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No, Jovana
doesn't dress like that. This girl dresses more skanky.
07/24, 07:53:58

boots belong
to Ana
07/24, 07:53:50

She's got on
a hooker's uniform. Whose been dressing like that lately?
07/24, 07:52:53

It could also be
That IG girl I am Jovana
07/24, 07:52:19

It looks like it
could be a hooker and that's why she's hiding because she doesn't want her identity known to authorities.
07/24, 07:52:08

Best way to know what it was taken, was by what clothes
Keanu is wearing. He tends to wear the same thing for a while, and moves on to wearing something else. Those jeans look like the ones in a recent magazine shoot, and have faded a bit since then, so maybe these are recent?
07/24, 07:52:02

Fool. Why?
07/24, 07:46:10

I don't think it's her
Look at her hair
07/24, 07:43:39

and she has a hashtag #lala on her photo
07/24, 07:42:21

i still think
its Ana and its recent. On her IG she is in a swimming suit and mentions a beach. Plus she has a lacma journal on her table
07/24, 07:41:03

that will not
go over well... correction
07/24, 07:39:11

Just wondering why it
surface up now and now someone on IG plastered that pic on IG. that will go over well with Keanu and his people.
remember no one knew Sushi and they still do not.
Izzy use to post pics of Keanu and then she takes them down very quick.
Brenda's and Autumn's IG is private, Izzy goes private periodically now and then.
I am sure he has a say on what's posted and what's not posted.
07/24, 07:38:34

I think the picture
was taken a few years ago
07/24, 07:35:32

the simple fact is also
that younger woman who do not have good jobs and cannot take care of themselves, when they are with an older man, the younger one's tend to cheat on a man closer to their age, a man who is 20 something years older, can't "hang" like they use to when they were in their 20's and 30's its a simple fact no matter who you are.
07/24, 07:34:25

Look at her hair
and look at Sushi's hair from Sushi park it is the same length and color. and yes someone did mention on here they saw him arguing with his gf. I do not think it's Ana.
you cannot see the girls face and many women wear those shoes, and also there is nothing on Ana IG or FB that suggests she's in LA at the moment not even from a few days ago, the trolls on here are saying something about a U2 concert there is nothing on her social media that suggests she went to a U2 concert.
07/24, 07:31:26

07/24, 07:08:35
How sad. A girl that's with that needs to have something more virile on the side.
07/24, 07:29:44

I think it's
Sushi as well. Sorry but Ana has short hair now.
look at her IG pic. she even states she got it cut short.
I think the pic is an older pic from like two years ago.
Tour buses do not go that route at least for about 2 or 3 yrs, however when I was there I did see one, the more famous one's do not go there (where Keanu's house is) it's against California law now. I forgot the reason why. that is why you see tour bus videos from a few years ago.
I think it was Sushi
07/24, 07:24:32

Viagra is
yes or a penis implant.
07/24, 07:21:36

Is that sushi in the pics?
Same handbag with the knots from the Japan airport. She looks shorter though.
07/24, 07:20:58

Jennifer was a very
pretty girl. naturally pretty and she was tall didn't realize that.
Autumn has a totally different look, not as pretty as Jennifer.
Who knows what Keanu's type is. he is so damn private. LOL
but from the looks of it, it's either blonde or dark brunettes.
07/24, 07:20:52

Viagra is
The most potent ED pill. Caverjet is the last resort, if pills won't work. Which is an liquid injected directly into the penis.
07/24, 07:19:30

the sad reality for any couple
who is more than 8 years apart is people get old and that challenges any relationship, if it's based on sex and looks then one will stray eventually, if it is based on trust and connection and love then it will last. this is true for an older woman and younger man, or an older man and a younger woman.
Most woman though who are seen with a man much older than them is automatically labeled a gold digger, it's society and the way the most of the world thinks.
07/24, 07:18:20

Only men prone to
Heart trouble should avoid ED drugs. More because they could have heart attack from being excited than anything else.
07/24, 07:15:59

Jennifer was super
pretty, Autumn is second.

these gals are just fame hoes and gold diggers.
07/24, 07:15:14

Viagra will
Make a 50 something, even a 70 something year old man perform very satisfactory.
07/24, 07:13:47

sad but true and for women as well.
taking Viagra is also not good for some men and women.
07/24, 07:13:26

Lol from two pics, Bojo is still running after him and so is Ana, the videos and pics from the set of Siberia, Ana's a chaser. she's young though and all she sees is how her popularity will skyrocket being with Keanu.

at least Jen was a very pretty girl and most of the other women he has dated.
she's manly looking and I thought she was gay

she's a smoker she's what 32 by the time she's 40 she will look 60, look at Bojo's Mom, Bojo will look like that, Bojo is a smoker and revovering alcoholic, it all makes sense of her behavior.
07/24, 07:11:06

He is obviously
drunk to be on display like that in front of his house.
I wonder why his house door is closed?
Usually when you are barefoot you are going back in your house so you leave the door open or ajar. Also funny how far they are standing far from the door. He probably saw the tour bus coming and told her to hide her face or she did on her own. - UG Dihck Report
07/24, 07:11:00

he is old
07/24, 07:10:39

ahhhhh he is old
Age 50-60

Sexual function is noticeably diminished. Nighttime and morning erections become few and far between. The frequency of intercourse declines while the frequency of prematurely losing the erection before the sexual act is complete increases. Your orgasms are definitely different with less intensity of your climax, and at times, it feels like nothing much happened—more “firecracker” than “fireworks.” Ejaculation has become noticeably different - the volume of semen is diminished and you question why you are “drying up.” At ejaculation, the semen seems to dribble with less force and trajectory. Sex is no longer a sport, but a recreational activity, sometimes just reserved for the weekends.
07/24, 07:08:35

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