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oh please why would they be making out
in front of his house when they could be inside making out in the couch and f*king he is holding her because she is hiding her face in his chest the pictures where taken with seconds of difference everything was quick
07/24, 05:08:31

so Ardith
Keanu has a new love. He fall in love with an actress from siberia. Their relationship looked suspicious on the set. She was following him everywhere and was acting intimately. Now she came to LA to be with him
07/24, 05:08:22

to it was a quick goodbye before she went away
i dont know. on the second photo it looks like they are just standing there and he is holding her in his arms. no taxi. it looks like they are just making out in front of his house not a quick goodbye
07/24, 05:00:04

first off
I know it is not that actress. Secondly, who took the pictures and why? Thirdly, in Hollywood as in the rest6 of the country, people hug.

I know Keanu is gay and I really don't think he would spend a lot of time fucking women at the age of 53...I know he may still feel the need to beard but who really believes him?

Next thing I know he will be saying Sonja Henning is his real love.

07/24, 04:58:04

the taxi was probably there
that's why he had no shoes on it was a quick goodbye before she went away but the tourists caught them off guard
07/24, 04:55:43

to ardith
there are two pictures of Keanu holding a girl in his arms near his house. He has no shoes on. She looks like actress from Siberia
07/24, 04:52:17

I didn't disappear.
It's just that I actually know that Keanu is a gay man. You guys like to assume he is straight but I have more than assumptions. Anyway, you ladies have your fun i did not see any picture.

07/24, 04:50:15

you're right, alien
Humans are simple creatures that like to complicate their existence. we're just people please, don't
conquer the planet
07/24, 04:46:28

to she was hiding her face from the tourists lol
why dont wait for the car in the house then? most people act like that. when the car arrives they go out
07/24, 04:45:17

I think half want to see
him with a woman the other half with a man, that is why all
the interest. They want proof that he is having sex and then
they can imagine him having sex with that person. Ewww...!
Simple human psychology.
Humans are simple creatures that like to complicate their existence.
07/24, 04:40:38

you can't even see her face
how are you gonna say she looks drunk
she was hiding her face from the tourists lol
07/24, 04:36:11

Sorry mane s/b
07/24, 04:33:44

Mane he took her
to the curb so she can vomit...
07/24, 04:32:57

He is making
a tiger carrier?
07/24, 04:30:54

they both look very drunk to me
why send a very drunk girl in a car somewhere?
07/24, 04:30:23

ardith disappears evrytime
there's solid proof that Keanu loves p*ssy she loves to live in denial
07/24, 04:30:04

they want to know whom he f*** lol
everybody knows he is alone bc tiger is making carrier
07/24, 04:29:15

07/24, 04:18:57
they are the ugossip dicks...
07/24, 04:28:27

it's pitty gaydar is sleeping
ardith, I miss you
she can explain everything
07/24, 04:25:14

people are
trying to identify her according to her outfit that's all.

they want to know whom he f*** lol
07/24, 04:24:45

no shoes: he was saying goodbye and was gonna go back inside quickly

look like embarrassment to me she is not a famous actress she probably is not used to that kind of attention she looked equally uncomfortable in Russia while surrounded by the hordes of fans
07/24, 04:23:16

i don't understand
what difference it makes when the picture was taken, who the girl is, whatever details about her hair and boots, etc.

what is the significance of all those details? what bearing does all that information have on anything? i'm lost here. can someone please explain it to me?
07/24, 04:18:57

as you know suchi dresses as a man
07/24, 04:16:54

to I don't get Keanu wearing no shoes
because he is seeing her off and going back to house
07/24, 04:16:44

sushi looks much older
she could be Ana's mom and would look ridiculous in that dress that body belongs to a woman in her 20's
07/24, 04:15:58

And he's a gorgeous
52 yr old single man and if he wants to get laid, drink or just hang out he can with whomever and whenever he wants.
We'll never be a part of his life
07/24, 04:07:37

Someone also said
The pic was taken Thurs Ana's most recent IG pic her hair is short from 5 days ago now it's not up in a pony tail, her fans are commenting on her new look, so either Ana got her hair cut after that pic or it's not that Ana
I don't know why I have a feeling that's Ana D
07/24, 04:06:22

But I love
How from two pics the board blows up and everyone dissects a picture
07/24, 04:03:49

When I was in LA
A few times the tour bus people said they don't go that route anymore
Who knows, but I can remember someone on here saying a tour bus went by his house and he was outside arguing with his gf.
I think this pic is old. It could be Sushi her and Ana have the same build and younger women wear those boots not just Ana. His beard is fuller and darker now and fuller too and in the pic it's darker and fuller. Who knows
07/24, 04:03:12

it's not forbidden
and it's not honest but who cares
07/24, 04:01:58

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