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Just a google search & here I am....Iíve got a few ?ís
Is this really you rambling? Are you that screwed up? Looking for validation? Getting back what you put out there? Do you know what itís like to read & hear all the praise you get & carry the weight of......Why would care?
10/16, 02:49:34

😊Mini 01:44:54
Ahahaha she thinks he does..
10/16, 02:05:28

10/15, 23:12:35
Is that news hot off the press? Have the "insiders" (of various levels of concentric circles from Keanu) posted this blurb yet at LSA?

The anti-Cucumber AG will cling on that tidbit, as we are still on watch for the next sighting of a dinner get-together or AG's stowaway travels coincidental to Keanu.

Or should we be on alert for a meltdown on AG's IG with a bloody bunny or new art of a heart with a knife through it? Now, that would be some edgy and twisted art.

Or should we be on watch for the resurrection of Autumn who will rise to fight another day for her man?!

Oh, these questions swimming in our heads.
10/16, 01:49:33

Only indirectly
He don't owe you he doesn't even know you.
10/16, 01:44:54

🤡 |
10/16, 00:11:34

Don't trust the ones that standby and watch you suffer.
10/16, 00:09:46

At an arm's length distance, you can't really hang on to anyone, can you.
10/15, 23:56:48

They just keep killing themselves. It's really depressing.
10/15, 23:40:15

👩‍🎤 |
10/15, 23:37:37

Come back around to romance, huh?
Who said it was even for a moment, Cucumber herself is not believed.
10/15, 23:30:31

Just by appearances alone, she looks likes she's not his type.
10/15, 23:15:32

There really are no rules to love so who really knows.
10/15, 23:14:29

he gave her the talk
doesn't want to be romantic partners just business partners. friends are saying she hopes he'll come back around to romance again but she's keeping her chin up because business is business and they will continue to brand like a Kardashian because it's the American way
10/15, 23:12:35

Who is good to you. Those are the people you want to keep around you.
10/15, 22:46:32

I'm so over it all. I just want to be a hermit at this point.
10/15, 22:42:12

I try so hard to be diplomatic without having to whorre myself out which is what they want. Men really are greedy and selfish and I've learned that in business and in love.
10/15, 22:41:14

I'm trying to get rid of the rotten scoundrels in my life but these people are like parasites.
10/15, 22:39:01

Try to disconnect from those that use you and couldn't care less.
10/15, 22:37:55

It's just an indication of how you separate the good eggs from the rotten ones. Who takes initiative in your well being and go from there.
10/15, 22:36:15

I can't say it louder. HYPOCRISY.
10/15, 22:24:17

It's crazy the people you least expect to help you out, help you out when the people you expect to help you don't. Surprise, surprise.
10/15, 22:23:16

As stupid as they are, they aren't that stupid.
10/15, 22:19:34

wont list AG on Ks page

they believe every encounter a celebrity has with the opposite sex

is a fling

but they are not listing AG as one of them
10/15, 22:17:11

I don't need an adventure.
Love is enough of an adventure for me.
10/15, 21:21:10

Grey hairs? 15 strands max
Who said Scatecrow deleted her Japan pics, they are still on there
10/15, 20:58:29

10/15, 20:51:36
The soil structure also plays a huge part. Soil liquefaction can take out buildings with the unstable base.
10/15, 20:54:35

It depends on how close you are to the epicenter. I didnít think 5.0 was that much based on earthquakes prior, but it was the proximity that makes a huge difference.
10/15, 20:51:36

Okay, you're right
I tend to think of earthquakes as afterthoughts when they aren't 6 and above.

Where I live, we get a lot of minor earthquakes so I tend to dismiss the smaller ones.

To be sure, every tenth of the Richter scale is a huge difference. So, 5.9 and 6.7 are more than simply 1.2 or whatever times the magnitude in actual force.
10/15, 20:28:38

1987 whittier narrows was a 5.9. Again, lots of damage.
10/15, 20:22:24

Northridge was a 6.7 and look at the damage it caused.
10/15, 20:21:17

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