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Article on men conceiving later in life, over 40
07/4, 10:36:31

Oh oh
WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump criticized North Korean leader Kim Jong Un after that country's latest missile launch, asking, "Does this guy have anything better to do with his life?"

Dangerous remark from prez.
07/4, 05:15:07

“There are souls that you feel to lean forward to,
like a sun-filled window.”

Federico García Lorca
07/4, 04:36:14

....and something nice :) think of you is to smile.
07/4, 04:30:27

Ps People
Want and like to pay for good quality.
07/4, 04:27:06

I was thinking
It's silly to have to go through this every month.
25$ is such a small amount to absorb by this site.
No one really wants to pay when it gets troll spammed
constantly. Once you are able to make it troll spam free
then you can start charging $25 again.
Until then make it free.
07/4, 04:25:38

We will get to see my post soon.
07/4, 04:15:35

PM posing
with kid reminds me of kr posing kid pics.
07/4, 04:14:44

07/3, 17:41:19

No, no @ planetjuneberry
We don't think that 🙄🙄🙄

For those who think I'm a crazy pain in the Rump? Yes. Yes I am. And until this shakes out~ we won't know if the crazy gives way to vision
07/3, 06:33:20

07/2, 22:02:13

Benghazi was investigated about 8 times
by republicans, wasting millions upon millions of taxpayer $'s, and they found nothing.
07/2, 18:12:29

07/2, 16:47:26
You need to read better or just READ. I was saying that the Republicans would have already tried to impeach Clinton just as the other poster posed they would have done with Obama.

Take a damn pill or stare at Hillary to calm down. I hate Trump - and the establishment Republicans - as much as you
07/2, 17:33:54

Lay off him already.
No one really knows him.
He seems to be a a good guy.
I've met him. He was more than happy to talk with my sister and I and he even laughed at a corny joke she told.
He's not perfect but he isn't a lunatic.
Leave him be.
07/2, 17:11:02

She also sounds
like bellatrix. She definitely plays a lot of parts here.
07/2, 17:07:56

I wouldn't be surprised
if it was his true self.
07/2, 17:05:02

June is totally
jarjar. She's a friend that is putting on an act.
07/2, 17:04:19

the watcher
is his biography
07/2, 17:02:24

I just heard a man
say "Amongst predators, patience is a virtue." Explains Keanu well.
07/2, 16:58:13

Ok Devill,
do not meet me. Let it be over.
07/2, 16:56:52

no, you stupid fuckface
Hillary did absolutely nothing wrong. She was a wonderful candidate, you are just as ignorant as any trump are a complete and total fool. How dare you say Hillary has anything in common with that piece of filth in the white house.

07/2, 16:47:26

why do youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu select tv series for me to watch?

I do not need a life coach anymore.

Have your therapy.


I will never miss Your weird Love.

Devieeeeeeeeeee Baby
07/2, 16:32:25

It is
Over between us.


FYI, I wanna Naomi Watts BADLY.

She intrigues me.

I want HER.

07/2, 16:29:46

he would have been impeached already
And so would Hillary Clinton if she had won the electoral college and became president. Hell, the Republicans were hell bent on charging her with any crime for Bengazi (sp?) and her emails on a private server.

That's what we get with the current state of Republicans who are more apologists (thankfully lot of them condemned Trump's tweets about Mika but listen to those toadies in his administration making excuses for him) and they toe the line. In the days of Nixon, Republicans were more than willing to kick him out (but then it became clear that Nixon was a liability to them).

There really is no separation of powers now. It ain't in Congress and it ain't gonna be with the Supreme Court. What a sad state of affairs in our so-called democracy which can't blame anyone but the fact that most Americans just don't vote.
07/2, 16:22:23

Donald Trump was right.
Election fraud was going on.

In the news: Donald Trump Campaign Staffer Convicted on All 10 Counts of Major Election Fraud.
07/2, 16:14:14

07/2, 16:04:10 White male privilege.
Bad typo. Sorry.
07/2, 16:09:34

While male privilege. Does it exist?
Trump is still POTUS, so I guess so. If Obama has behaved in such a way, he would have been impeached already.
07/2, 16:04:10

I do not
want to have anyone in my life.

We are getting nowhere.

We do not fit Together.

Leave the girl.

Keanu lives in america. He is a trash. Fake keanu lives in Turkey, he is very boring.
07/2, 15:56:36

hacking is super commonplace
There's no sense of data privacy. Richard A. Clarke who has been prescient in his warnings outright replied "Google" when asked about internet privacy.

Here, I have a love-hate relationship with Google with all the apps I use of theirs and yet, I bear in mind, they keep track of me and mine data.

His most dire warning is how one NASA scientist, who has been spot-on with his predictions, has warned about sea levels rising by 2100 with Florida wiped off (or immersed under water). Buh-bye Ardie. How are your gills? lol

Seriously, I think I'm going to download Clarke's newest book "Warnings" to hear fully what he has to say.
07/2, 15:56:28

we will
never meet and never will converse again.

07/2, 15:55:03

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