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You’re not an angel, Mini, you are a troll.
10/16, 13:34:16

10/16, 12:52:22 - Huh? You must have the wrong woman in mind. I don’t have photos online.
10/16, 13:31:18

K had a talk with AG? | @ |
Where did that come from yeah?
10/16, 13:30:41

😊Mini 13:18:50
He's gorgeous...
Giant with the eye's colour of the ocean... beautiful big hands..and the look that takes my breath away (if I don't have asthma of course)😂
An angel 😇😈
His name is Alexander,yes he's the Swede dude 😂😂😂
10/16, 13:29:54

Skarsgard looks like he has on berry
Lipstick! Other hotties Halle Berry’s ex-husbands. Oliver & Gabriel.
10/16, 13:29:30

augustknight is badass | @ |
10/16, 13:29:11

Yes Your right
maybe that's why he has not found anyone. He is getting older he may want to try to settle in. A woman he chooses has to have thick skin. knowing his business in movies with paws all over other women. also knowing he is a womanizer cannot help the situation. I mean he had lots of girls I can't imagine not one long time. lol
10/16, 13:26:00

Clown sounds even more stupid and RACIST on Tumblr than on here.
Narcissistic personality disorder and paranoid schizophrenia spot on, that's exactly what she has. And erotomania.
10/16, 13:25:29

But then
He may not trust leaving his s/o at home when he is off in a different place working for 3 months. So it seems it’s good he stayed single. Perhaps he will find the woman to be with in his retirement so they can be together doing whatever makes them happy.
10/16, 13:24:43

That Swede
does nothing for me.
I’m very picky and it doesn’t have to do with looks for me.
10/16, 13:18:50

Maybe that’s why
He hasn’t found love if it’s out there for so many years that he can’t be faithful to one woman.
People get scared and don’t trust when he is off working on his films and projects to.
I mean no girlfriend would like to see his thumbs on a naked woman on screen if they are together.
10/16, 13:17:09

😊 Mini |
Damn 😋
10/16, 13:16:38

augustnight is fat
10/16, 13:11:38

does Keanu ever expect to find LOVE if that is true. you are right changes ballgame. If so to bad.
10/16, 13:05:10

In the check out line
The other day either Star or Enquirer had a headline about stars who never married. He seems to have a lot of company. But they do live in an alternative universe. It makes me think there are not alot of feelings there.
10/16, 13:00:06

😊Mini 12:52:14
10/16, 12:53:35

😊 Mini 12:47:15
No,I mean your teen make up and the sealer hat 😂
And the selfie with filters...
Barbie doll 😆 so pretty 🎭
10/16, 12:52:22

Beautiful hearted women tend to close off their heart after a sentence like that.
10/16, 12:52:14

Telling a woman you are dating something so insensitive as that breaks any chance he had at love right from the very start. He'd never have the chance to see if she would of ever been more. Goes to prove he is just a womanizer. If that is true about him.
10/16, 12:49:15

There was someone else mentioning it here before me and that’s why I went over there.
10/16, 12:48:03

You mean my clown makeup? I am a professional.
10/16, 12:47:15

I'm not really obsessed with the dude but I did see a video once where Keanu pretended to wanted kids and Sandra made fun of him that he would have to get married. Who knows who the man is? My point is if LSA people are going to promote him as a piece of trash towards women, why the hell does he deserve the real love of one? That kind of man deserves a user mooch of a woman. At least she would get something out of being used by him in return. No a beautiful hearted woman deserves a beautiful hearted man.

10/16, 12:44:43

has every right to tell women that he don't do marriage. and not loyal to 1 woman. K is Single at least he is honest. I'm sure when the magic strikes things will be different for him.
10/16, 12:41:46

😊 Mini 12:34:57
You barely read,period.😂😂
But the make up is good.
10/16, 12:37:43

I never read there til you kept promoting it. Their crazy obsession is funny as hell.
10/16, 12:37:34

I don’t know who all is over there. I barely read piglip alley.
10/16, 12:34:57

I hate they come here with their stupid crap. LSA are full of snotty people. They should keep their boogers over there. They make his a pathic weak little God. Have you seen the married one who is obsessed with Keanu. Her poor husband.
10/16, 12:33:13

K tells women that? lol Oh perfect I would tell him I don't do marriage and I don't want 1 man either. see we are perfect for one another . lol see how he likes it. Sooner or later Age whatever will catch up to him. He will want only 1 woman. If that is the truth why in interviews says that maybe one day he'll find that meaning love.
10/16, 12:31:22

What is it about people feeling sorry for Keanu?
It makes him look pathic and weak. Stop it. He has choosen his path. If you don't like it change your crush. You are the weak ones for creating the Poor little old man keanu meme. Smh I don't think keanu is breath taking or Jesus. I think he is just a man.
10/16, 12:29:37

I don’t understand why they talk shitt about ugossip and yet they post here too.
10/16, 12:25:22

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