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Totally Keanu.
June 7, 2012

These two were in a movie together. They were actually even a couple for a bit. He used to be A list and has only ever done movies. He does not do much now. He spends a lot of his time doing nothing except watching his former co-star and flame. She is a movie actress but is not above doing television for the right part at the right time. Not her usual though. She has no idea he ex actually stalks her. She knows that he seems to show up at odd places and events halfway across the world but he always says he is working. He lives for the moments when they run into each other away from LA because that is the one time she will sometimes let her guard down and let him close to her again. back in the day he scared her. Scared her very badly. Too intense. Too controlling. Not anything like he appears in reality or even in his roles. Confrontational and would not back down. It was too much. She thinks he has change, but he hasn't. He makes sure to always be acting his best when she is around. The last few people he has dated have almost been her twin. One of them had the wrong hair color and he made her color it to match. Everyone who knows him assumes he managed to chase away her last boyfriend who almost married her. He lived to break them up and worked and work and worked at it. Our actor thinks that he can get her back despite what happened in the past. Despite the fact that when he touches her now she still looks like she is freaked out. She has told her friends and our actor that she would never take him back. He keeps trying though. Watching and following.
07/23, 20:12:32

Mod delete fool/troll


07/23, 20:12:22

to Notice how the pic isn't on
because its illegal. KRC put their watermarks on it
07/23, 20:11:36

I'm not fool because im not Reeves.....
I found the Blind by
Searching his name and CT and stalking.

It's on cdan
07/23, 20:05:01

Here it is again
07/23, 20:11:27

Well if that's what Keanu
Likes than it's his business if he's happy then we should be happy
Because he's been looking good the last few weeks
Time will tell. Maybe it's the beginning of their relationship
07/23, 20:11:08

07/23, 20:06:54
He deserves much worse. Jail time for looking up online jailbait.
07/23, 20:10:29

since she is in la
i guess we will see them together soon. those paps dont do their job
07/23, 20:10:06

He's impressive and knows how to work it.
He doesn't disappoint
07/23, 20:09:35

Notice how the pic isn't on
Twitter or Mr Reeves site
07/23, 20:08:51

Mod cont to delete fool


Give it a rest fool
07/23, 20:07:32

07/23, 19:56:45
when i read that in her facebook i thought the same too
if she took intimated pictures and his c*ck ends all over the net
poor bastard but is what he deserves for f*cking his young co-stars that are obsess with taking pictures of everything
07/23, 20:06:54

Wow FOOL try to control your anger, hatred and jealously
07/23, 20:06:40

07/23, 20:05:01
Thanks baby.
07/23, 20:05:44

She clung to him during the Siberia shoot LOL that's why
07/23, 20:05:02

I found the Blind by
Searching his name and CT and stalking.

It's on cdan
07/23, 20:05:01

if it was a tour bus
why only one tourist took a photo? wierd. i think its KeanuRussianclub stalking him
07/23, 20:04:55

07/23, 20:03:27
She's not goth at all. She's the modern take on 90's white trash grunge.
07/23, 20:04:44

Mod cont to delete fool/troll


07/23, 20:04:08

07/23, 20:01:44
How do you know he's not after them? Keanu is a cheap thrills kind of guy.
07/23, 20:03:46

Good for her
and good for him glad he's having sex he should he's a man and human, she's goth (not very pretty) and he likes goth it seems
07/23, 20:03:27

Not too many
hookers in LA wear tacky boots like that. Even they have standards.
07/23, 20:03:04

to the footwear alone is a solid proof
yes. one more costar is after him.
07/23, 20:01:44

Mod cont to delete fool/troll


07/23, 20:01:30

07/23, 20:00:32
Probably is. Dramamomma.
07/23, 20:01:23

Just telling you what I'm reading off her IG page from fans
Don't kill the messenger
07/23, 20:00:42

Here we go with delete
Find something else to do.

Wait are you his mom?
You get upset at things that are said about him that would really only upset a mom.
07/23, 20:00:32

phone was stolen
07/23, 20:00:21

Could you link
that stalking Charlize story here so I could read it?
07/23, 19:59:42

Mod cont to delete fool/troll


Talking to herself again 🤣🙄
07/23, 19:59:39

she did nothing to her hair
according to herself

anaularu: @pinarobinson it is all YOUR doing, milady. Haven't meddled with it since Siberia.

the girl with Keanu is 100% Ana Ularu the footwear alone is a solid proof
07/23, 19:59:07

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