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07/2, 13:04:48
I feel bad at laughing at someone so mentally unstable, but I had to laugh my ass off at the part when she said "Just like I got off the short bus, and I feeling like saying, look man, your chafing my nads".
07/2, 15:54:44

Keanu seems so much more relaxed on Asian TV
interviews. On Americans shows he is jumping out of his seat and his hands are flying everywhere.
07/2, 15:45:54

07/2, 10:33:44
Also read Boris Becker has filed for bankruptcy. Granted his success as a tennis player was limited but he still made millions during his short career with tennis winnings and endorsements. And he must have parlayed his tennis fame into some post-career business.

It's mind-boggling how these wealthy people blow through their money but then again, it's not surprising when you see the breakdown of their monthly expenses and lavish spending as with Johnny Depp who was described to have lived from huge paycheck to huge paycheck.

Bankruptcies are more the province of professional athletes who have no financial education, often are scammed or have a bunch of freeloaders, on top of their unrestrained spending on luxury goods when their careers are by nature short-lived.
07/2, 15:38:50

Uh oh
It's definitely her trolling her spy crap
This tweet reported.
07/2, 13:04:48

I believe Trump is working
on trying to get Mueller fired today. He is trying to get Rosenstein to do it but I will be surprised if he can convince Rosenstein to do it for him.

07/2, 12:48:34

Is awake
07/2, 12:48:21

i need to watch
the watcher too, maybe tonight.
07/2, 11:56:13

you think it's an auto portrait?
07/2, 11:51:01

07/2, 11:46:27

that's why
he made this.
07/2, 11:43:40

Oh Trump posted a video
Himself wrestling with CNN logo
07/2, 11:37:39

more than character imo
07/2, 11:35:42

Right ...everyday Um hmm your fantasy.
07/2, 11:32:39

I left that post
because says a lot about the poster than Keanu
The Mod
07/2, 11:31:47

he's deceptive
and playing a role just like Trump.
07/2, 11:31:34

I don't see it
he is not like trump but the polar opposite of trump.
Trump is a loud mouth. Don't see any similarity.
07/2, 11:30:03

I feel like
Trump attacks me personally everyday. He is trying to destroy my country and he has White Supremacist who are working for him. He is disgusting in every way.

07/2, 11:27:03

If he is a trump
then you are a monkey.
07/2, 11:22:57

Keanu is
a trump.
07/2, 10:49:40

Gets deleted.
We are grown ups here not a schoolyard.
Don't be a trump.
07/2, 10:48:52

Mel B has ‘wiped out her £38M Spice Girls fortune on extravagant lifestyle’, court hears
07/2, 10:33:44

Good job
07/2, 09:40:22

Obama was making America great again
Trump is trying very hard to turn it into a miserably wasteland of fascism .

He is trying to kill our free press and he is doing his best to use white supremacist to suppress the vote.

07/2, 09:30:14

Good luck with that
It is impossible to prove and anyone in Hollywood has more lawyers than you can shake a stick at. Who has time for that shit? Live your life and let everything go except enjoying and improving what you have now and where you are. Somebody somewhere may always be watching or judging, who cares? Be free.
07/2, 08:55:01

The more
I know or am around entertainment folk, the more I just want to. E really kick ass at what I do now and have a wonderful normal life far from the madness.
07/2, 08:51:33

Seriously though
Folks, we are all monitored now by someone and hacking is super commonplace, and whether she is specifically accurate or not is irrelevant. Hollywood has a ton of money and connections so yeah, they have been on board with surveillance since the beginning. The FBI was wiretapping Marilyn Monroe, think Hollywood execs don't don't do it? My rock star acquaintance was taped by his girlfriend cheating on her and she posted it on twitter, and to show you how my mind works, I assumed it was a PR stunt so he could look like a bad boy and book more big gigs. Who cares? If Keanu wants to watch my fat Boeing ass taking out the garbage then I ask, who is the movie star now, heh????
07/2, 08:49:18

Mod delete fool


Harassing and posting stuff without proof

Just saying
07/2, 08:45:13

Hey Chelsea Ugossip
The real Chelsea puts her devices in a microwave when she is not using them as it has a Faraday cage that protects from outside radiation from interfering so think about it. Maybe Keanu will get really mad and start decompensating and have lunch at Spago.
07/2, 08:44:30

07/2, 08:32:20

yesterday's Trump tweet (excuse)
My use of social media is not Presidential - it’s MODERN DAY PRESIDENTIAL. Make America Great Again!
07/2, 08:10:56

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