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07/24, 10:59:10
It's Keanu's team trying to discredit the rumors.
07/24, 11:02:49

Brenda is very involved in politics, and had attended the anti-trump marches. I can definitely see her being targeted my the Trump regime.
07/24, 11:00:39

is Ana Ularu for gods sake
it looks exactly like her and the picture is new the Russian site said when it was taken
last Thursday July 20
the sushi pushers are pathetic that women is long gone
07/24, 10:59:10

What if that woman is not Sushi?
And this was taken while they were together? I like Keanu, but I am not deluded into thinking he can do no wrong.
07/24, 10:52:34

who wants to talk shit about Keanu?
07/24, 10:51:11

07/24, 10:47:37
They are the same people on two different sides of the age spectrum and political spectrum, but they are both on the side of authoritarianism.
07/24, 10:50:43

The youth aren't the problem.
Actually, that would be the old people, those old, white, backwards, hillbilly, racist, women hating, gun toting, religious fanatics, and homophobic morons. It is they who voted for the orange Russian puppet, they have f*cked America over, and rolled back a decades of positive progress.They have and will screw entire generations of our youth long after their deaths. The youth of today want to see a better world, and do not want to be be dragged back to the old Trump supporters backward, racist, sexist, and gay hating days America once was.
07/24, 10:47:37

You would think he would
know the bus schedules so he's either really dense or really conniving and wanted to get caught with his "Whoore". Since we didn't catch her legal name, we'll give her that nickname.
07/24, 09:41:46

07/24, 09:09:56
It's hard when you're a seedy lowlife celebrity like Keanu that cheats and needs to cover up affairs.
07/24, 09:39:59
07/24, 10:47:12

07/24, 10:44:34
Whatever, go fuckk yourself.
07/24, 10:46:14

Y'all have yourselves a lovely day
07/24, 10:44:34

I haven't heard anything about
Trump deporting Canadians. I've only heard about Mexicans and Middle Easterners.
07/24, 10:43:13

Starlet or Streetwalker, so fun | www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dje-cvEYhmI
07/24, 10:43:07

Remember that segment
Joan Rivers did on her fashion police show, Starlet or Streetwalker? I'm gonna go and guess the reaction from this photo and vote Streetwalker.
07/24, 10:40:19

07/24, 10:35:34
Yes, I've been out since the 90's. Some others haven't.
07/24, 10:36:51

07/24, 10:31:15
Just pay attention where your money goes.
07/24, 10:35:50

Have you left the house or turned on the tv lately?
She's got on
a hooker's uniform. Whose been dressing like that lately?
07/24, 07:52:53
07/24, 10:35:34

07/24, 10:06:09
I'm a small cog in the wheel working for the gov in a gov town.
Most employment is with the gov or companies that work for them.
I cannot protest and work where I live.
07/24, 10:31:15

Here's a tip:
Please never say the words "penis" and "inject" in front of any man.


Which is an liquid injected directly into the penis.
07/24, 07:19:30
07/24, 10:30:59

07/24, 07:08:35
None of that applies to a guy who can do the kind of stunts Keanu did for JW2
07/24, 10:27:45

He ''mentored'' her all nite & she went home in the morning.

Remember she's young
21 yrs younger than him and new to the business she followed him around the set and he's a mentor he's been in the business longer than she's been alive. It would be very easy to have a highschool crush on Keanu and don't think for one second he didn't know this.
07/24, 06:19:20
07/24, 10:22:51

Who, in the history of the planet, has ever done that? To:
may be he was sober during sex. and got drunk after. in the morning
07/24, 06:09:26
07/24, 10:19:08

So now the
snowflakes are using "abusive speech" as a label for anything that they define is offensive. They're going to try to promote this as incitement and seek damages by anyone who isn't from their camp. Bullshit.
07/24, 10:17:31

It's even better
when you have men like Keanu that portrays the "good guy" image to his fans and they finally see the kind of person he is when someone outs him.
07/24, 10:11:17

you know i think its all good that some guys
are celebrities because i ve seen families where husband cheated on his wife for 20 years and more. and from her point of view she was living in a happy marriage with a faithful husband. when it all turned out after 20-30 years and she got to know that he was cheater , it was a great tragedy. At least celebrity wives have an opportunity to know the truth while they are still young. yes it hurts. somethimes they get to know from papers or social media. But at least they can move on.
07/24, 10:08:25

They look so guilty
in how they react to the bus. What a bunch of deadheads.
07/24, 09:46:17

07/24, 09:42:06
That's what they both deserve. You're going to screw around in Holywood, someone will always be watching.
07/24, 09:44:36
07/24, 10:07:43

Lol troll got pissy
Couldn't come up with a better comeback 😂😂😂

07/24, 10:00:28
Learn how to flex your limited brain shithead.
07/24, 10:01:55
07/24, 10:03:38

Troll calm down there
07/24, 10:02:35

I'm not
There was a time I never voted and do because I feel it's my civic duty. But I hate voting.
To 07/24, 09:58:52
07/24, 10:02:28

Actually it's the person pushing the buttons
Again learn how to spell fucker
07/24, 10:00:28

Calm down there buttercup
07/24, 09:59:38

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