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10/15, 19:57:21
Nah, I've been through a 7.9 and that was a holy mofo rollercoaster. We get bunch of those 4-something and I typically sleep through them, not even aware. Granted they were mostly offshore.

I'd think San Franciscoans are more than used to those minor quakes. But as strange as a lot of the homes are built side to side and of stucco, there doesn't seem to be the give that wood-framed houses have and space to shake.
10/15, 20:05:29

I donít recall the China disaster.
10/15, 19:59:05

Iím talking about the typhoon in Japan recently, the fires in Brazil after he left Sao Paulo, the hurricane in Puerto Rico after he filmed that movie there. Canít remember the name.
10/15, 19:58:28

We really donít have earthquakes that often and 4.5 is significant at the epicenter.
10/15, 19:57:21

10/15, 19:54:17
Okay, I haven't been paying attention. What were the disasters that follow his visits?

Do you remember what he and Tiger expressed their sympathies for during their China tour? Was it an earthquake in Chengdu?
10/15, 19:57:14

Itís the timing of it right after I brought it up about Japan, Puerto Rico, and Brazil.
10/15, 19:54:17

Or Mother Nature
has a breakdown and weeps of his departure.
10/15, 19:52:18

I guess he is
so breathtaking he disrupts Mother Nature wherever he goes.
10/15, 19:50:32

In San Francisco
That would be like a broken clock being accurate twice.

Hell, all along the West Coast experiences some degree of earthquake here and there. A 4.5 is nothing.
10/15, 19:50:21

They said he was in n. california over the weekend.
10/15, 19:50:09

Was he
in SF recently?
10/15, 19:49:11

🤡 |

Told you natural disasters follow in places he recently leaves.
10/15, 19:46:00

10/15, 19:33:44
That's the oddity. When he's not filming or running through the press junkets, he does allow his hair to gray, which isn't much. The amount of gray in his hair is negligible, while men already - like it or not - have that allowance of actually looking handsome with gray hair. (Only a few women can pull it off or it's just a matter of confidence, as Jamie Lee Curtis has.)

But he invariably dyes his hair for every film he's been. Wouldn't John Wick have more gravitas with a few gray hairs?

In contrast, it doesn't seem he routinely gets Botox before he films. He needs those facial muscles fully working.

But when he's not filming - I guess when he needs to present his best self on those interviews and talk shows, his face is plastered.

That John Travolta - and worse, Wayne Newton black hair is far more aging and desperate looking.
10/15, 19:45:53

His hair is dictated by his upcoming roles
He can’t really do anything personal to it. I though his hair looked nice in Siberia, his whole look was nice in Siberia as a mature man.
10/15, 19:43:44

Beto should color his hair.
10/15, 19:40:23

His hair isnít black. Heís more of a dark to medium brown. We donít want him looking like Hermie.
10/15, 19:37:28

Just my two cents.
I think he should let more grey/silver hair filter in now. Salt n pepperish.
He doesnít want to have that jet black travolta hair.
10/15, 19:33:44

Biden is the only making cents out of healthcare.
10/15, 19:33:07

Itís actually humorous and you shouldnít be ashamed.
10/15, 19:25:52

10/15, 19:03:47
And now I can see what the heck you two are talking about.

Sometimes it's best not to draw attention to something most people won't even see.
10/15, 19:21:50

I know I just canít help myself
10/15, 19:18:08

ABC News Used Footage From a Kentucky Gun Show and Said It |
Was Syrian Warfare
10/15, 19:17:05

Then you shouldnít post here because it gets out there for all to see and critique.
10/15, 19:15:33

Clown like
donít I myself know itís there 😆
10/15, 19:08:52

Thanks for letting me know that though, Iíll leave it up forever now.
10/15, 19:03:47

Youíre totally anon here so why should you care?
10/15, 19:01:07

Oh clown donít
Pmsl 😆 I sound like Nora Batty my friends found it hysterical I donít im humiliated
10/15, 19:00:31

That was so they knew they were being spoken about here. I gave Alan the link.
10/15, 18:57:28

You know what post
Clown lol the one from here I didnít see why it had anything to do with what you say haha Iím dying you had hash tag arch his friend and Keanu since the 3rd I know no one knows me here but I know itís mine itís awful
10/15, 18:53:17

What post? Link.
10/15, 18:47:22

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