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I don’t understand why they talk shitt about ugossip and yet they post here too.
10/16, 12:25:22

Don't you LSA people preach
Keanu tells his dates he doesn't do marriage and has never been loyal to one woman? What the hell kind of woman would love him for who he is? (if that's who he is) You have to be a fame whorre, a money loving woman to want a man you can never have who will always cheat on you. If he has a harem and is a womanizer he doesn't deserve the love and heart of a good woman to stomp on. He is is getting exactly what he deserves. (AG/user women) "IF" that's who he really is.
10/16, 12:23:38

😊 Mini |ård
10/16, 12:04:58

Jamie Lee | @
Curtis is one well-known individual who is genetically male, but phenotypically female.”
10/16, 12:04:55

Yikes, that’s the gay Ken, he wouldn’t be interested in me.
10/16, 11:52:46

😊 Mini 11:37:59 |,_the_Human_Ken_Doll.jpg
He's your Ken.
The men of your life,he was a lot of money. Just your style.
10/16, 11:47:09

It seems like everyone here is from piglip alley. Are these like sister sites?
10/16, 11:40:15

He actually looks like Ken.
10/16, 11:37:59

😊 Mini 11:27:45
Yes,he stalks you too 😂
You are an irresistible plastics doll.
Evrybody loves a Barbie 😂😂
10/16, 11:34:29

NO, I want the blonde!
10/16, 11:27:45

😊 Mini 11:21:23
Ahahahaha 😉
10/16, 11:27:41

I think her platform gold bar sneaker would have left a bigger dent.
10/16, 11:27:12

golden shoe
hahaha after "THE TALK" LOL
10/16, 11:21:23

😊 Mini 11:04:58
You wish 😂😂
Stay with your Keanu fantasy I prefer the blonde 😉 and 40'ihs...
10/16, 11:18:51

Mini is also very obsessed with me like Jenny and German wench. Hmmm.
10/16, 11:04:58

Mini seems to like the same boys I do.
10/16, 10:59:21

Well Jack Guy
Is pretty hunky himself.
10/16, 10:16:08

Keanu's forehead bruise
I'm guessing he was hit in the head by a very large golden shoe

10/16, 10:15:13

😊 Mini |
Even more charming ❤😈
10/16, 07:05:09

Who is
this who is saying they had the talk??
is it true? or is she a stow away because we have not heard from her. lol
10/16, 06:58:44

😊 Mini |
Charming ❤
10/16, 06:47:30

she talks way too much
It's all coming together. Every time she tries to sound like he has her on his hot line, she just comes off looking like she's on a search-and-rescue team picking up anything she can find on any site.

Such brilliant insight about the "bruise" when it's been already speculated here.

She pulls it out of her arse or a divining rod on the net. None of her declarations is anything any of us couldn't have found somewhere among the pictures, articles, posted selfies, fan accounts of meetings or the like. She should write for a rag since they operate the same.
10/16, 06:23:52

Thank goodness he gave her the talk!
10/16, 06:15:08

😊Mini 05:06:03
I dont know the character... I really don't care if they live in a fairy tale world... I don't know K.
And I don't understand why they say they know him 😂😂 like crazy clown girl 😂😂
She's sleeping now,but she will be back soon with the crazy story..
I have fun,she's the creepy stalker fan... She thinks he comes here to talk to her...

Come on!!! He's a smart men,if he wants to talks to someone he would do it discreetly.

10/16, 05:26:25

she was telling
Herself it was K who sent her those pics.
First, she told me he was gonna start filming in August when Morocco is scorching hot.
She gets everything wrong because she talks way too much.
10/16, 05:06:03

😊Mini 04:21:49
The post is from 25 October 2018 !!
10/16, 04:36:01

🥜 🍯 palm tree whackadoo 🌴 |
Saying Keanu was sending her pics from Morocco...
10/16, 04:21:49

😊 Mini |
Saudades 😌
10/16, 03:50:48

10/16, 02:49:34
You won’t find what you’re looking for here. Those ?’s seem to be linked to something more than casual or fan based. May you find what you’re looking for
10/16, 03:20:23

😊Mini |
wonderful sunny day ❤
10/16, 03:18:46

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