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I think sometimes
It's better to be naive with rose colored glasses liking for good than always being cynical looking only at/for bad things.
05/22, 12:16:54

If you
have all the answers then run for office or write a book to educate the masses.
05/22, 12:11:10

Everyone has deficient
people around them and knows how draining it is to always have to step in play boss.
05/22, 12:06:53

She is extremely childlike
and naive...that is why she has no idea that Trump is a criminal and she does not care that he is. There are none so blind as those who will not see.

05/22, 12:01:42

Anyone can see Keanu
Clearly doesn't want a wife. Anyone can see he's not the type to even be friends with people like Cloud. Why she would think he's a good match for her is strange. Two people couldn't be more different.
05/22, 11:57:50

Yes Ardith
She did after wasting countless hours here typing out her nonsense. Plus, she continues to do so. I don't care and wouldn't say anything, if she wasn't so rabid about trump.
05/22, 11:55:02

cloud did say
She knew that Keanu was not looking for her and did not want to be with her.

05/22, 11:43:58

He is extremely stupid
and corrupt He is a criminal.

05/22, 11:41:33

Nobody cares
Cloud , you're just delusional and we all know that. Some famous actor, supposedly smiled at you once and you think he's your soulmate. Keanu is nothing like you. He doesn't care about you. You're a silly little delusional woman to think he does.
05/22, 08:18:29

Trump may have won
We've had terrible Presidents before. Nixon, Reagan, both Bushes. They were bad enough, but I can't think of any as egotistical and stupid as trump, he's in a class by himself. He's even worse than anyone thought he'd be.
05/22, 08:15:00

Nice try
05/22, 07:39:56

you can sit around waiting for Trump to be impeached, but it's not gonna happen. You folks said he'd never get the nomination. Then you said he'd never win. Then you said he'd never be inaugurated and sworn in. You've been wrong every time.

Every time.
05/22, 07:01:35

Why did Obama
tell the Russian President Dmitry Medvedev in 2012, "Once I'm re-elected, I'll have a lot more flexibility."

They were both saying the same thing: if you aren't dealing with constant crap from the disaffected of your constituency, you can actually concentrate on governing.
05/22, 07:00:16

Why did trump
Tell the Russians, firing Comey took off the pressure then? He really is that stupid, to think if the head of the FBI doesn't obey him, he can just make it all go away by firing him.
05/22, 06:39:43

We will find
Out won't we when the orange ape is impeached.
05/22, 06:34:39

investigating something non-existent isn't really a mark of wisdom, is it?
05/22, 06:31:24

Trump fired Comey
Because he wouldn't stop the criminal investigation about Russia. Trump is a bully and it won't work out for him, like it did when he was just a business man. He isn't very smart and he's in way over his head.
05/22, 06:29:41

There is no collusion with Russia. That's just something liberals cooked up hoping to distract everyone from the fact that someone within the DNC (probably Seth Rich) leaked their dirty laundry to wikileaks (whom liberals LOVED 15 years ago when they were leaking Bush and Blair stuff all over.)

Now Trump is in the Middle East, getting more respect than butt-kissing Obama ever did, and if he brokers a peace deal, he'll be the one and only man who ever did it. Clinton's didn't hold. If Trump accomplishes what no other president has ever done, he'll get re-elected for sure, and go down in history as one of our best presidents.

And this would make liberals die inside. They don't want a better world unless it's made better THEIR way, by one of THEIR guys.

And anything that makes liberals die inside, I'm happy about.
05/22, 06:10:51

well ardith
When Bill Clinton was taking money from China, no one prosecuted them, so I guess you could say there is no precedent for prosecuting presidents who take money from other countries.

I'm actually more outraged about Obama's tendency to GIVE money to other countries, like Iran. Apparently they need more money to throw gays off of rooftops. How you were cool with that, I never knew.
05/22, 05:55:12

I am pleased to be a liberal
it means I have a heart and a thinking brain. We are not losing are minds and we are not befuddled. At this point it is crystal clear that Trump has taken a lot of money from Russia. He has been laundering money from the Russian oligarchs who have been stealing money from the Russian people. He does what Putin tells him to do. He already has paid $10 million dollars in fines for laundering money. Why isn't there an automatic jail sentence for that crime?

The crimes of Trump were not that well hidden...he is a traitor.

05/22, 05:38:48

Trump is a traitor
and works for Putin and Tillerson...Tillerson is the brains behind the oil deals and why he was ever approved I will never know.

Cloud has a brain like a cement block, she never believes the truth.

05/22, 05:28:43

David Freeman should
be shot and killed.

05/22, 05:23:48

What song in on the beginning of this video? | url
0:08 seconds in. Does anyone know?
05/22, 05:07:20

What do you expect
From someone who gets a smile once from Keanu, then decides he's her soulmate and wastes her life dreaming.
05/22, 00:26:05

hey cloud
I can't believe that you are still a Trump supporter. You should get off FOX news and read real news papers like WP, NYT, the Guardian to understand.

You are really mentally developed like a child but even kids know that Trump is a nut case. A total idiot with no empathy and low education. but that is what you have in common.
05/21, 23:26:05

Highly doubt it but it's nice to dream 💫
05/21, 21:41:47

Glad your doing good Cloud!
Agree that its not a good idea, to spend time here with people who would not be friends with you,
In real life.
05/21, 21:14:01

TO: Someone who ...
Yes, he and I have met and it was good. ((( Heart Smiles ))) Extraordinary, really!!!

Amen and have a goodnight.

((( Cloud 99 )))
05/21, 20:45:32

Come to the mailbox, I'm here (Part 4) ...
TO: where and ...
Yes, I hope Keanu’s family are all safe and very well.

TO: hi Babetta ...
Thank you, but let me be clear. I am moving on from this board ... (That is, I was posting way too much and now I am going to stop posting so much.) ..., but I have not left Keanu. I love him too much!!! Thanks again for the nice words; the same to you!!!

TO: Things that ...
I enjoy my work but it would never take the place of true love and my wonderful soulmate.

TO: We all ...
I don’t like it, either.

Now, here is the song that I mentioned yesterday. It was played by Bu on Tuesday, May 16th, and I really enjoyed it. My pick for today is ... “I Will”, by The Beatles.

Here are the lyrics:

“Who knows how long I've loved you
You know I love you still
Will I wait a lonely lifetime
If you want me to, I will.

For if I ever saw you
I didn't catch your name
But it never really mattered
I will always feel the same.

Love you forever and forever
Love you with all my heart
Love you whenever we're together
Love you when we're apart.

And when at last I find you
Your song will fill the air
Sing it loud so I can hear you
Make it easy to be near you
For the things you do endear you to me
Oh, you know I will.

I will ...”

Oh-Kea, that is all for now; Bee “C”-in ya!!! (Deep in my heart I know that, now and forever, Keanu is the only man for me.)
ILY - 2

Showering Keanu with MUCH love and affection
(raining purely from my heart) ...

((( Cloud 99 )))

05/21, 20:41:14

Someone who's in love
With someone they've never met
Oh poor Cloudy
05/21, 20:40:33

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