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K's looks only began dwindling and rapidly so
When he started hanging out more with The Hag. Makes me think emotional and may be even physical abuse is at play here. Emotional stress of abuse can really age a person. That could also be the reason why she can do so much fraudulent things and still be in his life.
06/2, 11:00:51

10:55:01 | @
K is white with money and he knows he has nothing to worry about thats why he don't care about a damn mask. Ain't nobody going to fine him. Cops reserve their energy for targeting black folks.
06/2, 10:59:24

True f they are a couple a weird couple
your last meme implies that he is trapped, that she is chasing him, that he is her victim. but he is not. HE IS NOT HER VICTIM. HE IS IN THIS WITH HER TOGETHER.
06/2, 10:56:53

Is it illegal to not wear masks in parts of Cali?
It's lucky they haven't been fined yet.
06/2, 10:55:01

he has no career left
he is a terrible actor, his looks has been faded away, he looks greasy. he has Kmoobs. he has a terrible gf, he makes the impression to be totally demented. he is lost. he has lost.
06/2, 10:53:45

His career has been on downfall
beginning about 10 years ago. And now he is done completely. No talent, no looks
06/2, 10:51:05

@ clown
your last meme implies that he is trapped, that she is chasing him, that he is her victim. but he is not. HE IS NOT HER VICTIM. HE IS IN THIS WITH HER TOGETHER.
06/2, 10:50:18

People are still talking about his movie career
Guys, with his abilities he had no chances to have a career after 50/55 anyway. Now he can sit with AG on Malibu beach till eternity
06/2, 10:48:41

what an idol, what a legend, what an inspiration
the country that gave him a home, fame, money and a harem is suffering the worst pandemic of recent times and he refuses to practice social distancing.

this country is going down the worst riots of this century, and this rich filthy idiot has nothing better to do than to go on a trip on his elite motorcycle with his pretentious scammer fake white-privileged gf and gets pictured on the beach again.

what an idol, what a legend, what an inspiration.
06/2, 10:45:59

What is love?
and what makes it different from a relationship?
06/2, 10:45:00

i hope that
these guys will give us more pictures of their hot day, they were so many there I bet that they have more interesting pictures
06/2, 10:44:44

Keanu Still Loves Alex | @
I told you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
06/2, 10:42:57

He doesnt have a Malibu
House you sound like you crazy
06/2, 10:42:29

I think they are living
Together at Malibu house . Maybe he rented there
06/2, 10:39:49

AG Motorcycle article picts
where were they?

Needed for my next meme

06/2, 10:39:12

Its a little off topic but since he enjoys his feet and being barefoot. Can you do a meme of him barefoot tiptoeing through the tulips with his helicopter beanie and a ukulele
06/2, 10:34:39

To the east coast girl
Please get rid of him.
06/2, 10:23:15

I bet after each arch that sells
He jerks off.

06/2, 10:19:28

Cheryl statement
Was a joke
06/2, 10:16:01

06/2, 10:08:32
Yep a pirate of money and hearts, to feed his big ego.

06/2, 10:14:09

AMs christmas images
when K stayed with her must annoy AG

Don't tag her in them
06/2, 10:11:43

Ignore it and it will go away | postimg.cc/gallery/2YXQxm9
is bad advice
06/2, 10:09:31

Keanu doesnt talk
With autumn anymore because he is with AG
06/2, 10:08:54

His family
On both sides has mental illness history. So, this explains his psychological being.
06/2, 10:08:38

1. An exclaimation of annoyance, exasperation, or other negative factor.
2. The sound a made by a stereotypical pirate.
06/2, 10:08:32

and Arch
is just a pretentious bike and bike company, just like it’s principle owner.

You might as well call it Argh !
06/2, 10:06:36

Well autumn is an idiot
Being in that garage with him while the motorcycle is on she just desperate
06/2, 10:06:26

You can tell he is a jerk
If you pay attention.

Like the video of him revving his motorcycle engine in his garage with Autumn, he looked like a stupid jerk showing of his bike engine sounds and not even looking up when she said, it smell like smoke.
He is just into himself.
06/2, 10:04:15

Re he is mentally ill
Yes, he seems to come off that way.
06/2, 09:59:42

Someone hiding more than just being gay
06/2, 09:58:52

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