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Who is he
cheating on?! He is not in a relationship as far as we know.
07/24, 09:58:45

Please stop
Trashing his Siberia costar.
07/24, 09:53:01

His friend
would be better off in Canada.
Nyc is only good if you are wealthy.
Unless she is wealthy...then I think she
cannot be deported.
You can be a creative in canada also if
that is your passion.
07/24, 09:51:45

07/24, 09:42:06
That's what they both deserve. You're going to screw around in Holywood, someone will always be watching.
07/24, 09:44:36

to needs to cover up affairs
good its all on instagram now
07/24, 09:42:06

It must be so hard
To be famous at times.
07/24, 09:09:56

That pic is
Not recent or it's not Ana her hair is short.
I think there are trolls on here trying to push the Ana from Siberia thingy
07/24, 08:54:50

It's funny
Mr Reeves Blog isn't posting the pics
07/24, 08:49:54

No one wants or loves
your hard turds in their assholes anymore. Except for the usual whorepigs you keep.
07/24, 08:47:40

Trump is deporting people for no reason. Many stories of
families being split up. Keanu's friend Brenda is undocumented. I hope she doesn't become one of them. It's one rule for Trump, and another for everybody else. Trump has had 2 immigrant wives already, and doesn't see his hypocrisy in deporting other peoples husbands and wives.
07/24, 08:36:57

Thank you, troll. I thought you were leaving?
07/24, 08:14:24

Ardith has been arguing about Keanu's sexuality
online for over 15 years. It must be hard for her to come to terms that he may actually not be and that she has wasted so much time arguing that the is. Give her time, she will come around.
07/24, 08:12:31

You will be leaving us then? Such a shame. Bye bye now! Have a nice life.
07/24, 08:09:23

Basement dweller
Doesn't even makes sense
It's embarrassing
07/24, 08:06:24

No one wants or loves
your slutwiener anymore. Sorry dear.
07/24, 08:05:40

Do these old women
Poop wieners out their ass holes when being fucked in the ass? Shit my slutwiener out is a common request?
07/24, 08:04:48

07/24, 08:04:32

That pic is not
Recent there's a pic on social media from Friday July 21st and he's gray in his beard and his hair looks shorter
In that pic his beard and is hair is almost black
I'm telling you the pic was probably taken a few years ago.
I think that was Sushi or Ana D
Not trying to push
07/24, 08:03:25

This one looks trashy.
Jovana doesn't look trashy like this girl does.
07/24, 08:02:51

That is a correct
assessment of men over 50 and sexual drive.
If their sexual drive was naturally low when they were younger
it can become almost non existent over 50.
They may not want viagra either.
07/24, 08:01:06

You can identify
her by her giant nipples. Can you make them out?
07/24, 08:00:41

It's not Jovana.
Jovana is a blonde. Well, I think she is still blonde. I don't remember what her IG was to check.
07/24, 07:59:12

i guess he brought her in his car
but couldnt deliver back
07/24, 07:58:41

Mod delete troll/fool


07/24, 07:58:29

Ardith is awfully
Quiet too.
07/24, 07:57:48

Did he jacky off
In her butthole too and push a big hard turd up inside butthole?
07/24, 07:57:18

Ana D
Ana from Siberia , that Jovanna chick and Sushi all have the same hair color and build
07/24, 07:57:11

I mean she has a medium size bust.
07/24, 07:56:36

You can tell
by the size of their nipples. Can you see in the photo?
07/24, 07:55:44

Maybe it is neither?
Ana has a large bust, and Sushi does not. This woman has neither a large bust or no bust.
07/24, 07:54:10

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