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Re ping pong
It's funny for a leftie he uses he right hand to play ping pong.

He's no match for me at ping pong. I'd beat his a**. Yup ....
I have quick reflexes and an eagle eye playing.

07/24, 04:01:27

He trimmed
his beard when filming started in Manitoba.
07/24, 03:53:33

it's not forbidden
to show them, do it but if the russian find out they will simply run havock and close their website = no more pictures.

it's just pure hypocrisy and big egos.
07/24, 03:43:01

Pool pictures are shown and they're not private
07/24, 03:38:44

They do meet at his house like Lily did for To The Bone
Never thought of that but it looks recent because Keanu's beard is more filled in than when he was filming Siberia
I don't get Keanu wearing no shoes and if she wasn't embarrassed why is her head down? Maybe she was upset about something
07/24, 03:37:23

members of rus fan sites
some of them got access the private accounts of KR's people and sometimes they share some of photos
remember pool photos of his house
07/24, 03:35:02

Lol oh man you guys are pushing
07/24, 03:31:14

07/24, 03:25:36

Anti-Russian sentiment or Russophobia | www.aleksandrnovak.com/userfiles/121003002_russophobia.jpg
07/24, 03:23:08

“My feet will tread soft as a deer in the forest.
My mind will be clear as water from the sacred well.
My heart will be strong as a great oak.
My spirit will spread an eagle’s wings and fly forth.”
~ Juliet Marillier
07/24, 03:11:31

they find them
on facebook or IG mostly.
lot of time in their hands to search the hashtags there.
07/24, 02:01:10

at least they find rare
pictures somewhere
07/24, 01:18:46

because that's
how russian fanclubs work, they do this all the time to scare people and if you don't agree with their methods, they lock up their forums.

remove the watermark and share it if you want, they have zero right about this picture after all.
07/24, 01:07:55

if they dont own the picture
why do they put such big watermarks on it?
07/24, 01:05:01

!!!!!!!Russians don't own the picture they just found them
because the Russian watermark
they wanna keep things friendly with them
and is not illegal the Russians don't own the picture they just found them first

07/23, 20:16:07 -
07/24, 01:02:56

russians are crazy
they still think that everyone wants marry R and if you don't want they ban you idiots most of leading girls of Russian fan club are 50 y old and they call him sweetie little boy/they all need help
07/24, 00:50:41

what shame?
a loving couple. she is probably proud
07/24, 00:47:16

look drunk af, i feel bad for her, the walk of shame is intense.
07/24, 00:45:45

i dont know who is worse
russians or keanu
Keanu is paranoid about secrecy and russians are paranoid about keanu's secrets
even Brenda and Izzy are afraid to post pictures related to him. Does he threaten them or make them sing something?
07/23, 22:48:49

knowing russians
they can pass an old photo for the recent just to drum up the passions
07/23, 22:43:04

it could be not recent
i guess only russians can tell. they know where they took it from
07/23, 22:33:07

maybe they just found the
Doesn't mean it's recent.
anywho it doesn't matter...
They should not have posted it because
Keanu looks a little off in the picture.
But then I guess he didn't mind. Lol
07/23, 22:21:25

07/23, 21:42:36
this was already answered here

the picture was taken last Thursday and is Ana for sure
her hair in that picture is not short is just in a low ponytail
07/23, 19:45:11
07/23, 22:03:45

besides she is
in la now. so it all adds up
07/23, 21:53:19

to maybe the pic was taken when they had
i doubt KeanuRussianclub would wait for so long to post the photo. They are crazy about stalkig him
07/23, 21:51:53

The boots are
the same, so it's Siberia Ana.
But when was the picture taken?
The Russian site just put it on IG but
maybe the pic was taken when they had
meetings / rehearsals before shooting Siberia.
07/23, 21:42:36

Winter is a coming
and he'll reap what he's sown.
07/23, 21:40:56

I like how the Mod
deleted the California penile codes I posted. Somebodies are guilty.
07/23, 21:40:12

so in february he
will have a baby
07/23, 21:34:05

to Can he give them a ride home in the mornin
he is drunk. may be he is happy drunk because she is pregnant. two months since Siberia shoot.
07/23, 21:31:15

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