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08/21, 17:35:39
@ Alone:

I found peace in the trees, or on a rock that seemed to have a seat carved perfectly for my form.†
08/21, 18:00:31

Holy fuckkk, do I hate ravers. They also show up on goth day and itís like the shitt 90ís all over.
08/21, 17:55:37

Be honest. Whatís destroying his look is the botox. I hope that can be reversed.
08/21, 17:54:45

On gayday at disneyland, itís stylish, colorful and happy, except for the bulldykes of course they bring it down a notch. But, what a joyous day compared to goth day.
08/21, 17:53:47

he looks handsome
With and without the beard. But it seems most girls prefer the bearded look. It's def associated with John Wick but he's done plenty of other stuff rocking the same beard, from Ronin to Destination to Swedish D and Always. The Ted looks aren't very flattering.
08/21, 17:52:37

On goth day at disneyland, I just want to hurl in every trash bin I come across. It is disgusting and god awful on the eyes.
08/21, 17:52:09

I canít even express how much I hate goths. I do love Elvira though, but she doesnít count.
08/21, 17:49:57

The Wachovias did 2 good films. The Matrix and V for Vendetta.
08/21, 17:49:25

Spelled like that, reminds me of a brand for make-up. I'm sure goths would love it.
08/21, 17:48:52

And, no, he hasnít burnt it down yet.
08/21, 17:46:59

he's not signing for
A 4th matryx for money, fame or recognition. He must be doing it to boost the Wachovskis' dead career or because he legit thinks the project is worth it. It's clearly not, surprisingly bad move for someone who's been in the industry for so long.
Lily is the other Wachovski. They're Lana and Lily.
08/21, 17:46:49

Well, Iíve been ďcoming homeĒ to Keanu since 2011. He got a house right by mine.
08/21, 17:44:30

I canít wait to have my salami sandwich soon.
08/21, 17:43:29

Has never had any men waiting for her to come home. They'd burn their own homes first.
08/21, 17:42:27

Welcome to ugossip and Sissyís world.
08/21, 17:42:20

and the stupidity is taking over
Flirting with o.s. online must be one of the dumbest things to do on this planet. It's nothing new though. It's called narcissism.
08/21, 17:41:14

Anything to make Sissy jealoooooooooos.
08/21, 17:40:01

Ooooh, wow, look at me hookin it up on ugossuuuuuup. I keep the boys happy.
08/21, 17:39:09

Well, thank you, Cowboy. Iíll keep that in mind.
08/21, 17:37:03

You got that right, doll face. Only cowboys know how to ride hard, weíre all you need to come home to and the doorís always open.
08/21, 17:36:24

I found solace in special spots where I could cry out loud or be joyous for no reason and no one would hear me.†
08/21, 17:35:39

Why hello there, Cowboy. You must be one of the boys I rode this past weekend? Well, you know me, grab Ďem by the balls.
08/21, 17:32:56

Pop Quiz dickwad: Who here likes to look at asss porn?
08/21, 17:31:04

Clown allows
Analhole sex
08/21, 17:25:23

He got me
Off by suctioning actions and other methods extremely difficult to duplicate
08/21, 17:24:19

Clown knows
His way around a peckerdick
08/21, 17:22:00

Howdy, Clown doll. You really know how to wrangle them bulls ,huh.
08/21, 16:58:20

👽 |
Tiny Nevada town near secretive Area 51 braces for alien hunters
08/21, 16:54:35

Keanu will never tell himself he's getting too old for this shitt. The fans will tell him eventually.
08/21, 16:36:38

Or maybe he sucks artificial pussyhole.
08/21, 16:34:32

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