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and Arch
is just a pretentious bike and bike company, just like it’s principle owner.

You might as well call it Argh !
06/2, 10:06:36

Well autumn is an idiot
Being in that garage with him while the motorcycle is on she just desperate
06/2, 10:06:26

You can tell he is a jerk
If you pay attention.

Like the video of him revving his motorcycle engine in his garage with Autumn, he looked like a stupid jerk showing of his bike engine sounds and not even looking up when she said, it smell like smoke.
He is just into himself.
06/2, 10:04:15

Re he is mentally ill
Yes, he seems to come off that way.
06/2, 09:59:42

Someone hiding more than just being gay
06/2, 09:58:52

To the east coast girl
Find someone who will love and value you more. Stop begging for his love. He does not know what is love. He is mentally ill.

#befree #loveyourself
06/2, 09:57:46

Im working on a side by side right now of benana and Kexmandrag.
06/2, 09:56:34

To the east coast girl
You dont deserve this. Please love yourself. Let him go. He does not deserve your love. He is a liar just like the hag. Set yourself free from his toxicity. Take this opportunity to free yourself from Keanus clutches.
06/2, 09:56:09

People wait for more
06/2, 09:55:24

So true 😂😂
Shes making that same face she gave to the paps in his porsche. She thinks shes hot shitt.
06/2, 09:53:21

He comes of as a nice guy
But in reality he is duplicitous.
06/2, 09:49:59

Hey Clown
can I interest you in some memes?

06/2, 09:49:43

Ladies you are better off
Forgetting about him in a serious fantasy way.

He is no Prince Charming but a player.

He can turn on the charm as needed.

Everything he does is game playing and hiding his stink.
06/2, 09:48:25

yep she has the smug resting ugly bi@tch face on
But after seeing benana on their Harley, these two old mummies are definitely gay buddies playing the fans and the media

Nothing new. I knew it since last June
06/2, 09:46:14

White witch blocks me. These woman are going to have to regroup and be honest with themselves.
06/2, 09:45:47

White witch is havng a meltdown
Can someone message her or comment to see if she is doing ok?

(this is actual concern, Im not trolling. But I've never talked to her I dont want to be rude)
06/2, 09:42:47

Shes making that same face she gave to the paps in his porsche. She thinks shes hot shitt.
06/2, 09:42:11

She look angry
Back there maybe Im wrong
06/2, 09:39:16

Anyway they could have taken
Pictures together and put on her instagram well let wait on daily mail to see if they both turn up
06/2, 09:37:55

Not his shoes
Not his bike
Looks like they walked
Is it same beach as but t crack pic?
06/2, 09:37:39

I cant beleieve LSA is so retarted
that is trying to say it's photoshop....

Come one people...seriously, have some self respect.
06/2, 09:37:39

06/2, 09:36:16

To insta sistas
Now you need to out them! Look at all the support you have from the commuters. Look how disappointed they are!.

We all have the same to say: How a man who was supposedly a decent person, can be (for real or not) with such a despicable woman?

Dont stop now...you already have the audience that is disappointed and hurt. Dont let us down....it was enough he did.
06/2, 09:34:58

She should stand in front
If she really want to be seen instead looking like creepy witch
06/2, 09:30:03

She stand back there
Because she want to be seen .. Keanu paid for all the PRs
06/2, 09:26:11

I guess he doesn’t
want to admit his lies , or that
He is lying all along.
He prefers to stick to his pretend fantasy of being someone else.
Once you tell him you figured him out he retreats.
He has a very bad personality.
06/2, 09:24:38

He holds grudges
too if you dump him. Even if it’s in a nice way because of his lies.
06/2, 09:21:46

If you are reading this
Please Rose and other instasisters, don't go private or delete your account, just stop protecting his image, if K falls because of his association with the hag so be it

He has done so many shady sh1t in the past and that is rarely talked about because we pushed his good guy image in the forefront and made excuses believing that deep down he was an honorable man but is time to stop doing that, is time to address his turbulent past and questionable decisions
06/2, 09:21:27

How many times has AG been caught creeping in the back of
photos now? This is no coincidence. She wants to be seen to get herself and brand more publicity.
06/2, 09:21:17

Maybe he did
I no longer give a fck.

She’s disgusting and ruined him for me and many.
06/2, 09:21:04

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