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Got it
If it's a truth or close to his actual behavior it'll get deleted and if it's offensive degrading or just plain hateful it stays up.

07/23, 19:16:13

Remember Keanu
Likes to play with fans and the media
He knew he'd be photographed, surprised because he's so private he knew people were taking pics.
07/23, 19:15:37

07/23, 19:03:59
he had slept with many younger women by now but the women in here are blind and love to say that he prefers older p*ssy when is not true

funny how the only co-stars that swimming in that pool are young enough to be his daughters
07/23, 19:15:07

Who cares
07/23, 19:14:44

I just can't read
It does look like they had a hard night of partying and drinking though
The dreaded morning after.
But did it ever occur to anyone they just hung out as friends, just because he's a man and she's a women and he's beautiful doesn't mean he sleeps with everyone.
Women do visit his house, geez give the guy a break
07/23, 19:13:43

07/23, 19:09:05
too late now, Russians been talking about it since yesterday and today is out and soon will be all over the net same as it was with his kiss with Jamie Clayton, just sit and watch it grow like a snow ball.
07/23, 19:11:51

You have proof of that? I don't believe that
Remember Bojo and Autumn are friends and hang out with Keanu
That would be way too awkward
07/23, 19:10:59

What's wrong with my post at 18:51:45, 07/23/2017?
07/23, 19:10:47

07/23, 19:09:05
Whoever he has been baiting I'm sure they're done. He's proven himself.
07/23, 19:10:46

Oops screwing
Not screening
07/23, 19:09:53

07/23, 19:06:18
He was actually fuckking them and this one too? Where has this one been?
07/23, 19:09:40

I do t believe he was screening Ana or Bojo to be honest
And not this one either, this girl was following him all over the set of Siberia she had a huge crush on Keanu.
We'll never know, what their relationship is but I'm sure Keanu doesn't want that pic splattered all over the Internet
If he was dating Sushi it's over now
07/23, 19:09:05

Poeple do not get mad
Get Glad the guy is in love and having a good time. I can only wish the same for myself. I want o fu ck someone and kiss and take showers together. I miss that, so glad someone is having that kind of fun
07/23, 19:08:29

In fact,
the photo reminds me of Showgirls the morning after Noemi fuckks her manager in his pool. I could totally see them recreating that scene.
07/23, 19:08:21

Where is fool
Saying Keanu is spying on her
Well he wasn't spying on her last night 😂😂😂
07/23, 19:06:51

So Keanu is f*cking Ularu now?
LOL i'm not surprise to be honest he was f*cking De Armas before the premier of Knock and he was f*ucking Bojana before the premier of Generation of course he is pounding this chick too
07/23, 19:06:18

Is probably fool 😂
07/23, 19:06:12

may be she lives in la
but i guess she worked in europe the past months
07/23, 19:04:56

You blind
07/23, 19:04:51

To i don't think
are you 12? Seriously, I'm a grown ass woman who lives my life for me, and you're right, my priorities don't involve looking camera
Ready, they involve reading as many books as I can and working toward a terminal degree. I feel great about who I am and what I have to offer the world, and pleasing the male gaze is nowhere on that list. Sad that you think that is all women want.
07/23, 19:04:07

I don't think for most men
Keanu wanted a younger women by 21 yrs he would have had one by now
Who knows
07/23, 19:03:59




Before you delete these post why don't you tell us what's wrong with them.
07/23, 19:03:14

07/23, 19:01:21
No, actually, I sound very realistic and logical.
07/23, 19:02:50

no. she is waiting for an uber
and he is waiting to see her off. she has a phone in her hand
07/23, 19:02:49

Mod delete this please


07/23, 19:02:40

07/23, 18:55:43
That's not always true. It is sometimes, but many older men who feel young at heart and meet an intelligent younger woman can become smitten without it being a midlife crisis.

Michael Douglass and Catherine Zeta Jones are 25 years apart and they have been married for over 15 years.
07/23, 19:02:26

She doesn't
Live in LA?
07/23, 19:01:54

He calls a cab to pick
up all the actresses he brings back to his pigpen to fuckk. Wonder if the anorexic actress got equal time and treatment?
07/23, 19:01:42

Wow you sound very jealous
07/23, 19:01:21

to How do you know the pic
because we didnt see it before. and Ana Ularu's instagram has hints she is in La.
07/23, 19:01:04

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