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To shut down
Wont happen. Thats AG made millions of new accounts promoting her and KR. She prepeared.
06/2, 14:01:38

Please call K out on this....please dont find excuses like Mr Reeves...
06/2, 14:00:13

Time to shut down
all his social media fan accounts, except for the satire one.
06/2, 13:59:03

06/2, 13:56:35
06/2, 13:59:01

Why Keanu
Doesn’t buy clothes , a new car......?
Why doesn’t take her to his trips around the world?
06/2, 13:58:12

He is just as fake
as his elderly gf.
06/2, 13:56:53

06/2, 13:41:14
Give me 3 names of the famewhorrees you want added
06/2, 13:56:35

Someone with
a plate in their neck is at risk doing action scenes, so the stunt double does all the work.
Keanu just earns a pay check for just showing up.
06/2, 13:55:26

Come on lets be done with the pap photos
Having one hurt-full thing every single day is frustrating.
We don't need to learn K is a pretentious c$nt in doses, just bring it on already.
06/2, 13:51:56

So cc now puts a ADC video interview on her IG stories
So does the harem all get together and have harem game nights and slumber parties ?
06/2, 13:47:15

Lurch has been creeping again | postimg.cc/RN83bQFd
06/2, 13:42:09

To Clown
Can we get a meme with Keanu flipping through his rolodex with fame wh$res?
06/2, 13:41:14

It’s his stunt double | www.instagram.com/p/B-tJXoBDHAn/?igshid=v3l8w6b1xofv
that does all the JW action moves, not Keanu.

Just have a look at the link.

He can’t act and he can’t do his own action scenes.
06/2, 13:40:31

I didn’t do tulips, no.
06/2, 13:40:05

I’ve been saying it for so long, Keanu’s time is up.
06/2, 13:39:32

Clown did you do the tulip one
06/2, 13:38:54

The Stans and Anti
Ones really showcase it much more and it’s very sad running in circles
06/2, 13:38:37

He’s a fcken
06/2, 13:38:30

It’s time to take Keanu

Enough with his game playing!
06/2, 13:36:40

Keanu runs around
in circles, we are just stating the obvious.

Haven’t you noticed him running around in circles in his circus!
06/2, 13:35:51

Great memes today! Thanks for the donations!
06/2, 13:35:29

I also
Believe he gay but also he friends with her cause likes her I guess meaning they share the same qualities of personalities I suppose
06/2, 13:34:02

It been said thousand
Times seems like some of y’all like to run around in circles
06/2, 13:31:27

Is weird
they are a couple to me but he treats her like trash and she still with him obviously for his money and fame..
06/2, 13:31:11

06/2, 13:23:43
But now we are past that.

There is no point into trying to figure out whether this is a lie or not.
They were there together. She is part oh his life.
The end
He is choosing this
He is orchestrating this
06/2, 13:27:59

this was another stunt like the Xmas dinner party
They're as 'together' as a gay man 'dating' a lesbian can be
06/2, 13:23:43

Of course its real
Come of girls....lets not be in denial..its hurtful already.

This was the ultimate proof Keanu is a fraud. A fake.
A supporter of entitled white privilege....I never thought I would ever say this about him...what a disappointment.
06/2, 13:19:17

Catherine1967 + Linda
Catherine thinks she is Keanus "Lady X" a term she made up for herself as she thinks she's been in a relationship with Keanu for 11 years, Linda feeds the crap as it's been known Linda has made remarks she has psychic connection to Keanu and both these women are bullies and lunatics, Neither of them know Keanu, Neither of them have never MET Keanu, Linda feeds this insanity of Catherine
06/2, 13:11:23

Too funny clown
06/2, 13:10:48

Edward was rumored to be gay in the closet too
And wallis to be an infertile tranny
06/2, 13:08:42

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