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What post? Link.
10/15, 18:47:22

Now how could
you know that clown and take that bloody post down on your IG lol why are you leaving it there
10/15, 18:40:04

Did Keanu go to London?
10/15, 18:32:43

Except for mini, of course. Nothing honest about that one.
10/15, 18:31:56

Some honest goodies here tonight. I like.
10/15, 18:29:07

10/15, 17:10:31 - I was going to say the same thing. Botched botox job.
10/15, 18:23:38

10/15, 17:54:30
If he had not resorted to Botox and maybe chemical peels, he would still look younger than many of his peers, including Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp.

I think he felt pressured by the ageism in Hollywood - even for men who manage better than their female counterparts after 40. And with his faltering career at the time, too, he would easily succumb to those whims.
10/15, 18:13:15

😊Mini 17:54:30
It's never too late and we are never too old 😉💪
10/15, 18:13:10

I only see dark circles eye's that go dnow to his mouth 😂 I just see tierd ,lack of good sleep,lack of hugs and kisses 😘👐😘👐
He just looks tierd and homeless needing a shower and a bed.

10/15, 18:10:30

I would like to see
him act in a really creepy horror though instead of action
10/15, 17:59:18

I mean
heís not bad for his age in 5yrs heís 60 thatís mad though
10/15, 17:54:30

Is AG in contact with Lesley Garcia?
from hollywood pipeline
10/15, 17:53:29

The bruise is
on his cheek mini
10/15, 17:51:02

It's funny how celebs such as Keanu, Sandra Bullock and Gwen Stefani for the most part escape scrutiny of their dependence on Botox and other facial cosmetic procedures when their faces clearly show signs of such, especially Sandra and Gwen with their sandblasted skin. Beyond the mutterings on some gossip forums and Reddit, they don't get the backlash like Nicole Kidman or Renee Zellweger had. Nicole hasn't stopped with the Botox but instead added fillers. It seems the media has just thrown in the towel on criticizing them for Botox.

If you want a clearer incidence of Keanu's Botox standing out among the crowd, take a gander at his appearances on Graham Norton. Everyone else's skin isn't as waxy and their foreheads actually crinkle. Keanu's is as frozen as ice.

It's not makeup.
10/15, 17:50:06

maybe he slept the whole flight with his forehead against the window...
10/15, 17:46:52

The longer the hair
for men the faster the receding
10/15, 17:44:14

from AG hitting him
Reminds me when Brad Pitt was caught with a black eye while out in a Paris bar. He and Angie must have had some serious real-life Mr & Mrs. Smith reenactments. That was a tumultuous relationship.

They should have done a reboot of Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf than that seaside whatever film that was dust.
10/15, 17:43:59

No that
bruise I think is botox or filler itís a tiny bruise for anything else or maybe somebody poked him in his face lol
10/15, 17:41:14

receding hair line
His hair is thinning as well. Oftentimes, it looks like he has some kind of volumizing hair spray, along with the bird's nest style, gives the illusion of more fullness in his hair.

It would do his hair wonders with a layered style that would add volume. And if he doesn't sweep his hair back, the receding hair line wouldn't be as noticeable either.

As they say for ladies, bangs are our friend in the later years....and glasses! No need for Botox of chemical peels.
10/15, 17:38:17

he's probably gotten
Botox for the forehead, but here he's getting Botox the whole time. Premiere in Japan he had a speckle of blood in his right eye, people were saying here it was from the Botox injections too or from AG hitting him.
10/15, 17:30:51

Even if he cut it now
you would always see that his hair line is receding thereís a gutter though unless he will get hair plugs but he likes people to think heís ole natural and that would be too obvious
10/15, 17:28:30

Cannot imagine
Keanu getting Botox, he needs his hair trimmed and styled. His beard needs trimming. And tooth needs fixing. Cannot see wrinkles with all that hair. I love him but at times he almost looks homeless.
10/15, 17:23:31

That bruise
on his face is from a Botox injection waaaaaa I canít imagine Keanu leaning back into a docs chair having it done what a fairy 🤭🤐😉
10/15, 17:10:31

😊 Mini |
10/15, 17:02:10

10/15, 16:28:37
I believe she has also mentioned the same about trying to post the pool pics at LSA.

And in her response to the nurse member, she's saying she knows a lot of "famous" people, implying to me that she's supposedly in PR.

OH, she's Cheryl!! :what

She's still dug herself into a hole by implying previously she was a direct witness and not simply in on the grapevine, which she's not seemingly clarifying.

It's weird how she's going in on augustnight for sniping on RobinWood for her English. If I recall correctly, Peanut was one of the first to dog on RobinWood as being obsessed (aren't we all?) and likely someone Keanu would run away from (an insult she repeatedly hurls at fans).

For such a full life, why would she spend any time at LSA?

Yeah, welcome to Fantasy Island - palm trees, 360-degree pool and all.
10/15, 16:42:33

She told me on insta she'd taken pics of his pool but didn't post them because the 'crays would come out of the woodwork'.
It's the same person, she says she went to the Byington Winery with him, says that she knows Jimmy Fallon and many other famous people, her 'LA friends'

Fantasy land.
10/15, 16:28:37

About Peanut
In her latest posts at LSA, she claims to have witnessed Keanu under different circumstances with fans, including at grocery stores.

So now, she's implying she's his assistant or something??? Janey???

Of the anecdotes and pap pictures I've read or seen, he's usually alone when grocery shopping, which I would imagine is something he delegates more to an assistant. So when he does go out shopping, why would he bring along anyone to witness anything? He doesn't run around with an entourage.

Something's fishy about her. The more she talks, the more something doesn't add up.

At least one LSA member picked up on it and calling her out.
10/15, 16:17:41

of the dumbest people on the internet come here
10/15, 15:48:53

i'm mocking
clown, he's obviously a jugalo
10/15, 15:46:47

😊 Mini 15:15:42
Ahahahaha true with humans too.
10/15, 15:18:05

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