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Confirming a relationship will slow down the publicity
There is much more buzz when they are ambiguous.

even if you don't want to say that you are dating,
just have the paps photograph you kissing each other (blegh...my eyes..my eyes)

These two have been great at being vague, let the journalists do the talking.
Even the British Vogue article with the whole title of her finding love with Keanu....what did she actually say about their 'love'??
Not a thing!
The way it is phrased, they can literally defend that they meant how the two of them have been talking about the topic 'love' and how they both found the groundbreaking meaning of 'love' together.
Not even confirming the relationship, just that love is important to her.
Well, newsflash, to whom is it not important??

Weddings? How she has been bridesmaid for so many times.
Pure bragging about how many close friends she has.
Yet, the woman recycles friendship like the latest fashion items.

Her views on art?
Say something real. Who doesn't care about being emphathetic, who doesn't care about the state of the world. The woman talks with a lot of words, but is actually not saying anything of value.
It is pure pseudo-intellectual nonsense.

He is exactly the same in interviews.
Talking a lot, but not saying a thing.
Why else were their books so thin?
They have nothing to add, nothing of value to contribute, but to showcast how artsy, sophisticated and intellectual they are. An average assignment by a teenager has more content.
06/2, 14:54:01

06/2, 14:38:56 | hollywoodhatesme.files.wordpress.com/2010/07/ugly-bride.jpg
She's going to look beautiful
06/2, 14:46:05

China Chow
Is in now way a comparison to AG.

She is from a very succesfull family.
It's not only restaurants, the family is involved in art, fashion, interior design and maybe more.
Her stepmother is on the board of LACMA.

China doesn't need Keanu, but AG might need China's family for some good connections in the LA art scene.

Connect the dots.
06/2, 14:41:19

Waiting for
The wedding 👰
06/2, 14:38:56

Can somebody plz give me a link to the article
with picts of AG with her motorcycle?
06/2, 14:38:50

06/2 14:17:32
Or they could confirm it make it more easy tbh
06/2, 14:37:21

No trips around the world
Because he is needs the paps and people that recognize them,
and those are in LA.

Japan was to visit the another museum for rich people.

It all boils down to, if he really cares about a woman, he will protect her from all publicity, and probably pay for the press to keep the articles from not being published.
Also, he would most likely provide for her, just like how he as been doing for his mother and sisters. She would definitely not need to be selling stickers for $5 to gather his fans admiration.

The fact that AG has been all over since last year, it is just tooo much to not be orchestrated.

Especially if you have been in HW for +30 years , you would know the consequence of going to pap restaurants every week. They have both been pushing for this story to go public.

So for those naive ones that still think he was not involved, open your eyes, he was involved.
06/2, 14:36:24

We'll all be puking tomorrow if Daily Fail
was at the beach, photographing AG in her swimwear.
06/2, 14:35:49

Keanu Reeves, you admired all these years,
is just a stupid smallminded conartist: paid pr articles, use of tragedies, paid bots, paid new fan accounts, selling crap books and crap merch for big bucks.
06/2, 14:34:47

What it feels like | www.prevention.com/health/a32729263/what-are-rubber-bullets/
to be hit with rubber bullets.
06/2, 14:32:51

Thats why conartists are dangerous (KR and AG)
They take your time (sometimes years, your money, your energy)
06/2, 14:28:15

K needs some lovin | postimg.cc/XZV0KqFW
who's he gonna call?
06/2, 14:28:14

06/2, 14:14:34

They are very disappointing!
06/2, 14:19:11

06/2, 14:11:32
Their insider was Cheryl.
Cheryl would send them the article, someone from muckrack would sign it. Then they would have them say the pr didnt give a response.

The Ok! article you can tell it went theirs because it stated a prenup
AND I TOLD ALL OF YOU A MILLION TIMES the prenup was th reason for the statement. Because of investors interests.
06/2, 14:17:32

" I realized I’ve been lusting after a man that hasn’t existed for years." from LSA
I will change the word lusting to admiring..

Ive been admiring for years a man that never existed.

Thats why they say never meet your heroes...the truth is usually ugly.
06/2, 14:14:34

think I a starting to believe ok magazine and daily mail they real sources and the insider would be JT
06/2, 14:11:32

06/2, 14:04:52
Ag didnt prepare sh$t, she is an entitled idiot with no talent. It was Ks HW pr team.
06/2, 14:10:48

Or not fking
Thirsty for him
06/2, 14:10:21

Give me 3 female famewhoresss hes been fking
06/2, 14:09:32

To those on twitter and IG
saying this is the same pattern like with china Chao

Actually no.
Because Chao wasnt associated with charity fraud, lawsuits, plagiarizing older work, propitiation, selling of tombstones etc....

This is why is terrible not because we found out that K needs an ugly yeti in order to ejaculate (which is also quite a shock too frankly)
But because we found out he sold his own daughter and a dead woman to promote an entitled privileged scammer.
06/2, 14:09:10

06/2, 14:04:52
How appropriate, fake fans for the two fakes!

06/2, 14:06:36

AG got prepeared:
1. Millions new fan accounts made by her team
2. Recruited an army of minions

So KR doesnt need real fans anymore. He hand AG have an army of fake fans adoring them
06/2, 14:04:52

Those two need to be taken down
a peg or two.
They are polluting social media with their mugs and nonsense.

06/2, 14:04:50

Don’t visit those accounts
and don’t follow them, they’re crap.
06/2, 14:02:50

To shut down
Wont happen. Thats AG made millions of new accounts promoting her and KR. She prepeared.
06/2, 14:01:38

Please call K out on this....please dont find excuses like Mr Reeves...
06/2, 14:00:13

Time to shut down
all his social media fan accounts, except for the satire one.
06/2, 13:59:03

06/2, 13:56:35
06/2, 13:59:01

Why Keanu
Doesnt buy clothes , a new car......?
Why doesnt take her to his trips around the world?
06/2, 13:58:12

He is just as fake
as his elderly gf.
06/2, 13:56:53

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