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there ya go troll you're going to piss off FOOL
07/24, 13:20:44

they guessed
they guessed it was Ana but they're going by her boots
My God really? Ana is the only woman in the world who wears boots like this? LOL
then her IG pic wasn't recent.
anywho, good for him and lucky her...... hey if people can sleep together with no strings attached then good for them. they must have just started seeing each other, we will wait and see if she starts showing up at Arch events and Movie premiere's with him
07/24, 13:19:48

I can't take it anymore
that 89 % of the hyenas here speaks proper English.
07/24, 13:18:52

we saw him with people near his house
even his sister. but never arms around and drunk. like lovers saying goodbye
07/24, 13:18:31

TROLL you gonna piss off FOOL more
07/24, 13:17:18

there's no reason to lie
if the pictures were old they would say it and talk about how the woman could be Bojo or Ana De Armas but over there all of them guessed Ularu immediately even the administrators i think it was the second comment the one that noted her boots and said it was her
07/24, 13:16:17

they have never been that private in nature. (him and a fema
right right right. thats why it looks like we are seeing lovers
07/24, 13:16:16

not blind dumb dumb again either Ana is wearing a wig or she somehow pulled her hair and it became long and blonde.
damn you guys are stupid
07/24, 13:16:13

because do the math people
they say the pic was taken thur july 20th, well Ana's IG from 4 days ago her hair is very short, so either she pulled it out and it became long or its a wig.
07/24, 13:14:05

I have to say though
I have only saw a few more photos of Keanu actually outside in front of his house. (well on the internet anyway) and they have never been that private in nature. (him and a female and his arm around her)
it is possible he didn't care about the tour bus driving by, but if you go to California, you will not drive by his house in a tour bus, but I have seen one tour bus go up Sunset Plaza Drive, (that is the way to his house) my friend lives up there and that's the easiest way to get to his house, (friend lives about 5 houses away from him)
07/24, 13:12:19

13:06:36 Oh yeah, silly me. Doh!
No, it's definitely not her, she much taller and skinnier, especially in the legs.
07/24, 13:11:55

07/24, 13:03:23
is Ana Ularu you are the blind one her hair is not short is the same as the pictures outside Keanu's house
you are grasping at straws because you are obsess with sushi
you come back over and over saying it could be her
give it a rest already
07/24, 13:11:16

to I can believe that.
the thing is though they say the photos are from 20 of july. why would they lie? (i know they can lie for no reason )
07/24, 13:09:26

Keanu doesn't truly love
anyone but himself and his cockk. Ask GG. I should have.
07/24, 13:07:20

I can believe that.
07/24, 13:07:16

Ana D from Knock Knock and Exposed the young pretty actress that is friends with his assistant janey
07/24, 13:06:36

I'm not talking
then apparently he really isn't that into "your friend"

men don't cheat if they truly love someone.
07/24, 13:05:29

Who's Ana D?
07/24, 13:04:46

I'm not talking
stop it, coming to a gossip board and talking about "your friends" relationship with Keanu, please spare us.
07/24, 13:04:39

the pictures are not of Ana
the actress from Siberia her hair is extremely short go look at her IG from 4 days ago. Geez you people are blind.
I still think that looks like Ana D or Sushi
sorry not pushing, it is not Ana from Siberia
07/24, 13:03:23

I'm not talking
about Fool or Sushi or whomever you want to pin it on. There's someone else and he always cheats.
07/24, 13:02:33

to are not capable of holding back information
yes. they are not. but what if they just found them (old photos)?
07/24, 13:01:43


you're not considered a girlfriend FOOL
07/24, 13:01:37

07/24, 12:56:01
He is cheating and you don't know about the other woman because he doesn't talk about them.
07/24, 13:00:44

Mod cont to delete delusional FOOL


07/24, 13:00:41

the pictures are recent
the Russians are not capable of holding back information they love to be the ones sharing new exclusive information
07/24, 12:59:47

07/24, 12:56:20
No comparison for the charges I'm going to file on all of you involved. Keanu's going fuckking down. I only needed that last straw.
07/24, 12:59:45

If and when the day comes
that Keanu finds his dream girl, the chaos and jealously and rage it will cause, it's posts like this about any girl that is seen with him, she gets ripped apart, no wonder he keeps the women in his life hidden. I don't blame him one bit.
07/24, 12:59:43

to and she refused to answer saying t
may be because he wasnt her boyfriend
07/24, 12:59:42

to questionable looking photos.
agree. very questionable
07/24, 12:58:28

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