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06/2, 20:13:34
Either give us a name or fukcoff! We aren't going on ay wild goose chase with your #clues.
06/2, 20:30:37

06/2, 20:01:15
Is that you, B.Manure? You are the real sexual deviant here.
06/2, 20:27:51

Phoney and awkward hand holding | youtu.be/NBFGKe1bBYo?t=812
who does this remind you of?

06/2, 20:19:37

Keanu is in a
Relationship with a foreigner since May. She works in the east coast and she is financially knowledgeable.

06/2, 20:13:34

Clown the fat pr dog
Your crazy btch and I'm getting a restraining order you are a pedo
06/2, 20:01:15

Most likely Gossip Cop has a contract with Reeves' pr
for writing articles about him several times a month. So if they have nothing to debunk they rehearse old gossip
06/2, 19:53:56

A WDW update | www.whosdatedwho.com/dating/keanu-reeves

06/2, 19:35:25

Gossip Cop whole business is to debunk fake gossip
They also have contact with K's management

They are not gonna call her a girlfriend if they don't have the blessing of Cheryl

It is not about if they are truly in love or not is about what they wanna sell to the public and they wanna sell a relationship

The ones still in denial brace yourself because i'm starting to think K will actually call her a girlfriend if someone asks him while promoting bill and ted or that video game that's gonna come out
06/2, 19:35:06

Are hilarious! Im laughing so hard.
06/2, 19:26:51

The main phrase in the article is:
Tabloids make gossip.
Not Reeves and Grant pay for their pr but evil tabloids make gossip. Reeves' stupid pr strikes again
06/2, 19:23:19

yup that
And to make them look like the real thing (pml) because the Berry romance was created by the tabloids

Kexmandrag was created by his PR

Anything to try to make them trend now that Benana are much more popular
06/2, 19:22:09

06/2, 19:18:56
For traffic?
06/2, 19:21:35

06/2, 19:17:30
or addressed the same rumours again from the old article I should say.
06/2, 19:20:25

Those Gossip Cop articles look like paid by his pr
Because 1. Nobody wrote about him and Hallie Berry recently. It was ages ago. 2. They have already debunked this rumor. Why put it on repeat? Answer: to keep his and AG's name in the press
06/2, 19:18:56

They just republished the same
06/2, 19:17:30

see they're two old trannies in love
It should be noted that Keanu Reeves is currently in a relationship with artist Alexandra Grant. The couple went public with their relationship last November, though they’re rumored to have been dating for longer than that. Though the news has led the tabloids to finally stop with the rumors about Reeves and Halle Berry, all that means is they’ve swerved to making up gossip about Reeves and Grant now. And so the cycle continues.

They are NOT sending pieces like this to online media that people have barely heard of to push the couple narrative
06/2, 19:14:13

this one is from today | www.gossipcop.com/the-keanu-reeves-halle-berry-romance-that-the-tabloids-invented/2547339

It confirms the relationship between hagitha and keanusturd
06/2, 19:12:12

Isn't transparency international. They have to write what HIS PR dictates them. Same goes for the daily mail and every other outlet including the New Yorker promoting Saint Keanu last year

Everything's a lie. Including the matrix
06/2, 19:09:53

06/2, 18:44:50
Dated May 6th, before Cheryl talked to them.
06/2, 19:09:33

Crazy mothrfuker | www.youtube.com/watch?v=jRKYiKYknbw
06/2, 19:05:35

gossip cop
has to say that but it is not the truth.

06/2, 18:57:46

gossip cop
has to say that but it is not the truth.

06/2, 18:57:45

anyone asked the groupe of people if they were romantically close
06/2, 18:50:07

Look | www.gossipcop.com/whatever-happened-to-keanu-reeves-dating-halle-berry/2497961
Gossip Cop seems to subtly confirm that AG and K are in a relationship

"In November of last year, Keanu Reeves made his first public appearance with his girlfriend Alexandra Grant, but various outlets have reported they've been dating for months longer than that. "

Remember they were the ones that talked with Cheryl and got her statement about the Ok Magazine cover
06/2, 18:44:50

Thanks, poopshoot. Go cry in your closet, Keanu.
06/2, 18:23:34

Alex is better than you 🤡
At least she didn't kidnap little girls and rp them
06/2, 18:20:47

Hollywood Poopshoot

06/2, 18:17:02

Isn’t he gay?
What import her?
06/2, 18:05:38

So there are pictures of the couple from the paps ?
On the beach ?Pls post
06/2, 17:58:42

her face
says everything!!! she don't care of all the negativity that the instasis are doing only the fact that she is dating him and probably married import to her
06/2, 17:55:52

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