at his home from 2004-20014.

Back of bike pics
Restaurant pics
Boning reported to insiders who cozied up. Said he wanted she all the time.

Paris blonde he took to Paris on vacation when he turned 40. Both Michelle and Paris blonde are in the tapestry.

Light her up confide the thoughtless paps start a wildfire change the narrative.
07/10, 14:21:43

07/10 10:39:03
Of course mush always liked her cause dumb and obsess with being downvoted it piss her off and she naive about the cleaners which does exist she better off posting cat pictures
07/10, 14:20:07

He’s dated plenty longer than months
Anita went to his premiers, valentines pics, took her on vacation on a boat with his mother. Bought her a cool roadster car. Rode on motorcycle with her on back.

Everything he hasn’t with AG.

07/10, 14:17:49

Alice Borchardt
I really liked her Beguiled and Devoted books but the werewolf series is interesting too. Devoted and beguiled deal with the pagan forest people and viking invaders.
07/10, 14:03:55

@ 88
I've read Anne Rice but not her sister I will check her out. Any book in particular you think I should start with by her.

07/10, 13:57:45

you mean
The women he never dated for longer than months? That he never went on vacation with? Or the ones who didn't live with him?

Nothing makes the hag sweat. She's 100% no fukkks given
07/10, 13:56:34

@ top 5 or 10
I'd have to think about that for a while. I love so many it'd be difficult.
What about you? What are your top 5 or so books?
07/10, 13:54:00

Everybody needs to post More | U
Pics of Keanu with other women all st once let ag sweat it and idiots will misreport it attempt to explain it and kaboom everyone will be talking about
It and they’ll have a hell of a time pretending she’s legit but It has to be done all at once
07/10, 13:50:07

07/10, 13:29:25
Does it explore ancient Sumerian texts then?
07/10, 13:32:49

sons of GOD
07/10, 13:32:03

I’m clearly way behind you.
I’ll go back and check Through the list.

The last book I read was judgment of the Nephilim
By Ryan Patterson
Not the easiest of reads because there’s so much information

But lots of good info on the “Son of God”

Basically In-depth research on genesis 6:4
Explains were Greek mythology comes from
And gods (Lowercase g) of the Antediluvian world.
Interesting enough I find that most Christians can’t even stomach it.
Yes it is Christian Based but this isn’t stuff you’ll learn in Sunday school kiddos.
This is stuff that most churches won’t even touch.
07/10, 13:29:25

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