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Are you single
.? Are you over 40?
You know your story sounds very strange.
But you have convinced yourself.
If he really cared for you enough he would be with you in person by now.
You are hanging on to nothing.
Just a fairytale.
07/26, 22:38:23

Who TF
Is Cloud?
07/26, 22:29:27

I already mentioned
before that Keanu was Cloud and used her to communicate and answer my questions that I didn't even post here.
07/26, 22:28:12

You think the Spy Girl is Keanu? This is getting too meta.
07/26, 22:27:52

07/26, 22:13:23
is definately a kr post
he confesses his sins on here in disguise as his own victims
That is why those posts are not deleted
07/26, 22:23:51

You do realize
If you were delusional you would not know that you were delusional. How do you know it is Keanu doing this to you? How did you figure it out?
07/26, 22:22:42

I don't believe in god,
I don't believe in miracles, I don't believe in ghosts, bigfoot, conspiracy theories. I don't believe in magic, astrology, alchemy, uhhh yeah. I don't believe in much else but reality.
07/26, 22:22:39

Have you ever
Seen a doctor? For professional help? And do you really have charges pending against Reeves?
07/26, 22:17:08

Who is
07/26, 22:14:34

I have a list
Ignore what you can't answer. 1: How did it start? 2: What made him do it? 3: How is he doing it? 4: How will you make him stop? 5: Why did he pick you? 6: Did you know him before he started doing it?
07/26, 22:06:48

Tell me more
about Keanu spying on you
07/26, 22:03:39

And how
Is ardith supposed to know? And really? Don't you think its more likely that a bunch of different fans have been paying for this site than it is likely Keanu has been? Come on. Why would he do that?
07/26, 21:56:37

You think he runs UG
07/26, 21:51:16

what are you talking about
keanu had a message board?
07/26, 21:46:38

For those who know
come chat with us
07/26, 21:39:26

To be honest
I believe when tube board guest started...keanu did nit want it to be a registered board. I think that was keanu's requirement.

07/26, 21:15:26

there is not one thing honorable
about Trump. Don't be ridiculous.

07/26, 21:12:55

I try to block words
I wake at night to check the board bc those trolls stay here 24/7. I am tired
I also believe register board is the one way.

The Mod
07/26, 21:07:13

As the honorable President Trump
said on Sessions, time will tell. Time will tell, Keanu.
07/26, 20:54:44

Whatever the intent,
I fell for it.
07/26, 20:52:42

It is Keanu.
He says it's out of love for me but I have yet to find that out.
07/26, 20:51:24

It's not Keanu
and it's not out of love. Why are you doing this?
07/26, 20:48:18

It is a sports bar
in Wrigleyville, maybe the drinks aren't too expensive. The owner was quite a flirt and rather attractive, a good kisser. I liked him. I guess he made everyone feel comfortable.

07/26, 20:00:47

07/26, 19:49:35

You gotta
Love when you see things make it through the years in this day and age. Must be in business for so long for a reason.
07/26, 19:48:33

lasting fir years
That can be rather sad of businesses we patronized during our funner days (speaking of self), are gone. I associate one restaurant with good times when we would pick up a takeout order then go off onto the lake.

Businesses, especially restaurants turn over so frequently. Hell, large supermarkets flee one business district like a rotating door, I just knew this bulk-buying store would be gone in a matter of time. I used to be able to rely on that store for affordable meats and produce (though not the best quality but with potatoes and such, it's not like it's too bad).

Also, even big name restaurants go out of business. Wolfgang Puck used to have a restaurant in this major city but I guess it went bust. Just as well, he got into a flak with perpetuating a stereotypical caricature which his wife didn't back down from.

I wonder how it is in New York, where I'd imagine has the highest density of restaurants in our country.
07/26, 19:43:56

more than likely
I will be kicked off the new board if I go there.

07/26, 19:14:37

I just looked up a bar
I used to go to and it is still in business and owned by the same guy. I was shocked. I am not used to things lasting fir years. Maybe things last longer in Chicago.

07/26, 19:12:59

I looked at the new board
and I don't like it.
It doesn't work well with Apple mobile devices.
07/26, 18:53:28

the new board works much better
for posting but i still posted wrong it seems.
07/26, 18:43:40

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