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the ugly trolls
Want it to have happened so bad, hahahahaha.
10/17, 03:04:24

😊 Mini 02:40:05
Do you play a music instrument ?
Do you know how hard it is if you don't practice your instrument everyday?
10/17, 03:04:24

10/17, 02:57:00

That’s why he was playing directly behind another musician, “hiding”.
10/17, 03:03:58

she had like 3 different gfs
During those 10 years, so she was keeping herself busy.
10/17, 03:03:43

they never hooked up
They never fukked. Don't be so gullible.
10/17, 03:02:43

didn't get much approval from those closest
go figure
10/17, 03:01:49

she pushed and pined away for 10 yrs to land him
it worked they hooked up and now it has fizzled out
10/17, 03:00:52

yes they were
but he's over it already.
10/17, 02:59:44

don't project
They were never together, he needed the PR so that people don't talk about his sexuality, resorted to his lesbian associate.
10/17, 02:57:53

tom petty
must be laughing his arse off
10/17, 02:57:00

it ran its course
and he's onto the next
10/17, 02:56:11

anything for an audience when one is an artist with a major branding and fame/notoriety agenda
10/17, 02:55:02

He looks stupid when playing the bass and can't keep up, but his arms were heavenly, it's unreal how hot he still is at 55 tbh
10/17, 02:40:05

I just seen
the pics for goodness sake oh look Lana I can play in a band too
10/17, 02:33:44

the tattoos are trashy indeed
You can tell how truly interested he is in advancing his alleged concubine cucumber's career when he was jamming with photographer Robert Longo, much more well considered and powerful in the artistic spheres than nobody cucumber, and she was still in LA, posting pics from a stupid event. She's quickly becoming a joke.

No kick in the arse no nothing. Look at him, then look at her. They've never had sex together and she's very much a pretentious lesbian, artiste wannabe.
10/17, 02:22:14

the tattoos are so white trash
10/17, 02:17:44

he gave her the gentle boot
no romantic partnering only business partners. just wants to be friends. so busy the next two years so no time and doesn't feel it could ever work out romance wise. he's already moved on.
10/17, 02:16:54

Dear clown
For the love of all things good, please vent to a therapist!
10/17, 02:01:24

Alexandra's new yellow dress picz

She's pretending she is engaged again
10/16, 23:51:27

Keanu is smiling and having the time of his life
while he is away from the vegetable lady
10/16, 23:39:40

There are two sides to this coin and you have a problem understanding my side.
10/16, 23:30:36

Keanu is too scared to face a therapist though. He would never confide in a shrink about this but I think he needs to. For me and for him. We need therapy now because of you.
10/16, 23:21:00

This all makes me gag. Literally. You should at least bring a therapist on to ugossip to help me if you refuse to help the situation, cause all you do is sit there idle, letting it linger, making it worse.
10/16, 23:18:41

I'm not even sure he sees me as a person. I just might be an object to him. An acquisition. Do you know how cheap and gross that makes me feel?
10/16, 23:13:12

He has all these superficial relationships he builds on but anything more meaningful he would rather cheat and take the easy way in. You haven't earned me. You think you can just pay to know me and that doesn't cut it.
10/16, 23:09:39

He takes advantage of women, he thinks he's entitled to spy on them and thinks he doesn't have to go through the same efforts to get to know someone like any other decent guy out there. He just pays for shortcuts.
10/16, 23:04:51

Keanu is a dickkk that treats me like shitt. No one should be feeling sorry for him.
10/16, 23:02:15

travel by air for a short trip
That's where bullet speed trains would be easier and more convenient. It would be more relaxing on a train and easier to walk around without the cramped quarters of a plane. Even the aisles of planes these days are narrow.

I hope this country has the infrastructure all laid out for the bullet trains in my lifetime. It's unbelievable how inefficient our bureaucracy is.
10/16, 22:16:43

10/16, 21:00:16
That's what I think, too, especially at his age.

I used to love traveling but nowadays I've become a major homebody. I still like the idea of traveling but the actual logistics and the getting to and leaving destination, mainly involving the airport is a huge turnoff.

My internal body clock gets easily thrown off, too. No matter the amount of napping on a plane, which is never restful with the turbulence and the cramped seating.

No doubt traveling in first class helps out a lot. I've flown first class once but it was a short-haul flight so it didn't make much of a difference, and it wasn't anything like the first class seats now on those planes like Emirate or Singapore Airlines. I wouldn't mind traveling around the world in those pods.

Other than that I've flown a red-eye on a nearly empty plane and that was heaven. So I had a whole row of seats to myself but better than that, there was no mucking up of the restrooms by a bunch of people. It was flying on a private jet on a jumbo airplane. And it was Delta Airlines of all things and not the well-deserved high rating Singapore Airlines.

If I had his flying schedule, I would have been burned-out out of the gate. It's tiring just trying to keep up with his schedule by reading.
10/16, 22:12:37

I'm even going to let me get worked up about the bs lie of climate change and tax credits.
10/16, 21:58:25

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