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where was the
to the bone premiere in la. I missed it and it was a perfect
day for me to attend.
06/30, 09:37:51

Many good things
Happen on earth everyday, too! Focus on that. If we are being judged, we should all be acting nicer, telling truths, being kinder, etc.

Even if it ends up we're not being judged, the world is a better place.
06/30, 09:22:04

A husband should love his wife
No matter how she changes over the years. However, lots of times women want tweaked for their own self and more often for other women. Pathetic, yes! That's pressure of society today.
06/30, 09:17:52

If this judges kind actions don't warm your heart.
You have no humanity in you.


06/30, 06:52:28

Re NZ councillor
Maybe someone fell on him, maybe on an airplane. 🤔
06/30, 06:29:04

I can just picture the family squabbling over his money when he dies. Money is all they care about.
06/30, 05:19:02

I think that
Hell is earth.
Look at all the bad things that happen all over earth and if we are not directly impacted we hear about it or witness it on TV movies newspapers internet......which ends up having an impact on each of our being.
Think about it.
Maybe we get a judged here for our next phase of existence.
How we treat others,animals,,environment.
06/30, 05:18:14

The world has gone mad.
A city councillor in NZ thinks fat people are a health hazard because they could fall on you.

06/30, 05:13:28

Re heat
You can't go out in that extreme heat or work.
06/30, 05:10:20

I wouldn't think it was even possible to survive in
that kind of heat. I was reading somewhere that our cells begin to die anywhere over 45C/113F.
06/30, 05:05:51

06/30, 04:41:40
It's really sad when a husband views his wife as nothing more than a piece of ass, and a woman has to mutilate their body with surgery to keep a man happy and interested. I doubt she will ditch him, she is waiting for him to drop dead so she can get her hands on his millions.
06/30, 04:54:38

One twitters
Response to the heat wave article.

Ouch. That's pretty hot. Pretty sure that's a temperature on my slow cooker.
06/30, 04:48:52

will become hell literally.
And trump thinks climate change is a hoax?
I guess too much living in a/c comfort and not traveling without his luxury.
06/30, 04:43:01

10 facelifts herself
Don't forget the woman he actually loves (he's said multiple times outright) - his daughter has so many cosmetic surgeries you have to wonder what isn't "plastic" about her. Even her personality is plastic.

I sort of feel sorry for Melania because she has to maintain that farce with Trump. I'd bet as soon as he's out of office, she will ditch him like a Trump ban.
06/30, 04:41:40

thank to show in C
Really hot.
The higher temp. I have experienced, was 47C. Bad, really bad
06/30, 04:40:39

Temperature in Iran hits 129F (53.7C) - the hottest in the country's history and one of the highest ever in the world

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Four years to save the Earth: 2020 is the deadline to avert climate catastrophe, experts claim in chilling commentary
Rate of global sea level rise has increased by 50% in just two decades amid rising temperatures and a thaw of Greenland's ice sheet
America's south to be 'hammered' by climate change: Study reveals the economic impact on counties (and the north could actually benefit)
Kapikian said the mercury climbed to 53.7C - eclipsing Iran's previous high of 53C.

According to USA Today, the heat index, which takes humidity into account, was even higher reaching 142F (61.1C)
06/30, 04:38:04

If they get higher
she won't be able to see her donnny Problem solved.
06/30, 04:02:29

Melania's face looks like the has the top of her head
stuck in a large hoover nozzle, while sitting vertical wind tunnel. If the corners of her eyes get any higher, I would think she was mocking Asians.
06/30, 02:12:26

I paid $10
you pay the rest.
If you don`t and UG shut down. No problem
06/30, 02:09:35

Kushner is lying about
His sexuality.
06/30, 01:51:43

The oldest Trump sons look like
Beavis and Butt-head.
06/30, 01:49:11

Well, here goes:
Keanu & company share the use of many names who post here.
It's fun for him.
06/30, 01:48:12

I enjoy Melania's nude pictures
I have to say, they make her look like a hooker...a grifter and a hooker in the White House! Who would have thunk? If he were not so bad for our country...I could make room for them. But he is simply a piiggg, though and through.

06/30, 00:58:26

Trump attacks and shames newscaster over facelift.
WTF? His wife Melania has had what looks like at least 10 facelifts herself.
06/29, 22:26:27

That's fine.
I should remind you to show up.
06/29, 22:02:30

Name your time.
I'm going now.
06/29, 21:59:16

you lie. Name your time and find me on my phone like you normally do.
06/29, 21:58:16

I am the only
normal you know.
06/29, 21:57:28

I wonder why.
For all the distress I had to put up with your way or no way. No compromise, not very loving.
06/29, 21:56:47

You have mine mobile gps,
you'll find me. I don't know why I like you. It was in the beginning. Now, I don't know what you are.
06/29, 21:55:38

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