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07/23, 19:39:17
hurt people hurt people. who hurt you? it wasn't keanu or the girl in the picture or anyone here. dig deep to find the source of your jealousy and rage. look within yourself and seek to find a way to heal. banish the anger and create joy by bringing joy to others.
07/23, 19:44:43

Don't hold your breath on this relationship
Just saying
07/23, 19:43:58

Submissive how?
If she does exactly what he says without question even when she doesn't want too wouldn't that be obedient?

Submissive means something else to me I guess????
Obedience sounds more like what your describing....
Help me to understand???
07/23, 19:43:36

You don't know that. But it is weird how when Sushi was around no Autumn now Sushi is gone and poof there's Autumn
I feel bad for her kind of she must really love him
07/23, 19:41:49

I don't care who he dates
but i would love to see him with Ularu just to read the meltdowns of the women in here that swear up and down that he would NEVER date a younger women
07/23, 19:41:45

where is Ardith
now here he is caught red handed with bed head and coming out to walk the hoo ker and Ardith is no were to be found.
07/23, 19:39:51

What came naturally
That's original.
Same line, really 😇.
07/23, 19:37:47

Her pics
Don't suggest she's in LA
She probably deleted them now after that showed up
And now she's gonna be a little more famous
But again if this pic was taken yesterday she posted a pic 4 days ago with her hair short
07/23, 19:37:41

that is Fool.
He is stopping her from going inside his house
and she's crying on his shoulder.
07/23, 19:35:14

07/23, 19:23:16
as if keanu cares about what Autumn whats he has treated her like sh*t for years and she is his carpet
he told her to get out of the picture when he was f*cking sushi and she quickly disappeared and as soon he was done with the fish he told autumn to come back and she did
she is Keanu's puppet
07/23, 19:34:25

Reeves is fool
How long will it take for people to get that.
07/23, 19:31:53

Or maybe Fool's
after someone else too?
07/23, 19:30:49

They were just doing what
came naturally.

He's definitely worth it
07/23, 19:30:32

All I gotta say
Is these pics shut fool right up 😂
07/23, 19:30:15

It's his business he doesn't owe anyone anything
07/23, 19:29:03

They haven't seen
Each other since filming maybe and went out and got drunk so what
Good for them and lucky her, Keanu is living the single bachelor life
07/23, 19:28:02

07/23, 19:18:15
LMAO get out of here with this nonsense that men is incapable of having long term relationships i would love to know with whom he had this relationships the guy is not even capable of calling someone his girlfriend in public
07/23, 19:26:35

07/23, 19:23:56
Noemi from Showgirls. Sandra's dress wasn't as short and she didn't have on ugly chuncky heeled boots.
07/23, 19:26:17

Everyone's fun parts
Work. Lol
07/23, 19:26:16

She had short hair in a pic posted 4 days ago
If this pic was taken yesterday it's a different girl
07/23, 19:25:08

He knew exactly what he was doing.
He's generating press for something he's working on.

They're just friends, my ass.
He's like a lot of men if you offer it he's going to take it and send you on your way.

Having sex with someone doesn't mean Love ladies it means that everyone's fun parts work.
07/23, 19:25:02

07/23, 19:23:16
They're swingers and they fuckking orgied that night. Date night.
07/23, 19:24:56

Lol thought the same thing about her outfit
07/23, 19:23:56

Stop it. Please I don't think Autumn would want Bojo around Keanu if he's slept with her and same goes for that Johnny dude
I do wonder though if Bojo is dating him
07/23, 19:23:16

07/23, 19:19:55
she's not dressed like a hore. that is how most younger girls dress in l.a. in the summer.

it's almost the exact same outfit that sandra bullock wore in speed.
07/23, 19:22:56

get your own lives sorted. How immature of you to discuss a picture for hours.
07/23, 19:22:17

to it's Ana the actress
its her. the same shoes. on her IG she has shot hair now. And she is in la at the moment
07/23, 19:21:05

07/23, 19:10:59
They are friends now that Bojana is dating that Johnny guy and is just Keanu's friend but they were not so friendly when Bojo was under his sheets having fun
07/23, 19:21:02

07/23, 19:16:13
That's why his stalking victim gets deleted.
07/23, 19:18:55

If you've haven't noticed many of Keanu's long term relationships were with women his age or close to it. Ana and Bojo were the only girls swimming in his pool. Now you can add this girl to the list.
She's just manly to me and we can't even see her face how do they know it's Ana the actress? She has short hair
07/23, 19:18:15

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