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If ya don't have pepper spray poke them in the eyes it's worse some ppl can take pepper spray, I say buy a taser. Better imo
06/22, 09:55:17

06/22, 09:22:25
It's true 1 out of 3 women in the US are raped but rape happens anywhere, most often by those you already know!! I'd say it would be an amazing experience and a great way to find one's self and the direction they want to go - pun not intended.

Don't let fear of rape stop you though pepper spray is not only needed but required if doing cross-country road trip and camping. BEARS. Black bears are attacking humans more and entering into busy campgrounds with impunity in state and national parks. Fear bears, respect bears, be aware and enjoy the hell out of it.
06/22, 09:36:36

06/22, 09:24:25
My post in response to your's was also deleted. It was a mistake and my post is showing now. sometimes you can click the backbutton to copy and repost
06/22, 09:26:38

Not sure why my post about Europe
being safer was deleted?

06/22, 09:24:25

06/22, 09:09:39
Roads in the US are better across the country than they are overseas. Especially interstate system. It takes approx 4 days of 10hrs per day to get from one coast to the other.

The term for it is 'The Great American Road Trip' and many people around the world dream of the chance to do that in the US.

30 days is heaps of time. Getting lost is annoying as hell. Rec paper maps + GPS +reading map ahead of each trip on the road.
06/22, 09:22:59

06/22, 09:06:52
While part of me agrees with you, the other part of me knows there are 1.3 million women are raped in the USA per year. I just hope she stays safe and has some pepper spray handy at all times.
06/22, 09:22:25

Keep it going MOD
Delete that one. Poisoned up the entire board
06/22, 09:19:38

Creepy. No wonder Keanu stays MIA
06/22, 09:18:53

06/22, 07:37:58
Bush photographers/paps are independent and sell photos based on demand for them. If demand for a candid shot of Keanu is in high demand outside of the gym then that is where they will wait.

If you do not like seeing them posted - do not go to the site that buys them like Daily Fail. The demand for that type of photo drops significantly if no one buys them or clicks on the sites that sell them.

Odds are the pap knew of several people at the gym and staked out a spot. Some of the lenses out there do not require one to even trespass to obtain them.
06/22, 09:16:58

It's in your blood. That's just trying to impress
Be you man
06/22, 09:16:30

women around Keanu
turn to bike lovers. Amanda is a biker too
06/22, 09:14:14

sounds like fun? Maybe brave to some but its not unusual
Going on a bike trip across America, alone? !
06/22, 08:55:27

Should women be accompanied by an escort at all times, now?

Seriously, so many people who are older retirees travel alone, women and men.
biking motorized or by pedal across the US would be fun. Roughing it is harder on a bike with all the camping supplies required. See a lot of people take motorhomes w/a motorcycle attached instead.
06/22, 09:06:52

What was the purpose of her friend getting a truck? I don't get it. She's trying too hard. She ain't a true biker, bikers don't give a shit if they get lost, that's the fun of it actually. She's trying to prove herself. 🙄
06/22, 09:04:12

What? And who are you talking about
06/22, 09:02:45

You are on his
Why are you telling it here?
06/22, 09:00:48

I'm sure many people
over the years chat him up at the gym.
It's nothing new except this happened outside with
a photographer in the bushes.
I'm sure also that the photog was there just for an opportunity
to score a picture like that.
No privacy.
06/22, 08:59:17

06/22, 07:32:11
Planet Juneberry in the nebula of nuts near the starcrazed galaxy? Just a guess.
06/22, 08:56:30

She is either brave or foolish
Going on a bike trip across America, alone? !
06/22, 08:55:27

That's not love.
That's not how your earn it.
06/22, 08:54:40

06/22, 08:51:55

Can't pull it up
06/22, 08:51:23

to Got lost on her bike
i guess her trip wont take 30 days as was planned? America is big
06/22, 08:48:50

Wow Mr Reeves Blog
Makes a big deal of Keanu chatting it up with the brunette. 🙄🤔
06/22, 08:46:59

Who's this with Keanu?
Does anyone know?

06/22, 08:15:37

06/22, 08:12:46

Bojo apparently
Got lost on her bike and she's pissed. Well, Bojo a true Biker wouldn't care if they got lost, that's the whole point of riding free. 🤘🏻🏍
Anyways I thought a bunch of them were doing this road trip
06/22, 07:50:32

Can't wait for Ardith
To give her two cents
06/22, 07:49:12

Keanu is a very smart man
I always said he knows what he wants and what he does not. True Earth Sign 🤘🏻♏️
06/22, 07:48:36

LOL esp with the wings on the end of the eyes, ooh I can't stand that. 😂
06/22, 07:47:26

Who goes to a gym with a face
full of make up?
06/22, 07:45:23

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