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Is everybody happy?
07/27, 09:30:08

Making people
Feel comfortable is a huge deal. I'm sure he's also an honest businessman. That's what makes for a long lasting business.

Being good looking and a good kisser prob doesn't hurt, unless he's trying to kiss straight men walking in to the place:-)
07/27, 08:55:25

I delete but then what
I support a register board

The Mod
07/27, 08:39:59

Mod cont to delete fool
Even if her posts that answer her own questions
It makes it confusing
None of her rants need to be here why are you allowing them on the board?
She's sick and her rants shouldn't be allowed anywhere
Hopefully you do screen shot or keep the IP that posts the false allegations against him (with no proof)
The girl obviously needs help just for Keanu's safety don't allow any of her questions and answers be on the board. For a sick girl it only gives her power (in her mind anyway)
Just delete them as they come
07/27, 07:03:32

Thought it was just me
07/27, 06:43:25

I Like Big Books....
I like big books

And I cannot lie

Cause they gimme such

A longer high

When I walk right on

The first itty bitty page

With great words right in my face

I get lost...

#good morning!
07/27, 05:27:27

Is a mental illness, whatever excuse you give it. What is being implied here is also dysfunctional. The attempt to bring another person into your world of chaos is beyond heartless. Are you the tin man?
07/27, 05:10:58

Discover the depths of admiration,is that what you call it?
07/27, 04:51:11

Why are you giving
Out information now? What do you want?
07/27, 04:45:19

In favor of what other "applications"?
07/27, 04:40:12

Violets are blue,
Roses are red.
Some of you
aint the sharpest
Tools in the shed.

07/27, 04:26:53

07/27, 04:11:58
How do people log into your accounts??!
You probably don't have very good passwords for
a spy.
You are smart to be a spy but
not smart for passwords???!

It sounds like you enjoy being hacked.

07/27, 04:22:20

When the character was
No longer needed she was discarded. Simple as that.
07/27, 04:20:18

Even if he was
It doesn't matter.
Cloud was just innocent posts and
some nice songs.
07/27, 04:09:28

07/27, 03:39:00
So you are saying you have surveillance on him too...
Is that how you know he was Cloud?
Are you a spy?
07/27, 04:06:08

07/27, 03:57:16

you are a very serious idiot!!
Cloud is cloud and keanu was never, ever cloud. How did you get so stupid? Did you fall and hurt your head?
07/27, 03:56:25

It's not working
You know that,don't you?
07/27, 03:50:05

My personal life showed up in Keanu related content and on this site. 07/26, 22:25:32

At least a dozen different women in Keanu's fandom have felt that he spotted them in a crowd, gave them a look, they locked eyes, and now he sends them coded or even telepathic messages over the tv and radio.
07/27, 03:47:45

keanu was not cloud
you stupid, stupid fool.

You are an idiot.

07/27, 03:28:37

we are the funny farm...

07/27, 03:09:58

And with gravitational waves
that we recently discovered. Amazing shit.
07/27, 00:31:45

You all are a
bunch of kooks in here, do you know that?
07/26, 23:27:22

07/26, 23:11:33
That's the reason Neil deGrasse Tyson (and other astrophysicists/astronomers) declare mathematics as the language of science.

I do find it amusing how they write up all these equations that are supposed to calculate the likelihood of even social behaviors.

Goes back to the still very impressive prediction by Einstein of Black Holes based on the equations he came up with.
07/26, 23:17:01

keeps our logically illogical mind rooted in reality even though we can't imagine it. It's our system of checks and balances.

It's like choosing to build a house with your eyes or a ruler. We need our compass.
07/26, 23:11:33

explains everything
It also teaches linear and abstract thinking. I found it trained my mind to sort and pinpoint the necessary factors and how to come up with a solution. One of the best exercises that stay with me, even if I were asked to solve the problem I might have a hard time now, is the many proof outlines started with a given premise. If that doesn't teach logic and connecting the dots, nothing else will.

Oh, yes, I was a math geek and it was my favorite subject in school. Not so much with my older brain. I'd more likely cheat in finding web tools. Ha.
07/26, 22:52:36

Your posts
Don't sound real just surreal.
07/26, 22:46:02

07/26, 22:34:40
How do you know all this if you have no contact with him, just a look a long time ago?
Are you Cloud? If not, you sound the same as she does.
07/26, 22:42:25

This is why mathmatics
is so essential to the human race. It's the only code that explains everything.
07/26, 22:41:07

How do we know you aren't Keanu? Do you think he is here right this very moment? Is he the mod too?
07/26, 22:40:27

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