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may be this one is serious
he is hugging her protectively. may be she is pregnant
07/23, 21:29:30

Re I need amnesia
That will happen in the near future. I read an article
a few months ago that they are developing a method
of erasing select memories that you don't want.
07/23, 21:16:36

Can he give them a ride home in the morning? Lol
07/23, 21:13:33

Will be back again and again. Maybe until China it's her then gone and back for Siberia opening. He never changes and this one seems worse than Ana D Armas
07/23, 21:12:21

All of
China! 😂😂
07/23, 21:06:42

is the crime?
07/23, 21:05:17

20:42:32 | www.twitter.com/okka_nyan/status/867451294604120065
No the boots in her photo shoot
we were talking about the boots in these pictures


exactly the same pair
07/23, 20:49:49


I only want to take Keanu
down, but I'll take them all down with him if he doesn't stand up and confess. W.
07/23, 20:43:36
07/23, 20:46:29

The rants
Will be deleted
07/23, 20:45:29

He took | instagram.com/p/BW4wGlAnB4D/
John Wick's dog with him to the afterlife. 😁😂
07/23, 20:44:28

Are a little different than other boots in her photo shoot, the heel looks different but that hair looks like Ana d a little. So is Autumnn gone for awhile again. If is the Ana from Siberia why are people going on about love. Same story ,diff day and diff woman. It's a broken record.
07/23, 20:42:32

Speak proper English
"Cure me of Keanu's abuses"
Correct saying "cure me of Keanu's abusing"
07/23, 20:42:17

Keanu's family
needs to turn him in lest they go down with him. W.
07/23, 20:42:02

07/23, 20:39:23
I need amnesia to cure me of Keanu's abuses.
07/23, 20:40:38

We know
07/23, 20:39:52

Needs serious mental help, strong meds, and electric shock therapy
07/23, 20:39:23

Is Keanu.
07/23, 20:38:58

Please delete yes
07/23, 20:34:47

"Too intense. Too controlling. Confrontational and would not back down."

That describes S. Penn to a T just add woman beater and you are set
hilarious how this fake gossip predicted Charlize sad fate
funny how things work
07/23, 20:29:23

That is not Keanu
He has done 2 movies with her and done television. She actually just was interviewed by Howard Stern and said she looks up to Keanu and he is her inspiration for Atomic Blonde. They never dated
07/23, 20:26:21

07/23, 20:12:32
pure b*llshit that gossip sites HATES Keanu and loves to tell lies about him

Charlize is out there singing praises about Keanu and saying how much she enjoyed training with him i bet it was him the one that could never commit to her and she had to settle with Sean leather-face Peen
07/23, 20:22:54

so they are gonna marry
have kids and live together till their last day. he found his happiness
07/23, 20:20:40

to they just found them first
found them or took them?
07/23, 20:18:31

07/23, 20:08:51
because the Russian watermark
they wanna keep things friendly with them
and is not illegal the Russians don't own the picture they just found them first
is a courtesy between clubs i guess
07/23, 20:16:07

Wow you read too much into gossip
07/23, 20:15:32

Whoever you are that knows
Keanu was Fool, I need to speak with you. Pick a letter and I will too. I'll take W.
07/23, 20:15:10

07/23, 20:11:27
You and I need to talk. You know him like I do. We need letters to address ourselves so we can focus on our conversation about him.
07/23, 20:13:50

07/23, 20:10:29
07/23, 20:13:21

They could post it on other media sites
07/23, 20:13:15

to Because he's been looking good the last few weeks
yeah. new jeans.
07/23, 20:13:03

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