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Gross, it's like shelobs lair.
06/2, 16:36:35

I have fucked
at the beach but only in the water, I should not have done that. Keanu is not kissing AG, get real.

06/2, 16:35:26

I have fucked
at the beach but only in the water, I should not have done that. Keanu is not kissing AG, get real.

06/2, 16:35:26

Take that last post down because this reached a whole new level of stupid.
The reason people are taking the black lives matter hashtag out and either not putting any hashtags or using the black out Tuesday hashtag is because when you use the blm hashtag it blacks out completely and people cannot see vital information and resources about the movement.

So it may be Barfa but they did the right thing concerning the hashtag.

Now take it down before you look like an inconsiderate retard.
06/2, 16:34:35

He has John Wick
number 776 in the works
06/2, 16:34:22

Those pesky cobwebs | postimg.cc/nC3VhNPT
06/2, 16:33:07

Is anyone going
down to the demonstration, to take their fair share of abuse?

06/2, 16:32:49

So were they kissing on the beach
or not? Or may be they were f$cking on the beach? Very romantic couple
06/2, 16:32:44

Tiger is too good
for him.

He deserves the bearding with Grant.
Being the laughing stock of Hollywood.
Waiting till studios offer him some grandpa roles.
Oh wait...he still has nothing new after sequels no.4
06/2, 16:31:43

He fuckks his
Dentist? Is there a picture of the guy?

06/2, 16:28:45

To who he f$cks now
His dentist Den the man
06/2, 16:26:54

and that is why
he would not play along with pretending to be with Sandra.

He really wishes everyone would pick up on his gay...because he is that gay. But he can not say it out loud...because of money.

06/2, 16:25:19

when it comes to publicity
Keanu always blows it. People were most interested after SPEED with him and Sandra. They were the most popular couple in Hollywood...he should have played into that but he refused. He is a stuborn asssshole, for the most part. Business people and publicist hate him. Stoff hated him.

06/2, 16:22:07

He Is gay period
keanu does not like the feminine essence that is why he is with ag. He hates the femenine
06/2, 16:16:02

i wish I was in
Washington DC, just to show Trump how much I hate him.

06/2, 16:07:42

I don't think
he beds women. His last lover that I know of, would be Tiger Chen. I don't follow Keanu anymore, so I don't know who he fuckks now.

06/2, 16:05:54

Yeah that works as well
Can you change the no. of like into 666 likes?
06/2, 16:02:46

Thanks to those who contributed to the memes today.
06/2, 16:02:19

I did her nazi salute. Hope it makes sense.
06/2, 16:00:40

To Keanu Reeves
Wait till yhe ECQ will end in her country. You will see the end of you!!!!

By the way I hope your publicist would read this!!!
06/2, 15:58:23

Great memes
But that roladex needs more cards
06/2, 15:57:05

06/2, 15:53:29
I used the hat because he likes to give Arch merch to women he's bedded
06/2, 15:55:55

Thank you 1543 there are just so many leeches
06/2, 15:54:57

06/2, 15:45:35
He invites her

but I firmly believe she stalked the shiit out of K in the beginning

sought out his like and dislikes, like motorcycle riding, books and whatever

and now pretends to be someone she is not so she can get and be close

and she does this for the fame and fortune
06/2, 15:53:48

To Clown
that Mambo no5 is great!

Here is a nice picture to accompany that song, the Keanu-remake.


6 women needed from the rolodex,
and perhaps we can use his face with the moustache from when he played 'The Dream' .

Although that picture of the Dream is also very fit to use
with all those women around him.

06/2, 15:53:29

We should probably pity those fans
who cant accept the reality that their idol is not single and is with a conartist
06/2, 15:51:34

your granny meme is funny as hell

good job!
06/2, 15:48:20

So, she stalked him in SF twice, now here. So when they go out to dinner are they going to keep saying that?
06/2, 15:45:35

The biggest whorre is AG!
06/2, 15:44:27

So after reading here and LSA
the consensus is that she followed him there to the beach and she is stalking him.
He should have her arrested.
06/2, 15:43:50

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