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07/24, 12:13:07

The fans here really
believe Keanu is worthy of a decent girl and they idolize him as something he isn't.

He's an aging scumbag taking advantage of anything that makes him feel young.
07/24, 12:12:57

And yet again I really don't think you have to worry about that ever happening
07/24, 12:12:41

I think she's gay she reminds me of Ruby Rose
But uglier
07/24, 12:11:48

It is the troll who is saying horrible things about Ana.
Most fans like me are happy for them if they are together.
07/24, 12:11:35

07/24, 12:06:21
I don't fuckk sleazy men. I don't want to get anywhere near that.
07/24, 12:10:35

He does look like a ridiculous grandpa and that was thru invetro. She didn't get pregnant the old fashion way.

I know this to be a fact. I'll leave it at that
07/24, 12:10:09

he always looks drunk
and rolled out of bed that's his default look when he has free time and she looks fine and clean even her hair looks brushed i don't see where the wh*re and drunk comments are coming from for me there's nothing suspicious
07/24, 12:08:50

He was with Jennifer in 1998.
So either he cheated, or this "Whoa" story was made up.
07/24, 12:09:05

Keanu and Ana Ularu are dating, why not just be happy for them ? I don't understand the hatred towards any woman he's seen with. Calling him a cheater and her a home wrecker (or worse) is completely unjustified. Who are they cheating on ? Sushi ? Please. I do think that Sushi was his girlfriend for a while, but we haven't seen them together in over a year. I'm sure that probably ended before he ever met Ana. Leave them alone.
07/24, 12:09:01

07/24, 12:01:00
Totally Keanu. It's why he stayed there for so long. He's no prince, typical hollywood male whoree.
07/24, 12:08:42

Still say that pic
Is not recent
07/24, 12:08:32

is still leaving in the 90's, K is OLD and not handsome like in his prime.

look at Clooney, he did the right thing, settle for a younger clever gal before falling appart and make some babies to not look like a ridiculous grandpa.
07/24, 12:08:23

Mod cont to delete

07/24, 12:07:29

I don't think you'll ever have to worry about that happening
07/24, 12:06:21

Mod delete fool/trace/troll


07/24, 12:05:45

And the same holds true for all the young girls thinking he's gonna settle down with a girl young enough to be his kid.
You're all in denial too. For a rich, beautiful handsome actor young girls would be good for one thing.
07/24, 12:02:58

07/24, 12:01:07
I wouldn't want his old sperm fetus.
07/24, 12:02:33

11:49:43 Plan B pill.
That's like knowingly shoving a winning lottery ticket in a shredder. lol
07/24, 12:01:07

keanu is not gay stop with that | mubi.com/notebook/posts/everybody-knows-this-is-probably-nowhere-sofia-coppolas-somewhere
he could be bisexual but not gay look at this blind item that i found while reading about the movie Somewhere and read the comments in the page

"Also, in case you were wondering if the Marmont really was all that in terms of bad-boy facilitating, I can vouch. I remember the first time I stayed there, back in 1998, checking in at something like two in the morning (my flight got in late), and in a couch in the corner of a foyer that I idly wandered into while getting registered, there was a Hollywood "It" boy of no small fame and underground at-least-bi reputation receiving fellatio from a pretty much unimpeachably female blonde. "Whoa!' I almost exclaimed as I staggered back to the lobby desk. "
07/24, 12:01:00

07/24, 11:57:59
He cheated and she's done with him.
07/24, 11:59:07

Everything about that
photo is suspicious. Mainly their fuckked and just rolled out of bed appearance.

Now any other girl that's going to be seen with him is going to be downgraded to the streetwalker's level.

They're going to say, well that's just another whorre he fuckks.
07/24, 11:58:41

so you are now saying
he might be gay because he prefer to f** younger girls instead of some old granny?

seriously the jellyness reached level 4000000 lol
07/24, 11:58:04

Paying the price?
What price? I no see no stinkin price.
07/24, 11:57:59

if we are honest
there's nothing suspicious or bad about those pictures
it could easily be a couple of friend saying goodbye while being taken off guard by tourists
everything else is just speculation and us wanting to make a big deal of nothing
07/24, 11:56:22

She's not gay,
she's fuckingg pan. Take whatever you can get.
07/24, 11:55:50

i am sure keanu's house is
full of condoms
07/24, 11:52:06

The cheating bastard
and his dilapidated whorre by his side. Paying the price.
07/24, 11:51:49

We don't know what they did
together. If she is gay like some say then they are friends.
I sensed that gay vibe also, before they started filming.
Also I don't think he would want intimate love scenes with
a straight actress that would be trouble for him if she developed
feelings. Remeber we know his PB costar is gay.
07/24, 11:51:13

How down and out
they look in that photo. Instant karma.
07/24, 11:50:45

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