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sweet pea
It's an action thriller. The team wants him for the sinister, simmering villain. His role is not physically demanding. It's the female protagonist who has to do all the running.

If all goes well, he'll be returning to San Francisco with far less hoopla fanfare.

Closed set, please But truly he can bring whoever he wants

I think we can shoot his scenes in a week.
02/27, 07:57:33

@ dream
What does the contract say youíre reading in the dream?
02/27, 07:54:35

@ sweet pea
Another sequel? Or some of DC or Marvel Shiit?
02/27, 07:38:22

I need to get my cat | www.instagram.com/p/B8NjRGPF5Tc/?igshid=czo19g0mevqj
One of these - he is going stir crazy in the house. He likes to go out but most days itís snowy or too cold for him to go out.
02/27, 07:23:48

Haha | www.instagram.com/p/B9CtHpKp8kH/?igshid=1nl01gj2gk3f6
Hahaha 😆
02/27, 07:13:06

02/27, 06:34:29
Thank you!
02/27, 07:07:47

sweet pea
Not so fast on the no new roles except sequels. He has an offer coming...
02/27, 06:36:07

sweet pea
Interesting dream! Many elements to break down. I think the dirty ear refers to gossip. I bet he does have to review paperwork regarding security threats from time to time.

In my dream with him the other day (we were out having drinks), he was also hard to hear. He was so polite to keep repeating himself, but I still never quite got it.
02/27, 06:34:29

Not in Germany, thank god. France and US.
02/27, 06:31:41

I donít get high
I donít partake in that stuff. I used to drink a small glass of wine with my dinner, but since my diet I stopped having any type of alcohol 3 weeks ago.
I just drink a lot of water.
No caffeine either, it no longer tastes good to me without sugar and milk or with the healthy substitutes, natural sweeteners or almond or coconut milk.
02/27, 06:16:57

i think your dream means you got super high last night
or mayonnaise...i always have awesome dreams after mayo foods
02/27, 06:06:06

Is Owl here?
I just woke up from a strange dream and was wondering if it has any meaning.

I dreamt that I was talking to Keanu in some cafeteria and leafing through some documents he had on the table on some stalker. I was trying to analyze the documents to help him..
Then it was hard for me to hear him so he came close to my ear to speak. My hair was in a ponytail and he comments my ear is dirty, I was embarrassed took down my ponytail and told him I had not washed my hair for a couple of days. I told him I lost weight in my stomach area and he proceeded to press his had on different areas of my stomach to see the weight loss.
After a while at the table sitting with us was the queen of England all friendly and casual talking with us. I also saw I was wearing a watch upside down, and commented to him that Iím wearing the wrong watch.
02/27, 05:54:36

but isn't xab in germany?
lots of cost to have an international house of publishing
02/27, 05:54:05

publishing costs are really very low these days
The bikes are expensive
No new roles save for sequels, that's why he's selling his love life, you're answering yourself

He's a participant in the games, it can't be denied now
02/27, 05:36:34

What if he is trying to get himself out
of XAB and she won't let him.
02/27, 05:35:08

From what I heard she's ticked off
he won't give her the copyrights to OTH and Shadows.
02/27, 05:34:26

i think xab is just a money pit
vanity publishing must cost a lot, now he regrets involvement?
02/27, 05:31:42

What if he is trying to get her out
of XAB and take over it completely for himself?
02/27, 05:26:27

Hag is lesbo butch man
Keanu is being conned in more ways than one.
02/27, 05:22:56

He the only one that can stop this
Itís goes back on Keanu
02/27, 05:21:21

Whatever this is
has to do with XAB.
02/27, 05:20:10

Bottom line:
whether real or not Keanu is being exposed just by association

He is being an idiot.

As for the blackmail. No one said that being blackmailed makes him a victim,ause we dont know for WHAT he is being blackmailed.
02/27, 05:14:45

K reputation was better before Hag Games
Now people asking if he freaky
02/27, 05:12:55

He already has fame. What roles? Matrix 4
02/27, 05:11:49

The reason I think its not K
is because he is signed in a huge management firm and has experience pr backing him up.

he doesnt need to rely to a shady pr firm that finds you sh$tty writers to write your articles. He has his own people to write that bs for him.

Im not saying he is clean. Im saying he has much more legit people to sell his lies not those nobodies.
02/27, 05:11:13

honestly i don't care much about K anymore
just like this site because there is rare if any, historically, deletion of comments

one of the last true websites of freedom of speech on the internet

would be overwhelming if everyone knew about this place

it's like a secret hideout
02/27, 05:08:42

He's a sell out too. For fame and roles
That's the real bottom line
02/27, 05:08:02

Fake relationship to sell lesbian fake GrantLove
Fake relationship to sell fake GrantLove
Bottom line, there it is.

This one is more clear.
02/27, 05:07:46

Nope, he was also largely praised for taking his mom to the Oscars and you thought it was over. Not Marfa yet and her cubicle failed.
He benefits from it too
02/27, 05:06:19

Fake relationship to sell fake GrantLove
Bottom line, there it is.
02/27, 05:05:47

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