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I will sleep just fine
because I know you will abandon me like the past. Runaway.
06/29, 21:54:06

You are far from brave and strong.
You are like a little alfalfa sprout or peachfuzz pubic zone.
06/29, 21:53:14

In a hot
park in stupid fuckiing august, I'll be surprised if we last an hour together. Lowest expectations.
06/29, 21:50:35

You took all
my energy already. We will meet and fight unless of course you pusssy out as usual.
06/29, 21:49:43

Keanu is the
stalker. He stalks me. You know this. My eyes aren't black. Nonsense.
06/29, 21:46:23

not me. Keanu is the on whose eyes turn black, not me. You got the wrong character.
06/29, 21:43:31

Of course
you know who I am spydevil.
06/29, 21:41:41

I don't pretend
to be Keanu. You know who I am, so why even discuss identity?
06/29, 21:37:53

You're never serious
about anything important in life. So sad.
06/29, 21:32:44

You're the one
that wants to wait til August. You're not bored or serious about this.
06/29, 21:32:17

There is no doctor
that can help you because you are incurable. You don't know how to live with yourself and you need to hold my hand like a little lonely retard.
06/29, 21:26:05

You're so jealous
of my pristine mental state. You can't take it. Hilarious.
06/29, 21:23:22

All you do is desert me.
You deserted me at the hellmouth and left me to fend for myself. You hypocrite.
06/29, 21:21:18

I'm sorry,
it's difficult for a logical person like myself to have chemistry with the mentally challenged.
06/29, 21:18:43

I've done nothing
but built up you self esteem (ego) with so much undeserved love and devotion and you trashed it. Turdkey trash.
06/29, 21:17:21

I would have shown
up if I knew you were going. But of course you never intended to.
06/29, 21:15:59

I'm not stupid slutman Keanu.
I wouldn't try to imitate a dicktward like him.
06/29, 21:14:41

Lost Cause
Around here.
06/29, 21:14:25

You were
not you liar. Lie, lie, lie. Devillpig lies. You need to return to hell to get refurbishment on your head.
06/29, 21:13:37

Poor Devillpig,
such a defected head.
06/29, 21:12:47

I know I'm
not Keanushithead.
06/29, 21:11:46

You lie straight
to my screen. You were not there. You didn't go.
06/29, 21:10:38

You have my
number Piggface. You never use it.
06/29, 21:10:00

You went last time?
You're lying again. How am I supposed to give you a number? You've got mine.
06/29, 21:07:11

Me. Who else do you expect?
06/29, 20:59:00

I'm not even a man.
I guess we are lesbians then.
06/29, 20:57:00

When I get
treated like a degraded human expect degradation in return. I'm not your little dollie that you can fondle as you like.
06/29, 20:55:12

If ug ends tomorrow ,
Then I must know the whole s a I n t and devvvilll story. Are you the same or different people? You speak in 1st and 3rd person in your posts... true or do you talk about yourselves and another person. I sometimes can't make heads or tales from your posts. If you don't like each other, why meet up??

Curiousness is killing me
06/29, 20:41:40

You should probably call a hotline right now and ask trained professional for help/advice. Do you have a friend where you can stay at their place for the night? Ug is anonymous. You could always talk here. I'm sure that everyone would be considerate of your situation and offer lots of support. Maybe someone here went through something similar and can help some.
06/29, 20:24:18

Tomorrow will probably
be our last day.

06/29, 19:53:39

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