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Siberia is
a soft core porn. He chose her because he wanted a reason to fucck someone that reminded him of the hookers he used to bang when he was cheating on his prior girlfriends. He's reliving his past.
07/24, 11:30:40

it was planned
by K or he was really really drunk and forgot the bus passing on his street...yeah nope nope nope lol
07/24, 11:29:47

Siberia is a romance?
Could be why the picture was taken?

07/24, 11:28:57

Mod delete troll/trace/fool


07/24, 11:28:57

Keanu planned it
or they're both really dumb. Maybe he wanted to get caught cheating and knew the bus but didn't inform her. He used her.
07/24, 11:28:12

a camera crazy Chinese tourist took the picture?

07/24, 11:27:21

07/24, 11:23:53
You can see the passengers inside the bus in another photo.
07/24, 11:26:48

MrR on Twitter posted a video
of some jerk of a paparazzi harassing Keanu.
07/24, 11:26:36

You don't have to earn the right
to be trashy, either you are or you're not. Keanu's tres trashy and he likes to bed trash.
07/24, 11:26:06

Mod delete 7/24/17. 10:11:17
Fool be quiet
07/24, 11:25:56

last I heard
Tiger was in town, did he go home? Where is Tiger?

07/24, 11:25:12

07/24, 10:47:12
forget knowing the bus schedules. do you realize how loud those diesel pusher buses are? you can hear them coming from a quarter mile away, especially in a quiet residential neighborhood.

how does anyone know it was a bus? it seems unlikely because they would have heard it coming and could have gone back inside if they did not want to be seen.

maybe it was a crazy stalker fan who took the pic and gave it to the fan club web site.
07/24, 11:23:53

It sounds dangerous
to me. Any woman who feels like she should be involved with Keanu, she should talk to someone from his past. I assumed he was honest with people he worked with but maybe not.

07/24, 11:23:11

Leave Keanu alone
And let him be jackin off freely in all available buttholes. He's earned the right to pack fudge.
07/24, 11:21:47

She's a homewrecking trashy
whorre and Keanu a cheating drunken sleazecunt. That's all you need to know about the photol
07/24, 11:19:54

You can't be drunk
Or on coke and use Viagra. It's too potent of a drug and it wouldn't mix well with either. Coke only makes a young man good in bed, it makes an old guy too numb to get it up.
07/24, 11:19:32

Do you have a boot pic plz?
07/24, 11:16:46

I think if keanu is drunk
or coked up, he would have a good excuse for not being able to get it up. Of course he could use the little blue pill but would he want to?

07/24, 11:16:40

Who's this Keanu
And why is he so horny?
07/24, 11:15:13

why would anyone
lie about the pictures being recent is obvious that they are look at his hair and beard looks the same that in the fan pictures of last week and Ana Ularu is on IG giving clues that she is in LA and she is wearing the same boots that she wore in St. Petersburg everything fits perfectly

i don't understand why some of you are in denial
07/24, 11:14:45

Does anyone think the pic on IG of Ana with her mother
looks a little like Jennifer? I once saw a pic of Jennifer posed, holding someone just like that, similar hair, brow shape. Weird.
07/24, 11:14:42

I know people
will say I am mean, but those British Parents, fighting to keep their ill baby alive...very foolish. Poor baby should have been allowed to go, weeks ago. You hopefully want to keep your child from suffering, not prolong the suffering.

07/24, 11:13:24

07/24, 11:05:00
really? i want that job!!!
07/24, 11:13:00

Keanu jacky offy
Drunkenly in butthole too and push a big hard turd up way far too. Keanu jacky offy all the time shooting big creamy wads all over me too. 😄
07/24, 11:11:47

Only way ardickers
Got any was her old man had a pisshard and she got on it before he woke.
07/24, 11:10:26

No one wants or loves
his sloppy drunken dickturd anymore. Sorry, go away.
07/24, 11:09:48

normal men have moring wood
and most like to have a quickly before work but most woman say no?

07/24, 11:08:48

Keanu jacky offy
Drunkenly in butthole too and push a big hard turd up inside really far? 💩🥂
07/24, 11:08:23

Did you know that
his people come here to perform damage control? He let's them suck him off and gives them a job online cleaning up the mess.
07/24, 11:05:00

07/24, 10:59:10
You are going to have to take a screen grab to prove it, or this discussion is just going to go on, and on, and....
07/24, 11:02:55

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