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i guess she is attractive to him
Bojo was running after him for 7 years and ana had him in months
07/24, 07:06:40

Lol they don't seem to realize this fact
07/24, 07:06:38

he's a grandpa
at least for me he could be and my father too lol
07/24, 07:06:00

Charges are pending
You mean on FOOL's posts, they should be
07/24, 07:05:38

I am sorry
though she is not an attractive girl at all.
07/24, 07:04:47

Lol keep in mind Keanu is going to be 53 so if your calling 50 year old females grannies then Keanu must be a grandpa
07/24, 07:03:21

Charges are pending
On the slanderous posts. 🛃
07/24, 06:59:36

so the conclusion is
he like younger girls not old ladies.

good, all the grannies out there are gonna die of jealousy now, no chances for you sorry!
07/24, 06:52:46

to 06:22:11
and what you can tell from two pictures?
07/24, 06:50:01

You can tell that from two pictures?
07/24, 06:47:37

He's a man as he's human and any man loves that
07/24, 06:46:59

he enjoys that kind of attention that's why he takes these young ladies under his wing and allows them to swim in his pool Bojana De Arma Ularu all of them act like high schoolers around him and he loves it
07/24, 06:25:15

to he's a mentor
and now they are having fun in bed and drinking?
07/24, 06:22:11

Her IG
Followers just shot up and so will her popularity
07/24, 06:21:20

to is to ask the people on the tour bus
they saw what we are seeing. probably thought the same - keanu reeves with his lover
07/24, 06:20:49

Lol troll
07/24, 06:19:51

Remember she's young
21 yrs younger than him and new to the business she followed him around the set and he's a mentor he's been in the business longer than she's been alive. It would be very easy to have a highschool crush on Keanu and don't think for one second he didn't know this.
07/24, 06:19:20

to why he lives on a street where tour buses go by.
he can move now that he is a family man
07/24, 06:18:58

You don't know that. Sushi was around for a while the only way to know is to ask the people on the tour bus who saw it.
Pics can speak a thousand words
07/24, 06:17:14

Those pics I guarantee
Will be removed asap.
Just like he was pictured with the blonde Italy, Mr Reeves site took them down as fast as they went up.
I'm just surprised as private as he is why he lives on a street where tour buses go by.
07/24, 06:15:46

to the sushi pusher troll was way better
sushi wasnt even near that. this one he is holding in public. in front of tourists. he shows her as his lover
07/24, 06:15:40

so you say
he needed that drink to forget how bad it was...poor K lol
07/24, 06:14:39

No one paid
Any attention to her when they were in Russia how could she have felt uncomfortable
07/24, 06:13:53

Wow all this
From two pics
07/24, 06:12:57

the sushi pusher troll was way better
try again
07/24, 06:12:14

to Thought the same thing
of course. who would say - 'I lost my phone when I was drunk'?
07/24, 06:11:30

to he's still drunk during the day
may be he was sober during sex. and got drunk after. in the morning
07/24, 06:09:26

night of love
you were there? tell us!
he's still drunk during the day, the sex must have been awful lol
07/24, 06:07:37

Don't see any kissing LOL you must be looking at a diff pic
07/24, 06:06:31

Thought the same thing
She had her phone that day with Keanu
07/24, 06:05:57

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