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That woman is looking at Keanu like she is stood
in front of a winning lottery ticket. Unlucky for her, Keanu is a smart man.
06/22, 07:44:10

06/22, 07:40:00

Cloak the
Files? Beacons? echo pins? Wtf is she talking about
06/22, 07:39:10

06/22, 00:20:19
are you famous?

that's why the crazies and fools keep coming, they believe Keanu is here waiting for his princess charming coming from the internet to save him from boredom and all.

winter is coming nothing else!!!
06/22, 07:38:07

Poor Keanu
Can't even talk to a female without someone writing shit
The Daily Mail is awful, the person who writes for them should be fired on the spot.
Creepy, it was like he was being spied on like the photographer was in the damn bushes. Imagine having people do that to you?
06/22, 07:37:58

Ok let's see if Keanu
Reads this, put him to the test:
Gonna be at the IFC theater in East Village tomorrow at 9:40pm show (hopefully there some seats left)
Since he will be in NYC for Jimmy let's see if he shows up 😂😂😂

P.S. To the sane people of this site, I'm kidding but I'll really be there, looks like a pretty good movie but I can tell you, the movies that are played here are not movies that are really promoted strongly and most of them are independent and Indie films. The theater is in a nice area, love the Village
06/22, 07:35:52

LOL where do these people come from
06/22, 07:32:11

@planetjuneberry is at it again

06/22, 07:31:11

06/22, 07:20:20
Especially this part: " And according to himself, the only reason he comes here is me - he got shortly secretly married once to my first impostor while publicly dating the Anita woman is partly because of this site. But of course the actor comes here mainly to read what public think about him - he lives for people's thoughts about him."

The rest was 'almost' believable until that last bit. Lmao.
06/22, 07:25:12

Sounds just as nutty thinking Keanu comes here
06/22, 07:20:20

I'm a Chinese and I don't think
I have a big problem eating dogs, but I honestly have never got a chance to try the meat in my more than 40-year life. During the time I spent 14 years living in Hubei and then returned to my birthplace in the south area of the Yangtze River, I have never known any restaurant or market in my areas selling dog meat. I ate once rabbit meat and that's the most unusual meat I have ever eaten since I like rabbits and have absolutely no desire to eat them. If you have been to China, you'd know in most areas you can't possibly find dog meat to eat.
06/22, 06:40:37

Your positive he's only here
Posting every so often to speak to you?
06/22, 06:33:21

Oh | url
Another crazy story from China.
Hope we don't get those here.

06/22, 04:28:57

Those goddamn
Dog eating Chinese should be turned into Purina.
06/22, 04:28:20

Link | url
This one may work


Re China dog meat
06/22, 04:23:32

John Wick needs to go | url
to China stat and kick some major butt !!

China's dog meat festival opens despite ban rumours

06/22, 04:21:17

I will try put back
Some of the posts later
I am able to do it right now
The Mod
06/22, 02:04:43

only one
page wow!!!
06/22, 02:04:29

Wherever he is, whatever he's doing and whomever he's doing it with ... May he always be safe and abundantly happy.

Lotus 🌺
06/22, 01:06:48

To the spammer troll yesterday
It seemed my post on 06/18 triggered your button because many of my lines have echoes in your rants or your rants are filled with the echoes of my words. WTF? You want to be me? But you know nothing about me and you know nothing about the actor, so unlike the crazies, you can't possibly impostor me. And again I don't understand your desperate need for the actor's attention - I posted once to you (you are the black scatter, right?) about it a while ago. While you give the actor exactly what he wants: attention and obsession to him, what the fvk can you get by wasting your energy except maybe cancer someday?!

I don't h@te the actor. I just don't like (let alone love/h@te) him and want to get rid of him. That this idiot actor thinks he can fool and use me forever is as ridiculous and hideous as the crazies (my impostors) think they can ever fool and use him.

One thing I can tell you, alrough the actor comes here to read at least three times each day, he rarely posts - only about once a month or even less in recent years. And according to himself, the only reason he comes here is me - he got shortly secretly married once to my first impostor while publicly dating the Anita woman is partly because of this site. But of course the actor comes here mainly to read what public think about him - he lives for people's thoughts about him.

And the actor doesn't spy on anyone. What sad mentally ill morons you and Fool are to think that. He is so insanely calculated and self-centred he would never do something like that with his time and money when it is totally useless and non-beneficial to him.
06/22, 00:20:19

i'm on the other side of the world
and have missed out on all the ugossip...only one page reading
06/21, 23:43:47

I can't believe it
JW chapter 2 is #1 on vod I posted a few days ago
this time on my cable provider I saw all kinds of ads for jw2
for me to rent I didn't have to be a super Keanu
fan and find it, JW2 found me the audience this time and it's
no 1 in rentals today. YES Winning
good in your face promotions do work I care
congrats to keanu
night all
06/21, 23:24:19

you big dummy
if her Ip could be banned it would be done. And you guys call me stupid?

I am wise enough to know if it could be done, it would be done.

06/21, 22:04:08

so is the Mod
thinking on wiping off the board every night?
because the crazy is coming back tomorrow
wouldn't be easy to ban her IP and be over with it?
06/21, 21:57:23

Some of us are
fighting so hard to keep our democracy but about half of the population is willing to give it up. Right wingers are evil from top to bottom and don't mind supporting evil. I wonder if this will be the end of us? What will all this evil lead to? We are already like the Romans. It seems like the unjust, the most corrupt people in our government will win.

06/21, 21:36:29

The guy who played the baby Oscar in the 1989 Ghostbusters
has committed suicide. Very sad, and to go so young. RIP Henry.
06/21, 21:25:23

What were we discussing last?
I can't remember.
06/21, 21:07:01

That's very sweet to say you're sorry, Mod.
I think we all know there is no starting over.
06/21, 21:00:32

That's beautiful.
If you have no truth to tell, say nothing at all.
06/21, 20:57:57

sorry About that
Start all over

The Mod
06/21, 20:57:50

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