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It would be funny if
Another earth type planet is in environmental danger like us and they are also looking to relocate their inhabitants to Mars.
08/21, 20:45:20

Youíre just a dud, and a dud youíll always be.
08/21, 20:43:43

Shut your hole fat hog. No one will ever want you.
08/21, 20:42:57

Itís like Keanu has never heard the term, too little too late. By golly gee. The ignorance and arrogance at the same time. The perfect storm.
08/21, 20:42:24

Never know you exist. Get a job.
08/21, 20:33:47

Oh, Keanu. Your love just hasnít been hard enough, strong enough, or passionate enough for me. Itís pretty simple science.
08/21, 20:32:37

Terraforming Mars |
08/21, 20:09:44

08/21, 20:06:39

Liquid Water Found on Mars | Water Found on Mars
08/21, 20:04:26

08/21, 19:41:30
No....sadly this isnít true....the fire will consume the earth and with it extinction will occur....
08/21, 19:59:45

Very little water compared to earth
Almost all water on Mars today exists as ice, though it also exists in small quantities as vapor in the atmosphere
08/21, 19:47:53

Billionaire pipe dreams
These billionaires should invest that money to save earth. Why let earth and all itís history die? Billionaires are just using Mars as an excuse not to help earth, why are they giving up on Mother Earth so easily? They have no respect for their home planet 👎👎
08/21, 19:45:29

There is water on mars.
08/21, 19:41:58

08/21, 19:40:10 - Man will be reduced to his primal beginnings and adapt like we do best.
08/21, 19:41:30

Christ, my pms hunger is out of control. Nothing satisfies me.
08/21, 19:40:19

There were grocery stores nearby to transport food
For them, no grocery stores on Mars. No animals on Mars, No water or vegetation on Mars. No sewage systems on Mars.

The logistics are very complex to get anything on Mars to support life as we know it on earth. What will people do without Netflix on Mars
08/21, 19:40:10

Plus, now itís like a corporate space race to mars. States arenít the only players anymore. Man seeks glory. All hail, Bezos andÖ Musk if he can get his balance sheet in order.
08/21, 19:38:54

08/21, 19:27:36 - There is ice on Mars.
08/21, 19:36:51

Look, Matt Dayman already planted potatoes on Mars. He already laid out the foundation for life. Itís all set up for a trillionaire to take over.
08/21, 19:35:52

08/21, 19:32:32 - Who paid the slaves that built Dubai?
08/21, 19:34:03

08/21, 19:30:37
As temperatures rise the core canít contain itself and the inevitable will happen....this is true for earth as well as humankind
08/21, 19:33:55

Dubai is not Mars
Itís easier getting equipment to build in Dubai than it is to bring equipment and workers to Mars. Who will pay to feed the workers once they get to Mars?
08/21, 19:32:32

08/21, 19:26:25 - The core of earth is fire, the core of man is fire.
08/21, 19:30:37

08/21, 19:25:32 - There was nothing on Dubai, it was a trillionaire's pipe dream.
08/21, 19:27:51

The only thing positive about Mars
is there are no forests for humans to burn or ice caps for humans to melt.
08/21, 19:27:36

08/21, 19:20:35
Turn on the news. Open your eyes. The evidence is all around you....

ďThe earth is fire......Ē

08/21, 19:26:25

Deep thoughts by Jack Handey
You know what would make a good story? Something about a clown who make people happy, but inside he's real sad. Also, he has severe diarrhea.
08/21, 19:26:03

There is nothing on

Itís a billionaires pipe dream.
08/21, 19:25:32

Read the
News reports, the evidence is staring us in the face.
Itís actually screaming but there are many deaf ears.
08/21, 19:23:27

We're born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we're not alone.
Orson Welles
08/21, 19:23:24

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