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@ 23:42:11 Love it!
06/2, 23:44:26

Fuk you, Cinder. Heíd still slap the shitt out of Keanu and knock his little prick dickkk asss out.
06/2, 23:44:01

East coast girl
her name is Wylde Guse Chaise
06/2, 23:42:11

@23:40:05 Steven couldn't lift his leg that high.
06/2, 23:42:04

You small dickkk motherfucker who runs like a retard on coke.
06/2, 23:41:43

Chuck Norris AND Steven Seagal could whoop your asss still any day of the week and theyíre whiter than your flat pseudo hawaiian ass.
06/2, 23:40:05

She was there drove in her car
Maybe invited maybe not
Not on a bike
Not his boots not his bike in pics
Not his helmets she never had a helmet on that hair

Pic of same day he’s on red arch same clothes Skull cap. no bitch
I think she joined them dropped her bag to take pics of him
Went to put on a suit maybe
Don’t know about loft probably needed a computer with zoom
06/2, 23:38:52

No, fuckkk it Keanu. You donít know shitt about martial arts of any culture, youíre just a wannabe entitled piece of shitt. You should and would die in the ring.
06/2, 23:36:46

These motherfuckers are just as sincere as colonists. Fuckkk these rapists. Donít let them use your culture to their advantage.
06/2, 23:35:23

Keanu is only 1 quarter Chinese and 1 Quarter Hawaiian and barely raised up in either culture yet Hollywood considers him multicultural. Bitch doesnít know shitt about his brown or yellow side.
06/2, 23:33:24

Oscar Wilde
Anyone who lives within their means lacks imagination.
06/2, 23:32:47

I donít give a fuk about any coast girl. Focus on the entitled culture robbing opportunistic couple.
06/2, 23:31:43

there is
no east coast girl
06/2, 23:30:00

Fuckkkk these white entitled pieces of shitt. Enough is enough. Appropriating anything they can get their hands on. Donít let them take advantage of your culture.
06/2, 23:29:52

Complainer thinks we should all get out & socialise more
thats wise during a pandemic
06/2, 23:27:38

He is
Not invited this christmas with the east coast girls family. They do not accept Keanu. He would die to meet them hahahahhaahaha.... Unfortunately he already built a bad reputation.
06/2, 23:26:26

ginna c the life coach BRANDING COACH CASHING IN
exploiting a tragedy to promote a client and help push sales of art $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ obvious much? subtlety is like class. you can't purchase it. it ain't for sale. what a glaring agenda and quite frankly pathetic these so called philanthropic humanitarians. guess what folks? when you have to broadcast and announce and do SHAMLESS PRODUCT TIE INS GO SELL YOUR CRAP AND YOUR CON ARTIST SOMEPLACE ELSE.
06/2, 23:25:25

No, I donít have a life because Iím being stalked by a psychotic celebutant.
06/2, 23:25:03

People still think the Yetiís Malibu sighting was photoshopped.
06/2, 23:24:09

Soon he will go back to Berlin I guess he needs to spend some quality time with the witch
06/2, 23:23:38

We don't have lives says a poster
who comes on here to comment too lol
06/2, 23:23:15

He's not living with the hag LMAO but he definitely stayed all weekend maybe he's still there with her
06/2, 23:21:48

06/2, 23:15:41
Who disputed that he was there?

I didn't
06/2, 23:21:09

06/2, 23:15:48
Says Brandy Bowel Movement who leaves 100s of comments on his friends and families sm posts
06/2, 23:19:48

06/2, 22:57:24
Bowel movement, is that you complaining about us again?
06/2, 23:18:30

You lot
Also spend 24 hours on here crying about a guy you know nothing about apart from the things you make up and what the fake press brainwash you with. And the fact you stalk his friends too
06/2, 23:15:48

wake t f up | twitter.com/okka_nyan/status/1268060037580091395
wake up people you are all in denial, look at this video he is living with AG in her house end of story https://twitter.com/okka_nyan/status/126
06/2, 23:15:41

06/2, 23:07:15
Her love is for money

money of a rich and famous man
06/2, 23:15:04

Oh I have a life
Coming on her for a few moments reading your stupid theories and clowns lies. I then go on with my life not giving a shite who Keanu is with. Heís happy , his fans are happy. You all act like jealous crazy fake fans
06/2, 23:14:08

Look, enough with the fuckin schematics of the malibu photo. SHE WAS THERE WITH HIM AAAANNND HE WAS PROMOTING HIS NEXT HOLLYWOOD BOMB FROM HER APARTMENT. Get it through your pighoeskulls. Keanu is fuckin shitt.
06/2, 23:07:55

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