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If Keanu fucked that we would have never seen him again because he would have fallen into that bat cave.
06/2, 11:30:02

And Iím still waiting on my witness to come forward and contact me before I run her ass down with a subpoena.
06/2, 11:27:17

06/2, 11:20:19
Didn't AG scam some architect into being her BF? He must still have nightmares from the sex.
06/2, 11:26:26

Our courts are backed up as is.
06/2, 11:25:44

he problably deflowered her
06/2, 11:25:12

Sure clown the virus
Stopping it
06/2, 11:23:28

06/2, 11:18:40
↑ BM is gonna be flicking her bean all night over the thought of K getting it on with a Sasquatch. We know how much or a freak is from her confessions on IG.
06/2, 11:22:04

Did you get that Egypt story of the wife next to him? That was an outrageous claim.
06/2, 11:21:37

Itís still on hiatus due to the virus.
06/2, 11:20:32

I think they are
A open relationship...

Is Keanu the first Alexandraís boyfriend?
06/2, 11:20:19

What were the art pieces stolen from keanu?
06/2, 11:19:55

This is such A Lovely Picture | @

06/2, 11:19:26

Or looting Ks house
06/2, 11:19:12

Then you are a bad wh0re
How that attorney situation going on you ďfriendĒ was helping you?
06/2, 11:18:49

Lots of the sistas' followers are swimming in denial
And I don't mean the river in Egypt.
06/2, 11:18:40

Speaking of looters. That would make a funny meme,
AG looting from LV and an art gallery.
06/2, 11:18:31

I get that, but in the last riots the looters werenít wearing masks. They were even smiling for the cameras. A lot of them had on medical ones as well this time around.
06/2, 11:17:27

Whores get paid, I havenít yet.
06/2, 11:16:28

All them wasnít wearing masks
But some are to conceal their identity you know cause robbing stores
06/2, 11:16:15

Itís not illegal to not wear masks, but when you see looters out and about wearing masks and then never see Keanu wear one out is something to question.
06/2, 11:14:29

oh please. just stop to find an excuse. please. finally. grow up. open your eyes.

he is not abused, neither emotional or physical. this is an insult to all real victims.

what makes it so damn difficult to understand that he wants to spend time with her, that he is fine with her personality and her stuff.

we adored an image, a dream. he is a man with Kmoobs, f*cking an age appropriate bohemian artist. that is what he has wanted all his life. to appear educated and sophisticated, living a down-to-earth non-hw life.
06/2, 11:13:47

We get it clown
You wh0re yourself for this forum
06/2, 11:13:46

Everyone who comes here should know my bullet points by now.

Keanu has been and is still stalking me.

I hate Keanu.

I want my money.

This is the foundation of why I do what I do on social media.
06/2, 11:11:39

Is clear they use
Xartists for money laundering
06/2, 11:10:49

06/2 11:03:48
That include you too dummy but no he not mocking me because it doesnít affect my life at all
06/2, 11:10:20

Hello? Iím the only one who called out his corruption before this Herm shitstorm began. I know heís in on it but the memes are just playing with the gossip and theories. I didnít do that meme, but I thought it was funny so I posted it.
06/2, 11:08:46

but she's there
He's obviously having the trolling of his life
06/2, 11:07:47

06/2, 11:03:48
He's not smiling at her, he's smiling at a fan taking a picture.
06/2, 11:05:22

that's why he's smiling with her???
Stop babying him

He's trolling, mocking all of you and he's obviously deranged. They're not a legit couple, they're just two nutjobs
06/2, 11:03:48

K's looks only began dwindling and rapidly so
When he started hanging out more with The Hag. Makes me think emotional and may be even physical abuse is at play here. Emotional stress of abuse can really age a person. That could also be the reason why she can do so much fraudulent things and still be in his life.
06/2, 11:00:51

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