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She probably had to run
to the store to pick up a plan b pill.
07/24, 11:49:43

to for whatever reason
i have only one reason in mind - too drunk to think
07/24, 11:49:36

He was trying to
get her out of there unseen. Either he wanted to get caught or they're both so fuckked up from the night before they weren't careful.
07/24, 11:48:08

to slip her out quietly
he should have waited till dark. tours are till 7.30 as i remember
07/24, 11:47:42

is wondering why they didn't stay inside instead of waiting outside for whatever reason.
07/24, 11:46:17

She's not his girlfriend.
She's the homewrecking skank he cheated with.
07/24, 11:46:03

They have small
Tour vehicles also I've seen them.
They don't have tops on the vehicles.
07/24, 11:45:57

i wonder why he was settling his private
matters with his gf in front of a house. its wierd. he has his house behind him
07/24, 11:44:32

i don't understand why some of you are in denial
07/24, 11:14:45

Every time Keanu seems to be serious with a girl, there are some fans who become extremely upset because they were hoping that they would someday meet him and he would fall in love with them. They keep saying things like "Keanu wants or needs a more mature woman" or "Keanu does not care about having someone with a young, perfect body," etc.

Having evidence that Keanu slept with a woman shatters all their hopes and dreams, the only thing they had in life they have to cling to. I've seen it time and time again over the years. Seeing Keanu appear romantic with a younger woman = angry fans on UGossip.
07/24, 11:44:15

Those picture look like drinking buddies. Lol 😂
07/24, 11:43:01

He was trying
to slip her out quietly. Love it. So trashy.
07/24, 11:42:38

07/24, 11:35:44
is not a tour bus you pice of sh*t
is a car like the one i put in the link
tour buses no longer are allowed to drive over those hills
you can clearily see in the image how low the car is
theres no tour bus stupid sh*t
07/24, 11:42:38

My father was a
chain smoker and always cold.
Probably from vitamin C depletion.
07/24, 11:41:27

to he pictures where taken from a car like thi
yes. but this car is kind of a tourist bus. its hollywood homes tour
07/24, 11:40:50

he has faghags
who are friends. They are not fck buddies...they might be drinking buddies or drug buddies.

07/24, 11:40:04

don't know the temp. Heroin addicts are always cold.

Who knows?

07/24, 11:37:43

What are | instagram.com/p/BW47bRAFsg7/
you guys Effen talking about?
Don't you know how to use instagram?
There are two pictures swipe finger to the two!

You can see the tour bus!!
07/24, 11:37:20

He may not have
girlfriends but he has women around to fuckk at his disposal.
07/24, 11:37:20

And what do you know about his past, Ardith?
Spill the beans!
07/24, 11:36:04

Your blind it was a tour bus you moron
07/24, 11:35:44

he never has girlfriends

Gosh you guys are so stupid...keanu never ever has girlfriends. He really is gay, like it or not.

07/24, 11:35:20

Mod cont to delete troll/trace/fool


07/24, 11:35:04

07/24, 11:34:17

07/24, 11:32:52
He was still in the clothes from the night before.
07/24, 11:34:03

there's was no tourists bus | www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZAVzIrRk9s
that's just something people made up buses don't drive over there anymore the pictures where taken from a car like this


look how fast it goes no wonder they were taken off guard lol
07/24, 11:33:34

Keanu jacky offy
Up inside your butthole. Keanu jacky offy all the time shooting big creamy wads all over me too baby girl that man nasty.
07/24, 11:33:28

why is Keanu not in tshirt
but in some warm winter shirt? its summer in la
07/24, 11:32:52

He tried love
and he fuckked up royally going back to his old ways. Once a cheater, always a cheater.
07/24, 11:32:42

07/24, 11:25:12
Tiger has this social media account, which is basically a chinese version of Facebook. I haven't seen it for a while because I don't remember the name of the website, but I remember he did post regularly about where he was and what the was doing.
07/24, 11:32:32

Mod cont to delete troll/trace/fool


07/24, 11:32:06

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